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Sorry for the downtime9-26-2013 by Ray Gurganus9-26-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
Sorry for the downtime for a few hours this evening.  Apparently the webhost had issues on their end.  Nothing on my end, thankfully.
Descendant page update9-16-2013 by Ray Gurganus9-16-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
Added a new option:  On a descendant chart, at the right end of a line for the most recent generation, there is now a black down arrow.  This will load several more generations of this branch.  This may in turn have its own black arrows, for showing more generations... and so on until a branch runs out of descendants.  Enjoy.
Choosing fields on location pages9-7-2013 by Ray Gurganus9-7-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
Under your Account settings (Account > My Account > What I See), added is a new section for selecting the columns and the column order that you see when you go to a city, town, or cemetery page, like this one, for example:

This works in the same way as the columns in the list of search results and the list of children.  Whatever you select in these areas is what you will see.
New Statistics9-4-2013 by Ray Gurganus9-4-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
I added a couple new statistics under View > Statistics -- Total number of researchers, and Number of researchers active in the last 30 days.  The latter number is currently at 29, but it's my hope that this will grow.... and thank you to the 29 of you who have recently contributed!
Source improvements8-20-2013 by Ray Gurganus8-20-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
A couple improvements for selecting sources:
  1. If you enter multiple words in the source search box, it will now require ALL words in the search resutls.  For example, if you type "John Smith", it will show only sources that reference both "John" and "Smith".  Before, it matched either  "John" or "Smith".
  2. Like the main search results, arrow and paging keys can now be used to navigate the source search results.  Up and Down to move up and down one record, Page Up and Page Down for several at a time, or Home and End for the top and bottom.  Then Enter to select...  Or continue to use the mouse if you prefer.
Maintenance, Friday 8/98-8-2013 by Ray Gurganus8-9-2013 by Ray Gurganus3
FYI -- This Friday August 9th at about 6pm Eastern US time I'm planning on taking site site down for a few minutes for maintenance --- switching it over to a different platform that's been in the works for a while.  It should be back up within a few minutes, and hopefully about 99% the same as it is now.  More details to come later.
Testers Needed7-25-2013 by Ray Gurganus8-6-2013 by Ray Gurganus3
Over the past several months I've been working on reprogramming the entire website in a different language (moving from Coldfusion to PHP in case anyone cares).  The main reason is that this will cut off a chunk of the hosting cost.

But never fear -- 99% of what's there has been redone and should be ready to go.  I've been using this for my own work the past few weeks, and have worked out most of the bugs I've found.  But it is always good to have more eyes and fingers, rather than just mine.

There are a few very minor parts that I have deferred until later (things that weren't getting much use anyway), and there are a few minor improvements I made along the way.  But 99% should be about the same.

So if there's anyone out there who is familiar with how the site works, has a good attention for detail, and doesn't mind occassional errors popping up, let me know, and I'll get you more details.
Once this is all finished and out the door, then I'll get back to other improvements that I've been letting pile up for a while.

New Statistics6-23-2013 by Ray Gurganus6-24-2013 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood2
On your home account page, found by clicking the title in the upper right, or from the dashboard by clicking "Statistics / Summary" -- added are a set of statistics for the number of records, pictures, and percentages of birth and death dates and places, for any records you added or updated in the past 30 days.  This will give you a snapshot of how active you are, and gives you credit for recent work you've done.

The same statistics are also on the site-wide statistics page, found under View > Site Statistics.
Apologies6-15-2013 by Ray Gurganus6-15-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
The webhost took the server down in the middle of the night to add memory to it, which they say would result in "minimal downtime".  But this ended up stopping both the website and my email account.  This happened to coincide with me being out of town for Friday and Saturday, and so I wasn't checking the website or my email.  So I just got on them about getting things back up and running.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
Links in Cyndislist5-15-2013 by Ray Gurganus5-15-2013 by Ray Gurganus1
FYI -- I'm working with Cyndislist to get a link added there on each of their US state pages, to the corresponding US state page here -- for example, /state.cfm/state/MD

This will include the top 10 surnames found in that state -- so another reason to populate places wherever possible!  Your people who don't have places listed will not be counted.  These lists will be static, but hopefully updated every few months.  How often is TBD.