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PicFirst NameLast NameBirthDeathSpousesParentsBirthplaceDeathplaceWhose
AzenathHazen4/13/1763Enos WoodJoseph Hazen + Elizabeth DurkeeCT, New London Co, Norwich account1
EdwardHazen12/14/16147/22/1683Hannah GrantEngland, Lincolnshire, CadneyMA, Essex Co, Rowleyaccount1
JosephHazen6/30/17179/26/1796Elizabeth DurkeeThomas Howlett Hazen + Sarah AyerCT, New London Co, NorwichCT, New London Co, Franklinaccount1
Thomas Grant
Hazen1/29/16574/12/1735Mary HowlettEdward Hazen + Hannah GrantMA, Essex Co, RowleyCT, New London Co, Norwichaccount1
Thomas HowlettHazen16901774Sarah AyerThomas Grant Hazen + Mary HowlettMA, Essex Co, Boxford account1

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