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Problem with "Link existing (Parent/Child)"4-7-2022 by Dwight Lynn4-12-2022 by Ray Gurganus3
When trying to link an existing record, the results come up with a frame at the bottom (sometimes blank, sometimes with a list of categories; e.g. Military, Religion, etc).  This bottom frame covers the results of the search and there is no way to scroll down in the top frame to see any of the results.
Needs Census problem3-23-2022 by Dwight Lynn3-23-2022 by Dwight Lynn3
I assume the "Needs Census" search option will be updated after the 1950 census becomes available next week.  However, I've noticed a problem with the function.  I generally put the full date in from the census (i.e. Reside: 1 APR 1940) but the search does not recognize this as a valid census entry and includes all such records as still needing the census.  This issue makes the option essentially worthless when I search my records.
Date formats2-4-2021 by Simon Pickering7-8-2021 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood7
Place distribution maps7-10-2020 by Dwight Lynn7-10-2020 by Ray Gurganus2
I'm not able to see the distribution of people in my branch.  When I open "Places: State & County Resources, " it shows two US maps but the numbers do not match my branch (I suspect they are yours, Ray; 18467 in North Carolina - I don't have that many people in my branch and only 14 in North Carolina).  I've tried selecting my branch on the seach function on State& County page but it does not change the maps/numbers.
Problem with search6-21-2020 by Dwight Lynn6-23-2020 by Ray Gurganus2
I notice today when I do searches, it will allow me to include my Branch as a search field along with other items but then ignore it, giving me everyone's entries that match the other search criteria.
Census images on FamilySearch3-12-2020 by Dwight Lynn3-13-2020 by Dwight Lynn3
I've notice the past few days that the FamilySearch site no longer has the images available for many of the census years.  Does anyone know if this is a permanant situation?  There is just so much information available on the actual census form than is available in the summary.
Pop up Birthplace message11-16-2017 by Allan Joyce12-7-2017 by robweis6
For the last couple of days I get the following message; for every new entry, even though I've already done that, with sources.

"When possible, please always try to put in at least a speculated birthdate, based on dates of relatives, and a birthstate. This aids duplicate checks, feasibility checks, and finding new relatives. Read More"

Example:  https://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php/Joseph-Alexander-Sharp/p634019
Location Coloring for Historic Locations11-28-2017 by robweis11-28-2017 by robweis1
Location Coloring for Historic Locations

The coloring for locations seems to be based on the historic location.  In this record:


the Birth location color is for the current NJ, Hunterdon even though the actual location is NJ, Mercer, Hopewell.

No big deal, of course, but I'm a big fan of your location/color scheme.  It's very helpful when browsing.
Find a Grave new format11-7-2017 by Dwight Lynn11-8-2017 by Ray Gurganus5
Find A Grave rolled out their new format today and this site no longer recognized the URL in the current format.  For example, the old format was:
the new:

At the moment, there's an option to use the old format but I don't imagine that will last.
Errors in "Find the Relationship"9-20-2017 by Dwight Lynn9-20-2017 by Ray Gurganus2
I've occasionally received answers from this feature along the lines of "cousins, 3 times removed" (note, no number for the cousin).  I got such an answer today when I was checking on a relationship but, upon examining the linages, I realized the person was my great, great uncle, not a cousin.  The details are here: www.ourfamtree.org/relate.php?relate=443437&id2=443256

You can see John William Ramsey and Fidelia I Ramsey are siblings, so John is Ernest's uncle, James' great uncle, and my great, great uncle.  Is there a simple fix for this?

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