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New grave location error message3-25-2013 by Ray Gurganus4-1-2013 by nick4
If you have cases of a find-a-grave ID entered, but no cemetery location entered, you'll now get a yellow error at the top of the screen.  If there's a link to find-a-grave, then mostly likely the cemetery location is known, and you should put that in.

If it's a case of linking to a "Burial Unknown" on find-a-grave, I'd say not put in that link at all, since the grave location is not known.
Calendar page3-12-2013 by Ray Gurganus3-17-2013 by Troy Jones2
I put up a fun new page under View > Birthday Calendar, or here:

This defaults to the current month, and shows a random birthday person for each day, restricted to those who have personal pictures attached.  This also excludes living people marked as "private", and birthdates marked as "abt", "bef" or "aft".

New Server2-18-2013 by Ray Gurganus3-11-2013 by Troy Jones3
Good news -- Any day now I'll be moving the site to a new web server, this time it's a private server for only this website, vs. how it used to be, a shared server with more limited resources.  This is why it has had periodic speed and stability issues.  But on a private server, it should be much better.  I don't know when yet, but hopefully sometime this week.
Addition for sources2-25-2013 by Ray Gurganus2-25-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
If there is a source attached to an ancestor, where the source is from a researcher other than the moderator of the ancestor, it will now show the name of the person who posted the source.  This is especially helpful if the source references a personal connection -- now the context will make sense.

Here's a simple example:
Cemetery maps1-14-2013 by Ray Gurganus2-19-2013 by Ray Gurganus4
If you take tombstone photos with a camera that has GPS capabilities, and if this is turned on, the images will store the location where the image was taken.  If a tombstone photo is uploaded and the coordinates are found in the image, the page will automatically use the coordinates to display a map to that location.  Note that this may or may not be accurate to the exact spot, depending on your camera device and your signal reception.  But it should be relatively close.  Here is an example:


This does not show for any non-cemetery photos.

If you have any for which this does not show and you believe it should, or if the location is drastically incorrect, let me know.  -- Ray
states and counties2-5-2013 by Ray Gurganus2-5-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
While I am still working with the webhost on website speed issues, I have made a few other updates which should help in other areas...

I changed the logic to pre-load the list of countries, states, and counties, and then it will rarely need to return to the server for this data.  So for example, after entering a state, the list of counties should now always show immediately -- it will never need to fetch anything from the server for this.  It will still need to query for the list of cities and towns, however.

For the recently-used states and counties, these are saved and shown at the top of the lists with browser cookies.

Let me know if you notice any bugs with this.
image backgrounds and misc. cleanup1-28-2013 by Ray Gurganus2-1-2013 by Edwin Poor2
I have made a number of behind-the-scenes changes to clean up old code, making things a little more efficient but without removing functionality.  If you notice anything amiss, let me know.

The one thing that has changed is on the main browsing/viewing page, there is now a maximum width.  If you open the window full-screen on a wide monitor, it will now constrain itself down to something more manageable.  For narrower windows, it stays the same.
If you do see the margins, the space is filled with either a picture attached to one of the people, or a generic gray if there are no pictures. If you prefer not to see the pictures, you can disable this under My Account > What I See.
Addition for sources1-22-2013 by Ray Gurganus1-27-2013 by Elizabeth2
A small change for adding sources:  after selecting one source, the page will immediately add another space for optionally selecting another.  If that one is filled, another will be added, and so on.  So if you know that you have several to add, you can keep adding without needing to save and go back in.

The related checkboxes to the right of "recent" are currently setup so that they will all apply to ALL of the sources selected under "recent".  This was technically easier than copying all of them down the page.  But these can be edited individually after saving and going back in.
List of Links1-13-2013 by Ray Gurganus1-13-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
The list of links for this button   used to be setup so that it needed another query of the data to work, but this is now updated to eliminate the need to query the data.  This (1) eliminates some work that the server didn't need to do, and (2) enables it to come up instantly, saving you time.

For the "US Census" text that's part of this, this is also now a link, linking to all familysearch.org censuses for a given name.
website maintenance1-3-2013 by Ray Gurganus1-11-2013 by Ray Gurganus5
From now through late tomorrow night (Friday Jan 4th) I'm having the website host do some server upgrades.  Everything is still functional except for uploading pictures and attachments, which is temporarily disabled until after the upgrade is complete.  Additions and updates can continue as normal until late tomorrow.

Once it is complete, everything should be the same as it is now, but hopefully faster.