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Collaboration3-1-2007 by Ray Gurganus3-1-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
I have updated the site to separate the genealogy data pages from the rest of the site, and added a lot of functionality to enable you as other researchers to be able to contribute directly to our common family tree. See Our Family for more information and to get started!
Email-a-Friend3-30-2007 by Ray Gurganus3-30-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
Added an "Email a Friend" option for sending information about a family to other researchers
Google Maps4-4-2007 by Ray Gurganus4-4-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
Added integration from any set of family history search results to plotting on a US map
Google Maps4-7-2007 by Ray Gurganus4-7-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
Added map integration to descendant charts, showing where descendants migrated
Google Maps4-8-2007 by Ray Gurganus4-8-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
Added map integration to pedigree charts, showing where ancestors were from
Duplicates4-9-2007 by Ray Gurganus4-9-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
For those of you entering your own family information, I added a semi-automated duplicate check found under Account > Find Duplicates. See the Help for more details.
Living People4-10-2007 by Ray Gurganus4-10-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
Added checkbox "Living-Private" which will hide the record for other people or search engines accessing the site, while keeping it visible for you.
Homepage4-11-2007 by Ray Gurganus4-11-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
Added a new section to the Home Dashboard page "Recent Changes from Others", so you can keep up-to-date on what others are updating.
Google Maps4-16-2007 by Ray Gurganus4-16-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
I'm starting to add Google map links for cities and towns in England (and eventually other countries). If anyone would like to volunteer for a few counties, let me know and I'll send instructions. Knowledge of England geography is not needed - just the ability to read a map, copy, & paste.
Places4-26-2007 by Ray Gurganus4-26-2007 by Ray Gurganus1
When entering places, a button is added to the right of the field to search on places already entered.