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Connecting family with history?10-23-2021 by Ray Gurganus10-27-2021 by Ray Gurganus9
A main goal of the website is not just family history, but to connect family with history, helping people to become more than just names, dates, and places. With this in mind, there are many options that do this....
  • Adding occupations and linking to others with those occupations
  • Connecting ministers with churches where they served
  • Connecting navy sailors with ships where they served
  • Connecting teachers with schools where they served
  • Connecting architects with some of their attributed works
  • Connecting participants with historical events like the Boston Tea Party, the Mayflower, battles, etc.
  • Connecting portrait artists with the subjects of their portraits
  • Connecting authors with the subjects of their histories
  • Connecting historical markers with the people and places featured

... and more. My question is, what other options could be added to extend existing functionality, or to branch out into new areas?

DNA2-9-2019 by robweis10-7-2021 by Ray Gurganus10
It might be a help to those trying to research maternal lines to include mtDNA along with the Y-DNA.
print function6-13-2021 by Joni Mire6-15-2021 by Ray Gurganus2
print decendants tree for future archives.
England, Bedfordshire, Kempston9-8-2018 by dianna carter9-8-2018 by Ray Gurganus2
While adding the county in England, many of my relatives come from Bedfordshire county, however all I can find, and what I have added is Bedford, which is the county town.  Should I continue to use Bedford, or would it be possible to have the county Bedfordshire added ?
Editing sources12-10-2017 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood8-20-2018 by Ray Gurganus6
I like the "edit" feature for sources - when it is available.  I'd like to see edits made possible for census records, as well.
Ages at Marriage12-9-2017 by Allan Joyce12-12-2017 by Allan Joyce3
I have always liked the fact that you supply us with an age at death, is there a way that could be done for marriages?  I am constantly amazed at how many women lied about their age on marriage records.  (and some men).

Thanks Ray

Ancestor and Pedigree datasets in tabular form8-23-2017 by robweis12-9-2017 by Ray Gurganus8
Ancestor and Pedigree datasets in tabular form

It could be implemented from those pages by push button, like the map.

Thanks again for all this.
cheklist for legal documents10-25-2017 by JOSEPH B ROSE10-25-2017 by JOSEPH B ROSE1
I am working on my family link to the mayflower. Birth, marriage, and death certificates are hard to obtain before 1910 or earlier.

The idea of of the checklist that can be copied or transferred is great. Also when siblings are born about the same time it may show city county and state. Always a great clue
Document checklist10-17-2017 by Ray Gurganus10-19-2017 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood4
I saw someone post this in a Facebook group and thought I'd offer it here to see if anyone is interested. The idea is to have a way to track a list of documents (birth certificates, death certs, censuses, military records, wills, etc) that you want to track down for your people, and to have a way to cross-check your work. So there would be a way for you to define the list of documents you want to track, and then a way to check off when they are acquired... and a way to indicate that you've exhausted all options, and decided it doesn't exist... and a way to search/filter on who's left with documents not yet found.

I would think that checking the options would be a manual process (?), not linked into actual attachments or links, as some may be offline paper files you have, or something online that you may not want to or be able to link to.

Something like this.  Suggestions & comments welcome!

NameBirth CertMarriage CertDeath CertCity DirectoryWill
George Washington X X X X
Martha Washington X X X
John Adams X X X
Abigail Adams X X
Change suggestions to moderator - Walls8-23-2017 by robweis8-23-2017 by Ray Gurganus2
Change suggestions to moderator - Walls

I have a case, in someone else's records, where I believe a parental link is wrong. (p295626)

The suggestion box doesn't let me in there.

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