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Searching for people up for adoption12-22-2011 by Ray Gurganus12-22-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
FYI -- Added is an option to search for people up for adoption.  At the end of the list of "selection options" is "up for adoption".  Choose this, "Yes", and any additonal information you want, like searching by location or name.  Then you can find some worthy ancestors in need of a good home.

Also, if you would like to help fill in missing birth dates and places for adoptable people, but don't want to claim them long-term, let me know and I can give you a group to research and update.
Updates for "Suggestions"12-20-2011 by Ray Gurganus12-20-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
A couple of updates...
  1. If you have a pending suggested update from another researcher, and it's older than 10 days, this will block you from being able to add or edit data.  It will prompt you to go and either accept or decline the suggested information.  Once these are cleared, then adding and editing will be opened back up for you.  This is so that other hard-working researchers who submit suggestions may be more likely to get prompt responses.  Hopefully?
  2. From the homepage, or from the add/edit page when it prompts about the pending updates, and from there if you click through, it will point out where the suggested information is with a big yellow arrow.  Just in case you don't see it, this should help.
Thumbnails12-16-2011 by Ray Gurganus12-16-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
On the location page for a city, cemetery, or other location, an option has been added to show a table of thumbnail pictures attached to people in this location.  This is more applicable for cemeteries where there may be a larger number of attached pictures.  Example here:
Brick walls and questionable relationships12-8-2011 by Ray Gurganus12-8-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
A couple new features are now enabled.  You can identify parents and spouses as either brick walls, or as questionable relationships.  Let me know if you have any questios, or further ideas for improvement.  For more informaiton on how these work...
*SYSTEM UPDATE*12-7-2011 by Ray Gurganus12-7-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
The website is finally back up and running.  Thank you for your patience.  A brief explanation...  There was a system error with one of the tables storing the data, and I needed to request that part of it be restored from a backup copy.  This is relatively easy to do, it just took the website hosting company a few days to get to it.

Because we had to retreat to a backup copy, there may be about a day of work done on the site that was lost, but only between this past Saturday and Sunday morning.  However, I do have a list of anything that was done during this time period, and will send to each of you what you changed during this period... and if needed I can work with you to restore these updates.

I will also be looking into other ways to add more redundancy to the existing backup capabilities to avoid potential issues in the future.  Again, thank you for your patience.

Also, I did take advantage of the downtime and have been preparing some exciting new features to come soon, once I can get caught up with everything.
map correction11-19-2011 by Ray Gurganus11-19-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
FYI, I corrected an error that was causing lines not to be drawn on the pedigree and descendant maps.  Example here:  http://www.gurganus.org/ourfamily/map_descend.cfm?fid=99416

This is accessed by going to a pedigree or descendant chart and clicking the globe icon in the upper right.  Of course, this only works for people that have birthplaces, and coordinates for those places are identified.
invalid source link11-6-2011 by Ray Gurganus11-6-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
More recent website addresses for sources should be validated to be correct when they are added.  But in cases where they become invalid afterwards, or if you're continuing to use older sources with invalid websites....  I'll be hunting these down.  Once identified, they'll no longer be selectable as a source, and on pages where they are already used, they will show up in red, with a public disclaimer:

Link is not correct or does not contain relevant information.  Contact researcher to ask that it be corrected.

... hoping this will be enough to prompt you to clean it up.  Thanks!
new configuration options11-6-2011 by Ray Gurganus11-6-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
Added a couple new options for how your setup is configured.  Under Account > My Account > What I See are two new options:

Branch Default:  When searching, you can control which branch comes up as the default -- always your own, always all, or remembering to use the previous one you selected earlier.

Field Order:  When entering names, choose here if you want the Title & Suffix fields to be skipped in tabbing order, focusing on only the First & Last name fields, or if you want all of them to tab through in the order they appear.
At Sea10-21-2011 by Ray Gurganus11-1-2011 by Ray Gurganus3
A new "country" has been added for "At Sea".  Over 50 people here had been tagged as having been born or having died at sea, but without a way to make it official.
New Connections Page10-31-2011 by Ray Gurganus11-1-2011 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood2
A new page is up for helping you find new connections.  The existing "Finding New Connections" page is renamed to "#1", and this is "#2", both under the "Collaborate" menu.

This uses broader logic to connect people, where the previous page is a little more narrow.  This lists anyone in your branch where you have 2 or more people with the same surname, in the same county, and no parents.  Maybe they are siblings or cousins, and could use more research.  For each in the list, it shows the count from your branch, the count from all branches with the same name in the same county, and the most recent date these were updated.

Suggestions for improving this list are welcome.