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Lost and confused upon return2-7-2022 by JennyTheRook1-24-2023 by C. Brooks Stamm2
I started a tree in 2011 apparently just before I moved.
My PC of that time literally was on fire from power surge so I was not doing anything I couldn't do on old ipad. And I lost access to several emails.
As I found and registered here again?   "you have account"   (pls 700+ unead msg  D; )

I dont even know where to restart now that I have dna and sourcing
Joseph Burch (1758-1818) Birthplace9-27-2021 by James Allison9-27-2021 by James Allison1
Where was Joseph Burch (1758-1818) of Georgia born?

The 1880 United States census is an important part of the answer. The significance of the 1880 United States Census, Georgia, Laurens County, enumeration district 64, page 542B, is that this is the only historical public document which identifies the location of where Joseph Burch (1758-1818) was born.

In the 1880 census record, Alfred Burch (1811-1894), a son of Joseph Burch (1758-1818) and his (2nd) wife Gilley Wilcox, identified “Georgia”, as the birthplace of his parents.

The currently stated birthplace of Joseph Burch (1758-1818) is Maryland, which was not recorded in any known historical public document.

The source of the Maryland birthplace claim was from a biographical article of E. A. (Edward Allen) Burch, (1821-1907), Jr., a grandson of Joseph Burch, recorded in:

Memoirs of Georgia: Containing Historical Accounts of the State’s Civil, Military, Industrial and Professional Interests, and Personal Sketches of Many of Its People, Vol. II (1895), by The Southern Historical Association (Atlanta, Georgia). Pages 700-701.

The specific reference from page 700 is,”The advent of Lord Baltimore [founded the Maryland colony] brought to America two emigrants, Joseph and Charles Burch, and from these are descended the large and prominent family of that name. Joseph settled in Georgia and married a Miss Edith Hargrove, a lady of German parentage but of Georgia rearing”.

Also from page 700,”After the death of his mother [Eda (Edith) Hargrove Burch], Edward Allen Burch was adopted by a cousin, Edward Burch, of Richmond County, when he was but five months old, having been born April 6, 1796.”

Here is Edward Allen Burch, Jr.’s lineage:
Grandparents – Joseph and Eda (Edith) Hargrove Burch. Eda was Joseph’s 1st wife.
Parents – Edward Allen (1796-1836) and Elizabeth (Cowart) Burch

The above 1895 quote does not offer any actual proof that Joseph Burch (1758-1818) was born in Maryland. Interestingly, there is no mention by Edward Allen Burch, Jr., of his grandfather, Joseph Burch having served during the American Revolutionary War. When did the Daughters of the American Revolution come up with Joseph Burch serving in the 2nd Maryland Regiment?

In conclusion, “Georgia” as the birthplace of Joseph Burch (1758-1818), from Alfred Burch’s entry in the 1880 United States Census of Laurens County, Georgia, appears to be the most likely birthplace for Joseph at this time.

James Allison

Thomas Rock(E) 1635-17003-11-2018 by Howard Rock7-3-2021 by Carol Westcott Anderson6
I need birth records for father of Thomas Rock, 1655, Lacock, Wiltshire, England, My Rock 
English family migrated to Ireland about 1705, I have records to indicate Rock births after 
this time, Thank you. EMAIL howardrock732@yahoo.com
Info on Conrad Swepson Boyd10-15-2020 by Charlie Bryan1-26-2021 by oldwest612
I am a descendant of Conrad Swepson Boyd

I am trying to identify a portrait that carries some uncertainty – one cousin thinks it’s one of the Boyds, another thinks a different family line.

I’m wondering if anyone might have an image (portrait) of either CSB Senior (1803-1839) or his son, CSB Junior (1835-1895), or perhaps you know someone who does.

Any help will be appreciated.

Charlie Bryan           bryan.charlie@gmail.com

my section is up for adoption9-3-2020 by Sam Roberts9-5-2020 by Ray Gurganus2
I noticed a portion of my work up for adoption,eventhough I was not notified....is this common?
Off to the UK for 2 weeks7-29-2019 by Ray Gurganus12-6-2019 by Brian hatch7
I'll be partially offline while in England, Scotland, and Wales for 2 weeks at the beginning of August...  But I'll come back with as many tombstone and castle and cathedral pictures as humanly possible.  If you have any ancestors in Bristol, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, London, Edinburgh, or Stirling, with known grave locations, and need a picture, let me know!
Uploading info8-15-2018 by Dayna Garrett8-18-2018 by Ray Gurganus2
Hi all, not quite sure what I'm supposed to do here. Can I upload my entire tree to this site? If so, how and where do I do this?
Dayna Garrett
*.anh7-17-2018 by gerald antal gamauf7-29-2018 by Virginia Sholin Smallwood6
how do i open it?
JOSEPH BOOTH6-27-2018 by JAMES BOOTH7-1-2018 by Ray Gurganus6
I am looking for any information on Revolutionary War information on 
JOSEPH BOOTH 1751 - 1835

Joseph was born in Conn and is listed as having died in Charlotte NY.
God's Acre10-23-2017 by Allan Joyce10-24-2017 by Ray Gurganus2
In the part of NC that I live in Moravian Churches are fairly common.  Moravian Cemeteries are all called "God's Acre".  When church members die, they are buried in the 'acre' in rows, in order of death, not in family plots.

Today I have run up on a number of burials in Mayodan, NC's God's Acre.  Which through find-a-grave, is listed as "Mayodan Moravian God's Acre".

When I try to add the location as Mayodan, Mayodan Moravian God's Acre, your system won't recognize it Ray, or rather will not remember it.   Ray - should I rename the 'acre' something else?



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