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Source footnotes10-3-2020 by Ray Gurganus10-3-2020 by Ray Gurganus1
Just added -- now when adding or editing a name, date, or place, and when a source is selected under "auto-link" or "recent", the corresponding footnote checkboxes should check themselves.  If you prefer not to see the footnotes on the display, as they can make the screen more cluttered, click the gray button in the top center of the page -- this will turn the display on or off.
New page - Architects and Architecture6-17-2020 by Ray Gurganus6-29-2020 by Ray Gurganus1
For a while there has been a link available to connect someone who was an architect with locations they designed.  This feature is has been amplified now to include 78 architects, linking over 1,000 of their creations, including churches, county courthouses, state capitols, and residential dwellings.  A page is setup under Places > Artchitects & Architecture listing all of the connections:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/architecture.php

Each of a person's designs entered here is also listed on their individual page under "Attributed Architecture".

The previous page that listed residential dwellings is now a "child" option below "Architects".
New Page - Counterparts6-9-2020 by Ray Gurganus6-9-2020 by Ray Gurganus1
A new page is up -- for any presidents, VP's, governors, legislators, monarchs, and nobility, when you hover over that event on the person's page, a new option will give the option of "Show Counterparts".  This will show the list of others who were in office at the same time.  For the U.S., it  is all other national officials, or state officials, and for Europe, all monarchs and nobility.  England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are separated from continental Europe as they have much more nobility entered.

This came to mind after watching the historical drama Netflix series "Medici" (which I can highly recommend), and how the Medici rulers are always meeting with rulers of other places.  It made sense to have the website be able to show who these people would be for any given year.

Should you be inspired to watch it, this is the Giovanni portrayed by Dustin Hoffman.  Then all his descendants continue down the tree from there.  https://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php?fid=477582
Railroads5-30-2020 by Ray Gurganus5-30-2020 by Royce Tornblom2
I have been working on transcribing and compiling records of railroad service, so far 23,275 over 6 different main sources, and still adding to the list daily.  The list is searchable here:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/records/railroads.php

A new page is also added on the menu under Places > Railroad Employees, coming from the same information but organized by the name of the railroad, and including the number of Our Family Tree people who have been identified with employment at railroads.

If you have any in your tree and want to link them, go to add an event, choose "Organization", and begin typing the name of the railroad.  Any of the 1,500+ defined so far will come up.
Two updates5-1-2020 by Ray Gurganus5-1-2020 by Ray Gurganus1

Two updates:
1) I am still continually adding to to the list compiled at the link below, up to a total of over 805,000 records.  Most recently I have started added records of employees at railroads and railways in 1902.  Up to about 2,300, but only about 1/3 through the current source, so more to come.  Recently I also added more physicians, up to over 34,000.   https://www.ourfamtree.org/records/

2) If you have ever walked around downtown Washington DC, you may have seen plaques in the sidewalks, honoring people who have given of themselves for society.  I have taken pictures of all of them, and so far added 17 to their individual pages with their exitended families.  Here's the list of those added so far.  https://www.ourfamtree.org/albumview.php/The-Extra-Mile/76


Naval Service7-3-2019 by Ray Gurganus7-5-2019 by Ray Gurganus1

A few updates for US and CS naval service...

1) Listed here are 22,400+ records of naval service, listing sailors and officers of navy ships, rank, and when they were there. https://www.ourfamtree.org/records/sailors.php

2) So far about 1,600 of those are linked up with people in Our Family Tree, adding events to their pages, listing the ships on which they served. This is summarized in the page found under View > "Presidents, Officers, & Other Officers" > Naval Sailors, or here: https://www.ourfamtree.org/ships.php

3) To make this easier, a new event type "Ship" has been added, which will prompt for a ship name, with a list of ships already defined. If entering one, note that there are many that had multiple with the same name. These are noted with the launch year in parentheses. Wikipedia does a good job of distinguishing them so you can be sure to pick the right one.

Suggestions welcome.

SOURCES4-24-2019 by Ray Gurganus4-25-2019 by Ray Gurganus1
I've mentioned this before, but it always bears repeating --- if you have two or people coming from the same source, DO NOT enter the same source twice.  Enter it ONCE, and then for all later people, SEARCH for existing source and select it to re-use.  It saves time, saves diskspace, and allows you to get a list of people coming from that one source.

Second, if quoting a source at FamilySearch or Findagrave, you do not need to create a separate source per person.  Copy & paste the website address of the FamilySearch or Findagrave source into the "Site Information Link" box in the source section, and save.  Again, this saves time and saves diskspace.

Thank you.
Place lookups3-5-2019 by Ray Gurganus3-5-2019 by Ray Gurganus1
One update: When entering places, when you click the globe icon, a popup window comes up showing two lists of places.  The first list is from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) from here: https://geonames.usgs.gov, for all of the US.  This is the entire set of data, but limited to inhabited places, and church names (as sometimes a church name will give you information if a town name is not found).

The second list below that is the list of matching places that are already entered in trees here on this website.

Clicking either will insert the information back into the city, county, and state entry fields.
Entering information9-30-2018 by Ray Gurganus2-8-2019 by Ray Gurganus7

Just a reminder -- In general, a field should only be used for the purpose for which it was created.  I have been finding and correcting a few issues:

  • The Findagrave # entered in the cause of death, or grave location notes.  Findagrave should only be linked as a source.
  • There's no need to record the same information in multiple locations, like Findagrave as a source and in the notes at the same time.
  • The grave location entered as the death location.

Thank you.
Linking people in notes1-2-2019 by Ray Gurganus1-2-2019 by Ray Gurganus1
I made a couple updates which may help.  When editing both the general notes for a person, and the notes under "Add an Attachment", below the notes box there is now a place to add related people, if those people have their own page online here. Type the name of a person (as it appears in the notes text), and click the button to the right. Then you can find the corresponding person, and save.  (Enable popups for the site, if you have not already.)  When anyone views the notes, the names will be linked to that person's page.

You may need to edit the text to match the person's name.  For example, if the text mentions "John and Mary Smith", this will not work as it needs to have "John Smith" as one name.  You can update it to read "John Smith and Mary Smith", and then link them.

If there are multiple people with the same name, it is good to verify which one it is before you come here to select, as you might not know which person is which. Here are a couple examples I put in.

Attachment notes:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php?pid=416524 -- this shows on the person's main page, and also when clicking the "read more" link at the end of the text.
Main notes:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php?fid=425605

If you find others that can be linked (and they are not your own people), let me know and I'd be glad to put them in.