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More Civil War Soldiers5-30-2015 by Ray Gurganus6-22-2015 by Ray Gurganus2
I've been adding more names to this page listing US Civil War soldiers, adding some of the officers for each company as part of the documenting that company.

These also show on the page for their regiment, like here.  Click "Companies" at the bottom.

Most of these people are not yet on Our Family Tree -- they are just provided here for reference.  But if you find someone who does have a page here, or if you want to add some and their families, you can also create the link from here to their individual page.  Just click the name, and a window will come up with matching names.  Find the right one and click it.  That's it.  It emails me any time one is added, so it can be verified.

If someone is not found (due to spelling differerences), let me know and I can connect them.
Entering military records5-20-2015 by Ray Gurganus5-20-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
FYI -- When adding or editing military records, the list of wars will now be restricted to only those within the person's birth and death dates.  I found a few that were either before the person was born or didn't start until well after they died.

If you don't see one listed, double-check the person's dates, or the military service you're trying to enter.
Usage Statistics5-18-2015 by Ray Gurganus5-18-2015 by Ray Gurganus1
Ever wondered how many people, other than you, are actually looking at your information here?  Now you can see.  There's a new page under Account > Usage Statistics.

This chart show the number of views of your family tree pages, counting the main browse page, pedigrees, and descendant charts. This EXCLUDES: you browsing your own information (as long as you are logged in), the website administrator, and to the extent that it is possible to detect, internet robots crawling the website. So for the most part, this counts real people looking at your information.

Questions, comments, suggestions welcome.
Military Service Additions5-17-2015 by Ray Gurganus5-17-2015 by Ray Gurganus1

In honor of Memorial Day (US) coming up, a few new military service features are added:

  • For all North Carolina Infantry units of the US Civil War, and so far 2 Cavalry units, added are 120 composite images, like the one to the right, of some of the soldiers of each unit. Example: /military.php/regiment/US-Civil-War/NC/26/Infantry Then click on the "Images" tab. The names of each person are listed to the right of the image.

    If the person is found in Our Family Tree, the name will be linked to their page. I don't know if group pictures like this exist for other states... if you know of any, please let me know.
  • The same images and names are also accessible in the list of Civil War Units here: /soldier/units.php
  • All together this includes so far over 740 soldiers, 92 of which are linked in Our Family Tree, and more to come. To look through the full list of names alphabetically, a new page is added under View > Records > NC Civil War Solders. If you find any others that can be linked, let me know.

Also highlighting some existing features:

  • Over the past couple of months, many ancestors with military service have been identified and linked, over 1,800.
  • All are summarized and grouped here: /military.php by rank and regiment.
  • Also added on the military page are new groups for awards received -- Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, etc. These also show on a person's main page, when defined.
Civil War Companies4-18-2015 by Ray Gurganus4-21-2015 by Orville Boyd2
A couple of updates:
  1. On the menu under View > Records is a new option "Civil War Regiments" which is a list of records listing Civil War regiments, companies, and counties of origin where men in the companies often (though not always) came from.  More are being added, and hopefully will eventually have all regiments listed.

    When we have here in Our Family Tree someone entered as in a regiment and company, a gold star and the count of people will show on the right, linking to the list of people.

  2. On the military page listing soldiers by regiment, a new tab is added "Companies", which lists the companies for that regiment.  When it is defined, you can use this to cross-reference the county where someone was from, wiith the county(ies) listed for their company.  It will normally match up, though not always.  If someone doesn't match, double-check the company listed on their record.
Mapping Migrations8-31-2013 by Ray Gurganus4-18-2015 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood4
Under Places > Migrations is a new page with a map that compiles statistics for how many people moved from or to a selected place.  This covers all families entered on the website.

Also added is a "Show States" button, which will show outlines of US states on the map, in addition to the "Show Counties" which was already there.
Searching by Region8-25-2013 by Ray Gurganus4-14-2015 by Orville Boyd2
When searching, at the bottom of the list of states & countries are a few new options to allow searching for a pre-defined area.  Some families cross boundaries too frequently, and so searching by a single state or county isn't always convenient.

Added are these areas:
  • DC area (DC, Montgomery Co MD, Prince George Co MD, Fairfax Co VA, Arlington Co VA, Alexandria)
  • Northern VA (Fairfax Co VA, Arlington Co VA, Alexandria, Loudoun Co, Prince William Co, Fauquier Co)
  • NC Outter Banks (Dare Co, Hyde Co, Currituck Co, Tyrrell Co)

Others can be added as needed -- just send a list of states and counties, and a logical name for the area.

Military Regiments3-23-2015 by Ray Gurganus3-25-2015 by Ray Gurganus2
When recording military service, fields are now available for recording the regiment name and number.  This information does not yet display anywhere, but will soon once I figure that out.  In the meantime, it can at least be recorded.
Ancestor Percentages3-17-2015 by Ray Gurganus3-19-2015 by Orville Boyd2
A new page is up -- under "His" and "Her" is a new option "Ancestor Percentages"

This shows up to 15 generations of a person's ancestors summarized by a percentage of birthplaces, over the total number of people of that generation.  For most people, the "Unknown" percentage will dominate the distant generations, as the exponential number of ancestors swallows the smaller number of ancestors defined... but it should be interesting, nevertheless.

Another reason to fill in those blank birthplaces wherever possible.  Clicking any "Blank" will open a search results list with those people, so you can look through them and see if any can be filled in.

Questions, comments, suggestions welcome.
New Source Option2-11-2015 by Ray Gurganus3-19-2015 by Dwight Lynn16
There is now an easier option to be able to link familysearch.org source documents (censuses, marriage records, etc.) to each person.  When editing a person, in the sources area, copy & paste the website address of the document (for example, this:  https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:MZKJ-VYD) into the "site information" field.

If it is recognized, it will fill in "FamilySearch" in the dropdown list of sites.  Then save.  That's all.

If you copy & paste any address that it doesn't recognize you'll get an error message.  If you believe it should have been recognized, send it to me, and I'll check it out.

In the display, it shows a document icon, which links to the website, followed by the collection title automatically retrieved from FamilySearch.org.

See this page (my grandfather, by the way), as an example:  /browse.php/George-Nicholas-Gurganus/p32003