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Total on Branch home page2-23-2009 by Bobby Tripp3-1-2009 by Ray Gurganus2
I like the Branch home page that lists all the surnames and gives the count.  Can you add a total to the page?  I'm curious as to how many names I have added.  Thanks, Bobby
Event type3-8-2009 by Staffan Österman3-9-2009 by Ray Gurganus2
There is a world outside the US borders. It's not enough with immigrate, you also need emigrate as event type.
Tag on children list3-10-2009 by Bobby Tripp3-12-2009 by Bobby Tripp3
On the browsing page for a family in the family tab where the children are listed it would be nice to have a column for "tag" so that a child who has been tagged will be indicated.

Thanks, Bobby
Engagement3-8-2009 by Staffan Österman3-17-2009 by Ray Gurganus4
I would like to have Engagement and Other event or possibility to write your own text under Edit Marriage.
Compute Relationship4-8-2009 by Bobby Tripp4-9-2009 by Ray Gurganus2
Select two people and have the program identify the relationship, like third cousin twice removed.  A report could identify the common parent and descendents.
Gay Partners4-24-2010 by Laddie4-27-2010 by Ray Gurganus2
Could there be a way to add gay partners as the spouse without adding them as a wife/husband and it turning up as the wrong gender?
Surnames8-2-2010 by Tamra Jackson8-2-2010 by mary sill drake2
I am new here, and I can't remember who's names I'm researching that may belong here, so I was wondering if you could list all the surnames?  Maybe this is already done, and I just can't find it!  Thanks for any help!
Tamra Farr Jackson
Location - old names 10-10-2010 by Rod Mclatchy10-11-2010 by Ray Gurganus2
I was curious about  a place for Old names for a location.
I have a few ancestors that came from one Country only now that city is in a different country.
for example Volhynia, ukraine. it was in Russia at the time.

or even parts of Canada have changed. I have ancestors born in Rupert's land. but that has changed names twice since..

I think limiting ourselfs to current names is almost obscuring the history.
multiple names6-14-2011 by Ray Gurganus6-14-2011 by Ray Gurganus1
Someone has asked to be able to record multiple names for the same person, like when someone migrates to a different country and changes their name or the spelling of their name.  Then they would show in search results under either name.  Let me know if you have any related requests so that I can take everything into account as I plan for this.  Thanks!
State Abbreviations6-21-2011 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood6-21-2011 by Ray Gurganus2
My suggestion is that foreign visitors to the website would probably benefit from a handly list of state abbreviations.

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