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Browsing lists3-6-2015 by Ray Gurganus3-6-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
When you do a search, and then click into a person from the search results, at the top of the page will be arrow links for going back and forth within the search results.

Now in addition to that when you go to a list of people by location, occupation, political office, military role, etc., and click into a person in that list, there is now the same thing for this list, but labeled on the left "List"...  so you can page through this list of people, without needing to return to the list itself.

If a particular person happens to be in both the last search results and the last list you visited, then both sets of arrows will show at the same time.

Also, for both lists, there are now keyboard shortcuts assigned to go to the left and right.  To go to the left, do Alt + Comma (note the < symbol above the comma), or to the right, Alt + Period (note the > symbol above the period).  More on hotkeys
Biographies2-23-2015 by Ray Gurganus3-6-2015 by Orville Boyd2
I put up some changes to make it easier to include biographical information on the main page where it can be seen, but not have the length overwhelm the page.  See the example below.  It selects the first 750 characters from the content, and adds "Read More" at the end.  Clicking that goes to the attachment page where longer text can be displayed.

To add this content, go to the button, to add a picture or attachment.  Or in my case below, I edited the existing picture already attached.  Then add the content in the large text field, and check the new "Preview on Main Page" checkbox, and save.  Nothing new will appear unless the "Preview" box is checked.

Note that this is in addition to the notes for a person -- the notes will appear first, followed by this content entered here.

Also, be sure that either it is content you have written yourself, that you have explicit permission to re-publish, or that is in the public domain.  Just because it's on the internet, that doesn't mean it's free to copy & paste.

Political Appointees2-21-2015 by Ray Gurganus2-21-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
I did some re-arranging of how political appointees are listed.  Now when entering a political or judicial office for someone, there's an optional field for "Appointed By".  This lists all Presidents and Governors.  So for example, US Supreme Court justices are appointed by presidents, and some state supreme court justices are appointed by governors.  In some states they are elected, not appointed.  It could also apply to legislators, where a governor appoints someone to fill a vacated seat.

This has been back-filled for existing data, currenlty up to over 450 appointments.

This shows up in 2 places, both in the "Associates" section of a person's page:  On the appointees's page, there's a link to the person who appointed.  On the page for the president or governor, there's a link "Political Appointees" which expands to show the full list, linking to each person.  For some it can be long, and so this is collapsed by default.

Two examples:
George Washington:  /browse.php?pid=25211
Edmund Randolph, appointed by George Washington:  /browse.php/Edmund-Jennings-Randolph/p389951

Suggestions, comments welcome!
Date Added2-18-2015 by Ray Gurganus2-18-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
At the bottom of each person's page, there is now a added date, in addition to the updated date that was already there.  We didn't have this added date recorded for existing people, but I was able to approximate it based on the earliest date from all other information related to each person.
US Attorneys and Federal Judges2-15-2015 by Ray Gurganus2-16-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
Added 4 new categories for tagging US Attorneys (note - not just attorneys in the US), and judges of Federal, Appeals, and Superior Courts, and have found online in what we already have, 81, so far.  At least most of them have Wikipedia links with a full list of people. If you have others in your trees, you can tag them, or if you're not sure I can check it out.

Here's one example:
New output field option2-9-2015 by Ray Gurganus2-9-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
On any of the pages where you can select which fields to appear in output columns (main search results, descendant chart, locations, surnames, historical events, rulers & other officers) there's a new option added -- Marriage Date.  You can select this if seeing this would be helpful for you.  Go to the button at the top of any of these pages, and click & drag up the "Marriage Dt" option, so that it is above "Not Shown"

If someone has multiple marriages, it will show only the earliest date, regardless of how many marriages there are.

One way to use this:  For your favorite surname or place, you can scan down the list to see who's missing marriage dates, and edit those to fill them in.
Pre-defined search options2-8-2015 by Ray Gurganus2-8-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
The predefined search options on the "Search" menu are updated:
1 - Orphans:  the same as it was before, listing anyone who doesn't have any relatives linked
2 - Blank Birthdates & 3 - Blank Birthplaces:  The previous "Too Empty" option is split into two, one listing blank birthdates and one listing blank birthplaces.
4 - Blank Marriage Dates:  This is new, listing people without marriage dates defined.  (This is limited to men, as listing both men and women would double the size of the list)

Please try to fill in your blanks where possible.  If all yours are filled, then help other researchers to fill in theirs!
Descendant page1-31-2015 by Ray Gurganus1-31-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
The main descendant chart page is updated.  The main difference is that only the name on the left is indented.  Most other information is to the right in more neatly organized columns.  As with other pages, columns can be added, removed, or re-arranged by going to the button in the upper left, and dragging items up and down.  There are a few exceptions that show immediately after the name, but most display in columns in the order listed.

Let me know if you see anything not working (and if so, reference whose descendant page you're seeing), or if you have any suggestions for further improvement.
Declining suggestions1-25-2015 by Ray Gurganus1-25-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
If you have suggested changes from others, and want to decline one for some reason, there's now an automatic prompt for the reason, which the system will email back to the person making the suggestion.

There are a couple pre-defined reasons you can choose, or you can write your own.

As the website administrator, I will be copied on all messages, so I can monitor what kind of changes are being declined, and what the responses are.
Education1-17-2015 by Ray Gurganus1-17-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
For people who have an education event recorded, with the name of a school, college, or university, you can click that link to get a list of people who attended there.

A few related updates:
  1. On this list page is now added a new list of all schools, colleges, and universities who have attached people, and showing a count of people.  Choosing one will switch to that page.  (The list is limited to those with 2 or more people, as there's no need to show a list of 1 person.)
  2. On the menu under View > "Presidents, Politicians, & Other Officers", and then to the right on the submenu is a new option "Education" which will go to to the above page, and show a school at random.
  3. Added to the pages for politicians and other various pages where you can choose columns to see, added is a choice for "Education" will show the school name.  So you can scan down a list of people, and see who has blanks to be filled in.... and fill them in!