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Linking people in notes1-2-2019 by Ray Gurganus1-2-2019 by Ray Gurganus1
I made a couple updates which may help.  When editing both the general notes for a person, and the notes under "Add an Attachment", below the notes box there is now a place to add related people, if those people have their own page online here. Type the name of a person (as it appears in the notes text), and click the button to the right. Then you can find the corresponding person, and save.  (Enable popups for the site, if you have not already.)  When anyone views the notes, the names will be linked to that person's page.

You may need to edit the text to match the person's name.  For example, if the text mentions "John and Mary Smith", this will not work as it needs to have "John Smith" as one name.  You can update it to read "John Smith and Mary Smith", and then link them.

If there are multiple people with the same name, it is good to verify which one it is before you come here to select, as you might not know which person is which. Here are a couple examples I put in.

Attachment notes:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php?pid=416524 -- this shows on the person's main page, and also when clicking the "read more" link at the end of the text.
Main notes:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php?fid=425605

If you find others that can be linked (and they are not your own people), let me know and I'd be glad to put them in.

Family Search Sources12-13-2018 by Ray Gurganus12-14-2018 by Ray Gurganus3
FamilySearch changed the format of the web address of their sources.  On this site, I did a mass update to change all of the old links to the new links, for FamilySearch links used in sources. It works for the ones that I spot-checked, but it would also be good if you could spot-check yours, and let me know if you find any not working.

There are also FamilySearch links copied into the notes. I have not yet updated any of these, but I will. First I wanted to confirm that the sources are correctly updated.

Source page numbers7-17-2018 by Ray Gurganus7-19-2018 by Ray Gurganus3

A new option is added for tracking page numbers in sources.  If you have a book (online or on paper), and re-use the same source for multiple people, you can now add a different page number for each person, while still using the same source.

When selecting a source for a person, the page number field will appear immediately to the right of the dropdown list of sources when editing a person.

To add or edit a page number for source already selected, edit the person click the "Edit" option to the right of the source.  A popup window will open (note that you need to have popups enabled, if your browser blocks them).  At the bottom of that window is a field for the page number.

When viewing a person's sources, the page number appears at the end of the source.

Here is an example from one I just added:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php/Edward-Halsey-Sayre/p647473

Microsoft Edge5-31-2018 by Ray Gurganus6-5-2018 by Ann Robinson4
A couple of users have reported issues using the Microsoft Edge web browser with the website.  If you are using Edge and entering data, I would encourage you to use Firefox or Google Chrome instead.
Duplicate Checker Update5-26-2018 by Ray Gurganus5-26-2018 by Ray Gurganus1
The duplicate check option (found under Collaborate > Find Duplicates) is revamped to speed it up a little.  It may now find new duplicates that were not found before, or new false positives, or it may not find ones it did before.  In any case, it is running faster than it was before.  The criteria is roughly:
  • Same last name
  • Same first 4 characters of the first name. It also accounts for common variations like "Mary" and "Polly".
  • Birth dates within 4 years of each other, and death dates within 4 years of each other.  Birth date is required, but the death date can be blank.
  • Same middle initial (if there is a middle initial or middle name)
  • Same, similar, or blank parents
  • Same or similar birth place

The option to direct two as not being duplicates works the same as before.  Check it out, though not everyone at the same time. :-)
Records Update3-24-2018 by Ray Gurganus3-25-2018 by robweis2

The page at View > Records is still growing, now up to over 215,000 records, with almost 100,000 of those records of ministers and where they served.

JUST ADDED:  On the menu under View > Records > My Record Matches is a new search that will narrow the list to potential matches with your data.  It matches on first & last name matching exactly (including middle name or middle initial), and your person having the US state of the record's state.  If the name is common, it may be a false positive, but others will more likely be matches, or at least relatives of your people.  For spelling variations, you can try your own searches.

Names in blue are already matched and linked to the person's page.  If you find one that you believe is the same person, email me who it is, and I can check it and link.  Each record has a link on the far right for the source which may have more information on the person.

Update for custom tags2-5-2017 by Ray Gurganus11-28-2017 by Gwen Kubberness2
The "custom" option at the bottom of a person's page is now renamed to "My Tags" and is setup to allow more than one per person. It works much the same way that regular tags work, except that it is accessible right on the browsing page, without having to edit, and you are the only one who will see it.  You can also mark people from other researchers.

Continue to use the regular tags for things like occupations or any historical facts that should be public. Use "My Tags" for your own private reference. For example, I use to to mark people I need to come back to for more research.  Another researcher said he wants to mark some of his personally appreciated or nationally important ancestors.

To see a list of tagged people, click it. To remove one, click the "X" on the right side of the tag.

You can see the full list, rename the tag, and change the color by going to Account > Manage My Tags.  Since this replaces the previous "custom" option, the existing ones are all one-character tags, but you are free to rename these to something more meaningful.

Checklists10-30-2017 by Ray Gurganus10-30-2017 by Ray Gurganus1
A new option is setup -- if you have a list of documents or sources that you routinely seek to find for each person in your tree, and want to track which have been found or not found, or which are ongoing, then this is for you.

1) Go to Account > Manage Sources > Source Checklists, then to "Options", and add each document you want to track. A list of examples is shown on the screen -- birth certifcates, baptism records, immigration records, marriage certificates, census records, draft records, wills, death certifcates, city directories. For cases like the census, which may have many different years, you can have one entry to mean all years for a person, or each year separately - whatever is the most helpful for you.

2) When you edit a person's information, a new tab "Checklists" will show up. Here each of your documents will be listed, each with a choice of status: found, searching, missing, and not applicable. Check the appropriate option, and save.

3) When viewing a person's information, a new section "Checked Sources" will show up, showing each document and the status. This information will show for anyone browsing.

4) Once people have been linked with your document list, go to Account > Manage Sources > Source Checklists, and it will list all of your people with the status of each document. You can filter down the list by name, date, or place, or other criteria.  Then you can get a better idea of what you still need to find for each person.

Questions, suggestions are welcome.

FamilySearch Sources3-1-2017 by Ray Gurganus8-18-2017 by Ray Gurganus5
It has been pointed out that sources from FamilySearch are not populating the title like they normally do.  I don't know if this is temporary or permanent, as I don't know what on the FamilySearch end is causing this.  But I can add something to work around the issue.  In the meantime, hold off on entering new FamilySearch sources, as it is not helpful for a source to come up with no title.  Thank you.
Historical Records Lists6-11-2017 by Ray Gurganus6-15-2017 by Royce Tornblom4
A new page of historical records is created.  This is up to over 25,000 records, most of which are records of ministers or pastors and the churches they served, but starting to grow beyond that to include deacons, justices of the peace, sheriffs, postmasters, and other offices. It is on the menu under View > Records > Ministers (linking directly to the ministers), or here: https://www.ourfamtree.org/records for all records.  A menu in the upper right of the page switches between offices.

Where people can be connected to people also on Our Family Tree, the names are linked.

Bringing all of this togehter in one place should make it easier to find information you might not have found otherwise.

I welcome information to add.