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Pop up Birthplace message11-16-2017 by Allan Joyce12-7-2017 by robweis6
For the last couple of days I get the following message; for every new entry, even though I've already done that, with sources.

"When possible, please always try to put in at least a speculated birthdate, based on dates of relatives, and a birthstate. This aids duplicate checks, feasibility checks, and finding new relatives. Read More"

Example:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php/Joseph-Alexander-Sharp/p634019
Location Coloring for Historic Locations11-28-2017 by robweis11-28-2017 by robweis1
Location Coloring for Historic Locations

The coloring for locations seems to be based on the historic location.  In this record:


the Birth location color is for the current NJ, Hunterdon even though the actual location is NJ, Mercer, Hopewell.

No big deal, of course, but I'm a big fan of your location/color scheme.  It's very helpful when browsing.
Find a Grave new format11-7-2017 by Dwight Lynn11-8-2017 by Ray Gurganus5
Find A Grave rolled out their new format today and this site no longer recognized the URL in the current format.  For example, the old format was:
the new:

At the moment, there's an option to use the old format but I don't imagine that will last.
Errors in "Find the Relationship"9-20-2017 by Dwight Lynn9-20-2017 by Ray Gurganus2
I've occasionally received answers from this feature along the lines of "cousins, 3 times removed" (note, no number for the cousin).  I got such an answer today when I was checking on a relationship but, upon examining the linages, I realized the person was my great, great uncle, not a cousin.  The details are here: www.ourfamtree.org/relate.php?relate=443437&id2=443256

You can see John William Ramsey and Fidelia I Ramsey are siblings, so John is Ernest's uncle, James' great uncle, and my great, great uncle.  Is there a simple fix for this?
Error in date sequence6-13-2017 by Dwight Lynn6-13-2017 by Violet Wilcox4
I've had this come up a couple of times - occasionally I'll have the full date for a birth but just the year for the death.  When these are in the same year, an error message comes up when you try to save "Error in date sequence ..."  Can the error checking be adjusted to allow this situation?
Descendants w/ Multiple spouses3-21-2017 by robweis3-21-2017 by Ray Gurganus2
This report


is not properly including children of Mary's second husband.
Minor glitch in census editing2-2-2017 by Dwight Lynn2-5-2017 by Ray Gurganus2
I have a woman Esther Bacon who died in 1880 a month after the 1880 census was recorded.  When I try to add 1880 census details through the Edit Census popup, it does not provide a check box for her (I presume because of her death that year) and subsequently deletes the 1880 Reside data and the census source from her record.

Edit Census check boxes1-29-2017 by Dwight Lynn1-30-2017 by Ray Gurganus5
In the Edit Census window, there appears to be no way to uncheck a Marriage Status box once it's been selected.  More than once I've mistakenly checked a box only to discover it was wrong (for example, the married box when the person was actually widowed).  It allows you to check a second box but not to clear the first.  Can functionality  this be added?  Ideally, it would be nice if the first box was automatically cleared when a second is selected since there is only one choice listed on the census form.
Location Name vs. Time6-5-2016 by robweis6-5-2016 by Ray Gurganus4
I don't know what standard you'd prefer:

In my recent work, in New Jersey,  Hunterdon County was split off from Burlington County in 1713.  Mercer County was created from parts of several counties (including Hunterdon) in 1838.  I don't know how you'd like the entries made, current naming or the location name at the time of the event.

I created a lot of entries listing Lambertville for events that happened when the city was called Coryell's Ferry.   This has led to inconsistancies in my records.

Do you have a "best practices" list when it comes to varying location names?
ADD/EDIT children in a batch5-10-2016 by robweis5-22-2016 by Ray Gurganus6
ADD/EDIT children in a batch doen't seem to properly update the links with the parents, so that the parents' decendency chart omits those children.   Also, in the parents' screen, they do not display in birth order.


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