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New Relationship Page10-30-2011 by Ray Gurganus10-31-2011 by J.J. Burks3
A new page is up -- under the "His" and "Her" menus is an option "Relationship List" which will show lists of aunts, uncles, and cousins for the current person.  For each person listed is an image (hover the image to see the full size), name, birthdate, birthplace, spouses, and avatar for the researcher who posted.

As always, if you see blanks for the birthdate, birthplace, or spouses, go back and try to fill them in wherever possible.

I have tested many different cases, and they all look accurate to me.  If you see any cases where it shows people it shoudn't, doesn't show people it should, or have other suggestions for improvement, let me know. 
Unknown names10-19-2011 by Ray Gurganus10-19-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
An update for entering and displaying unknown names -- if a first or last name is not known, don't enter "?", "Unknown", or other phrase to indicate the name is not known.  Just leave it blank.  The program will then display in place of the blank name "______" or potentially other variations.  It's easier to take a blank and transform it, vs. other things you may enter.

If you have questions about this, or would prefer to see something different from "______", reply here.
geni.com sources10-9-2011 by Ray Gurganus10-14-2011 by Edwin Poor5
I have updated the source logic to completely block websites at geni.com.  I noticed someone using geni.com as a source, and even after creating a geni.com account for myself, I wasn't able to view the page.  If a website source isn't viewable, it's not much good.  Thanks!
new website integration9-18-2011 by Ray Gurganus10-7-2011 by Ray Gurganus4
I have put together an exciting new option that people can use for other websites, to extract and display information from this website.  I have up two examples on other sites I maintain, here:

Washington DC: http://www.theusgenweb.org/dcgenweb/links/people.shtml
Prince William Co VA:  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~vapwilli/links/people.shtml

When they first come up, it shows random people for the location, but giving priority to those who have pictures attached.  Then at the top are fields where you can search by first or last name.  If the search results are more than will show on the page (currently 20), it has paging links at the top and bottom so you can continue on to more pages.

Any new information entered on Our Family Tree will automatically be accessible on these pages.

So this is another reason to be thorough as possible -- a person will only appear for a state or county if they are defined for that state or county.

Have a look and let me know what you think.
pedigree & descendant page updates10-6-2011 by Ray Gurganus10-6-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
The pedigree & descendant pages are updated, moving the options up to the button bar at the top of the page.  This saves some space on the page, and adds counts for most of the options.
accessing links while editing10-4-2011 by Ray Gurganus10-4-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
When editing someone, the button for accessing website links is now available.  Note that this is not available when adding a new person, and when editing, it's based on the previously saved values.  So if you edit someone's name, and access one of the linked pages, the data used to access the page will be what was last saved, not what was typed but not yet saved.
Completeness9-30-2011 by Ray Gurganus9-30-2011 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood2
For any of the branches that are "up for adoption", is there anyone that would be willing to go through a branch and fill in birthdates & birthplaces where they are blank?  If so, let me know and I can arrange it so that you can edit them but won't need to adopt any of the people (unless you want to).

I added a new Help page for "Completeness", listing out all the ways in which filling in birthdates and birthplaces is most helpful, and it'd be nice to get all this old data filled in.
new option for displaying children9-24-2011 by Ray Gurganus9-26-2011 by Ray Gurganus2
If your branch has a lot of connections with other researchers, and you want to see who's who in the list of children for a couple, there's a new option added.  Under Account > My Account > What I See, where you can select the fields you see for children, there's now an option for "avatar".  This will show a smaller version of the image a researcher uploads to define him or herself.  So then you can see which are yours, and which are from others.

You can update this page to tell it to show or not, and if shown, where in the list of fields it shows for you.

If you have not uploaded an avatar for yourself, upload one.  If others have not uploaded theirs, they will be blank, but at least they'll show as different from yours.
Enforcing Duplicates and Feasibility Errors9-17-2011 by Ray Gurganus9-17-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
To encourage you to keep on top of duplicates and feasibility errors, I have added a new restriction.... if your number of outstanding errors exceeds a certain amount, the system will no longer allow you to add new records.  You will get a message saying this when you go to add.  You can still edit existing records, but not add new ones.  I will hold myself to the same restriction with my own data, so it's only fair. :)

Let me know if you have any questions.
website sources8-29-2011 by Ray Gurganus8-29-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
When entering a source with a website address, it will now check to see that the website actually exists, and won't allow it if it doesn't.  I've noticed a few people putting in invalid addresses, and this should prevent it.