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List of Links1-13-2013 by Ray Gurganus1-13-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
The list of links for this button   used to be setup so that it needed another query of the data to work, but this is now updated to eliminate the need to query the data.  This (1) eliminates some work that the server didn't need to do, and (2) enables it to come up instantly, saving you time.

For the "US Census" text that's part of this, this is also now a link, linking to all familysearch.org censuses for a given name.
website maintenance1-3-2013 by Ray Gurganus1-11-2013 by Ray Gurganus5
From now through late tomorrow night (Friday Jan 4th) I'm having the website host do some server upgrades.  Everything is still functional except for uploading pictures and attachments, which is temporarily disabled until after the upgrade is complete.  Additions and updates can continue as normal until late tomorrow.

Once it is complete, everything should be the same as it is now, but hopefully faster.
Mayors12-27-2012 by Ray Gurganus12-28-2012 by Edwin Poor4
Added is the option to list people as mayors of any city or town, in the same way that they can be listed presidents, congresspeople, or ambassadors.  When you choose "Mayor" from the list, it will prompt for the county of the chosen state, and then the city or town in that county.  It then appears on the page in the same way as other positions.

The difference is that if you click into a list, this appears on a page separate from the other offices, as this list will hopefully get much longer.

Wikipedia has good lists of mayors for major cities.  Example:
...but probably not as much for smaller ones.  For these, you will need other sources.  Soon will be added a place to specify this source.

There are probably hundreds of mayors online here, but not yet identified.  Please help with linking them if you can find them.
Find-A-Grave Field12-13-2012 by Ray Gurganus12-14-2012 by J.J. Burks4
There's now a new optional field for the findagrave.com memorial number.  On the findagrave website, this is found at the very bottom of the person's memorial page.  When this is defined, a tombstone button will show up, linking to their findagrave page.

For existing people who have their findagrave memorial defined as a source, I may be able to do a mass update to copy their number from the source into the new field - stay tuned.
Searching by region12-10-2012 by Ray Gurganus12-10-2012 by Ray Gurganus1
When searching by place, at the bottom of the list of states is a new choice "(USA-New England)" which will include CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, and ME.  Some families moved around a lot, and it helps to search by the whole region, than by only one state.  Other regions can be added as needed.

But note that this still does not find people who lived in the area, but who are not defined as living in the area.  There are still thousands of people who have no places defined, and it'd be nice if they could be found!  This includes some of mine too, but I'm working on it. :-)  Please fill in your own, and suggest a few for other reseachers.  Thanks.
New offices/roles11-26-2012 by Ray Gurganus12-6-2012 by Ray Gurganus4
Added two new options when adding offices or roles for people -- State Senators and Representatives (note the difference from US Senators and Representatives).  I'll try to add them for people who are already here, but I've noticed that good documentation listing all of the state officials is hard to find.  If you happen to have anything, or know where online to find it, let me know.
new page for editing children11-7-2012 by Ray Gurganus11-7-2012 by J.J. Burks3
If you have cases of a family having 2 or more children that have blank birth dates or places, there's a new page for you.  Under Actions > Edit Children -- this will list all children of the current family, and give you the options to add or edit the birth dates or places for all of the children, all at once.  If there are any children for which you are not the moderator, the child will show, but will not be editable.

The source(s) selected will be added for all chlidren that are edited.  Children that are listed, but not are not edited, do not get the source.

The "Copy" button allows for selecting a place once, and having it populate all the way down.

This is only for birth dates and places.  For anything else, edit the child individually as before.

I have been updating people "up for adoption", fixing blank dates and places, and this new option has already saved me more time than it took to set it up.
Relationships10-22-2012 by Ray Gurganus10-22-2012 by Ray Gurganus1
The "Relationship with" page has changed, (1) to make it easier to use, and (2) to make it possible to link to the results, should you need to link to that relationship detail for some reason.  With the previous setup, it wasn't possible to link to it.
New additions and changes10-9-2012 by Ray Gurganus10-9-2012 by Ray Gurganus1
A number of additions and changes to the main page when viewing people:
A the top is a new line showing the main couple's grandparents.
  1. Under Account > My Account > What I See is a new option to show a person's photograph or portrait as a larger background image.  This defaults to being off, but I encourage you to try it out when viewing someone who has a picture attached.  Note that this does not work in I.E. 7 or earlier, but should work for all other browsers.
  2. In the lower half of the page, all options to "Add" -- pictures, documents, associates, and discussion posts -- have been collected and moved up to the top button bar.  See the two Add buttons in the blue and pink sections.  The advantage is that any of these sections that are blank will disappear, until something is added.  This helps to reduce clutter on the page.
  3. Added to this list is the option to add offices/roles (like President, US Senator, etc)
  4. Added to this list are hotkey combinations for each.  These are listed on the right side of each menu -- so you can use this hotkey instead of using the mouse and the menu.
  5. In the lower half of the page, the "Sources" section is moved up a bit so that it is more visible.
Updated documentation will be coming soon.
New Map9-2-2012 by Ray Gurganus9-2-2012 by Ray Gurganus1
Added is a new map page -- For any person who has events that show a pin button , the Globe button in the upper right of the page will map with all of those events for both spouses.  This is limited to the events that have dates, but also including grave locations as these often don't have dates,

On the map, pins will show in blue for the husband, in red for the wife.  Lines will be drawn from pin to pin in chronological order, also in blue and red.  If both spouses are in the same location, pins and lines may overlap, but they will separate as you zoom in.

Note that this does not include places that are not more specific than a country or US State, or cities and towns that do not yet have coordiates defined.  For the latter, if you know where the place is and have latitude and longitude coordinates you can put in, click the event, go to "Add More on this Location", then "Map", and then put in the coordinates (in decimal form).

Also fixed a bug that was causing pins to appear offset from the actual location.