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PicFirst NameLast NameBirthDeathSpousesParentsBirthplaceDeathplaceWhose
Abraham SammonsSchoonmaker10 NOV 18084 FEB 1862Cornelia Ann TuthillJohn Schoonmaker + Rachel SammonsNY, Ulster Co, ShawangunkNY, Ulster Co, ShawangunkCameron Ott
AnnetteSchoonmaker1 AUG 181928 DEC 1847Alexander HasbrouckJames Frederick Schoonmaker + Maria Ann DavisNY, Ulster Co, AccordNY, Ulster Co, New PaltzCameron Ott
ElizaSchoonmaker28 JUL 181621 FEB 1901Samuel Edward TuthillDavid Schoonmaker + Helena SammonsNY, Ulster Co, Shawangunk Cameron Ott
Garret G.
Schoonmaker11 JUN 181519 DEC 1893Hannah Van VelsorCornelius Benjamin Schoonmaker Jr. + Rachel Westervelt GarrisonNY, Ulster Co, KingstonNY, Ulster Co, MarbletownCameron Ott
Gertrude DePuySchoonmaker18 OCT 181813 FEB 1911Albert DeckerDerrick Westbrook Schoonmaker + Lydia Jane DePuyNY, Ulster Co, RochesterIL, Kankakee Co, KankakeeCameron Ott
HarrietSchoonmaker1 DEC 181719 FEB 1878Johannes Decker HasbrouckCornelius Schoonmaker + Catharine GoetschiusNY, Ulster Co, ShawangunkNY, Ulster Co, KingstonCameron Ott
JosephineSchoonmaker16 MAR 184225 DEC 1902Christopher WoodNY, Ulster Co, RosendaleNY, Ulster Co, RosendaleCameron Ott
Mary E.Schoonmaker4 JUN 184919 SEP 1928Frank Kain HasbrouckGarret G. Schoonmaker + Hannah Van VelsorNY, New York Co, New York CityNY, Ulster Co, KingstonCameron Ott
Moses I.Schoonmaker21 JAN 181125 AUG 1891Phebe Ann DeckerJochem Schoonmaker + Elizabeth DePuyNY, Ulster Co, RochesterNY, Ulster Co, AccordCameron Ott

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