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PicFirst NameLast NameBirthDeathSpousesParentsBirthplaceDeathplaceWhose
Betsy AbigailBrown2 OCT 186328 SEP 1952James Thomas JacobsZeal Brown + Elizabeth G. "Betsy" BrockGAGAAccount
James LewisBrown5 DEC 188224 APR 1957Hattie Irene JamesVA, Fauquier CoVA, Fauquier CoAccount
JesseBrown17651837Elizabeth BrooksVA, Fauquier CoVAAccount
JosephineBrown6/186328 JUN 1895James Lawrence JacobsVA, Fauquier CoVA, Fauquier Co, MorrisvilleAccount
LithaBrown17951875Jacob JacobsJesse Brown + Elizabeth BrooksVA, Fauquier CoVA, Fauquier CoAccount
Tabitha JaneBrown1855William A. TantGA Account
Virginia CatherineBrown18 JAN 184425 JAN 1935Basil Alexander EmbreyVA, Fauquier CoVA, Fauquier CoAccount
ZealBrown18191880Elizabeth G. "Betsy" BrockGAALAccount

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