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pedigree8-28-2013 by A Savage8-30-2013 by Ray Gurganus2
I cannot get this button to work now.
Political Offices8-21-2013 by Cameron Ott8-23-2013 by Ray Gurganus2
Would it make sense to add more Cabinet positions to the Political offices list, such as Secretary of Commerce and Secretary of Education?
2-18-2013 by karen davis2-19-2013 by Ray Gurganus2
Under Add Sources,"Type", could an option be added to reflect the source of adopted people so that when people are adopted and incrporated the original source can be included?

Karen Davis 
United States Secretary of Navy1-9-2013 by Cameron Ott1-9-2013 by Ray Gurganus2
I know there are many offices that could possibly be added to the list of Presidents & Other Officers but doesn't it seem fair to add United States Secretary of Navy. There have been many offices asked to be added to the site in the last few weeks(sorry about that!) but it just seems reasonable. Thanks!
Mayors12-24-2012 by Cameron Ott12-25-2012 by Ray Gurganus4
Do you think mayors should be added to "Presidents and Other Officers" or would that be too widespread?
Dates12-8-2012 by Edwin Poor12-9-2012 by Ray Gurganus5
Have you thought of adding between in the dates catagory, Some people have probate dates of when the Will was written and when it was probated.
And there is no way to show the date during the short time period when the Old/new calender  method used.
9-17-2012 by Cameron Ott9-17-2012 by Ray Gurganus2
I have another office/role to add to Presidents & Other Officers: US Speaker of the House.
non-family relationships?3-1-2012 by Ray Gurganus3-2-2012 by Steve Taylor3
Has anyone thought about needing to tie people together in non-family relationships?  Like employers/employees, military commanding officers, neighbors, what else?  If the people on both ends of a relationship like these are also here on the website, it makes to be able to connect them.  Let us know what you think...
Mapping by Surname7-31-2011 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood7-31-2011 by Ray Gurganus2
It would be useful to be able to click on one of our surnames, and see a map just for that surname only.  it would be also useful if we could do the same for the entire family tree at Gurganus.  If you can do that, would it be possible to show two different surnames on the same map?
Easier moves between family members7-31-2011 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood7-31-2011 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood1
It would be very useful on an individual's data-entry page, if we could click on a link that would instantly reveal a list person's entire family: both the birth family with parents and sliblings, and marriage family or families with spouses and children.  A lot of clicking and waiting could be curtailed if we could simply click on one of those names to take us to that person's page, or preferably, directly to that person's data-entry page. You might have seen this sort of thing in Ancestry's family trees.  

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