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Minor Update5-16-2022 by Ray Gurganus6-13-2022 by Royce Tornblom2
This may be helpful for people entering information for California.  My typing always has problems with selecting counties that begin with "San" and "Santa", as there are many.  So I simplified it.  After choosing "California", and when in the county field, now instead of having to type "San F" to get to "San Francisco", you can type "SF". Likewise for San Diego, San Benito, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo (SL), San Mateo, and Santa Clara. It's not perfect as not all the letters are unique. Like for Santa Barbara, you can do "SB" which gets you to San Benito, and then scroll down to San Bernadino or Santa Barbara.

As a reminder, you can also do the same for states that being witih "New".  Typing an abbreviation like "NH" will select "New Hampshire", and likewise for New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and New Brunswick in Canada.
Military and other updates5-11-2022 by Ray Gurganus5-12-2022 by Ray Gurganus3
  1. Adding many more records of sailors serving on US Navy ships here: https://www.ourfamtree.org/records/sailors.php - now over 71,000 entries, compiled together from 40 different sources.
  2. Many of these are linked to our family tree, and are summarized here: https://www.ourfamtree.org/category/ships.php (on the menu under Categories > Military > Naval Sailors).
  3. For many of the over 2,300 ships, there is added meta data such as who built the ship, the years it was in service, awards it earned, and who the launch sponsors were, linking to their trees. These are all accessible from the above link in (2), and are available to add as columns using the options button in the upper left of that page.
  4. Added many more awards and honors for military service, available when entering a military record, and also linked to ships above where possible (documented in Wikipedia).
  5. Linked to many of the ships are ship sponsors and others who were present at launch.
    https://www.ourfamtree.org/tag/ship-sponsor and https://www.ourfamtree.org/tag/ship-launch
  6. Also, another new page is up here: https://www.ourfamtree.org/category/judges.php listing judges and justices, and the courts where they presided. Currently up to 1,036 entries. This is on the menu under Categories > Tags & Occupations > Judges & Courts.
  7. Also, added a while ago but not previously mentioned is a new page up here: https://www.ourfamtree.org/category/usgovernment.php summarizing people linked to departments of the US government.
Post your ideas if you have any suggestions for improving on any of the above.
Update for Ancestor Percentages4-25-2022 by Ray Gurganus5-1-2022 by Ray Gurganus1
Found under the His/Her menus, under Ancestors > Ancestor Percentages is a summary by birthplace for a person's first 15 generations of their ancestry.  So you can get an idea of where the ancestors came from, by birthplace.  This would normally be run from yourself, for your ancestry.

However, unknown branches and blank birthplaces can overwhelm the numbers, to the point where "unknown" is 99% and everything else less than 1%.  So at the top is now an option to exclude blank birthplaces and unknowns, counting only those that are known.  It can't help you fill in the blanks, but it can get them out of the way.
Judges, Lawyers, & Trials4-12-2022 by Ray Gurganus4-12-2022 by Ray Gurganus1
A new page is up listing a few court trials, each linking to judges, lawyers, and litigants where I've been able to find documentation.  On each of pages for these people, a section at the bottom lists the trials they were in.  This is on the main mennu under Categories > Tags > Lawyers & Trials, or here:

If anyone knows of other trials to be added, you can do so with the "Add" link at the top fo the page, or send me a link with the details, and I can add.
Editing Updates2-19-2022 by Ray Gurganus2-25-2022 by Ray Gurganus3
A couple of editing updates:

1) When adding a new person, the first event type is not pre-selected to be "birth". You can change it if needed, but as you almost always add a birth, you shouldn't need to.

2) When entering place names, the list of existing place names is reworked, mainly to add a choice of organizing the list by category. The default is still alphabetical as it has been, but you now have the option to see the same list by category. In my work I have been adding many schools, colleges, hospitals, etc, and when the list is long, I thought it would help to see it reorganized. At some point I may change the default to be by category, but for now it remains alphabetical.

This is updated in many different areas on the website where place names are selected. If you notice any that are not working as they should, let me know where.

Minor formatting update2-24-2022 by Ray Gurganus2-25-2022 by Ray Gurganus1

Two changes in formatting on a person's main page:

1) When browsing on a phone or tablet with a smaller screen, or with the desktop browser window narrower, place names will hide the county, leaving only the state and city.  For wider browser windows, the county will still show.  Just trying to save a little screen space for smaller windows.

2) For those who have a person's picture attached, and they do not have a spouse, the formatting is changed to show a larger vesion of the picture on the opposite side of the page where the spouse would be.  If they do have a spouse, then everything stays the same, with pictures on only their own half of the page.

Minor update for entering colleges & universities12-9-2021 by Ray Gurganus12-9-2021 by Ray Gurganus1
Previously when entering someone's office at a college, university, etc,, there would be a duplilcate entry for the name of the organization, and then the location where the organization name would be selected a second time.  This duplication is removed.  In these cases, just skip over the organization name, and select it in the location.  This is true for any schools, churches, colleges, libraries, and hospitals where this information is already in the location.

This helps to simplify the data, and helps with future changes, not having these names in multiple places.  Thanks.
New Pages12-8-2021 by Ray Gurganus12-8-2021 by Ray Gurganus1
Several new pages are added under the newly reorganized "Categories" menu, with each summarizing the people and the places or organiztions where they worked... along with similar previously existing pages for artists, authors, architects, and railroad employees.
  • Categories > Tags & Occupations > Engineers & Projects
  • Categories > Tags & Occupations > Librarians & Libraries
  • Categories > Tags & Occupations > Physicians & Hospitals
  • Categories > Tags & Occupations > Teaachers & Schools
  • Categories > Organizations > Journalists & News
Menu Re-organization11-28-2021 by Ray Gurganus12-1-2021 by Phyllis Holmes2
FYI -- Some of the main menu items have been re-organized.  There is a new menu item "Categories" which pulls together in one list items from several different places.
Engineers10-27-2021 by Ray Gurganus10-27-2021 by Ray Gurganus1
Based on feedback that Virginia posted here earlier, I have added an option to record engineering or construction works for engineers and others who do them. Here's what is added:
  1. When editing a person, there is a new event type "engineer", which will prompt for the relevant information, including the name, date, location, and related organizations. Like if you enter an engineer's railroad bridge, the railroad might be a related organization.
  2. When displaying a person's page, the list of engineering projects appears down below, under "Attributed Works"
  3. Clicking one in the list goes to a new page listing the related people, locations, and organizations. A few cases have historical markers and descriptions attached.
  4. A summary page listing all is found under Places > Architects & Architecture > Engineering, or here: https://www.ourfamtree.org/engineers.php   Of the 300+ that I have entered so far, most are bridges (road, railroad, covered bridges, etc), and a few canals. Each links to the related people, and a few link to the person it was named for. More to come.
  5. Coming later is something on the Railroad's page, linking from there back to their related bridges.

One of the major sources I have found so far is "Bridge Hunter", here: http://bridgehunter.com

I realize this may all be confusing. I confuse myself sometimes. Let me know if you have any questions.