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— Dwight Lynn

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Last Online: 11-15-2019

Records: 8,045
Person Pictures: 148
Birthdates: 99.7%
Birthplaces: 99.6%
Deathdates: 81%
Deathplaces: 78.8%
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Records: 180
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Birthdates: 100%
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Deathdates: 94.4%
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I'm a cell biologist retired from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.  Hobbies include photography, kayak building & paddling, hiking, and biking.

Most of my ancestors over the past few generations are localized in Ohio, especially Muskingum and the neighboring counties.  More distant ancestors are largely from the U.K. and other western European countries.

The most common surnames in this researcher's data:

SurnameCountDate RangePlacesLast Updated
Ashcraft566 1618-2017 England, Barbados, CT, VA, KY, IN, IA, MO, KS, OH, NJ, IL, Canada, CO, WY, USA, WV, AR, OR, SD, NE, ND, ID, TX, NV, OK, AZ, PA, NY, LA, WA, UT, CA, FL, AL, MI, HI, TN, MT11-15-2019
King277 1770-2018 England, PA, IL, IN, WA, CO, WV, CA, OH, WI, USA, FL, MI, KY, NC, NM, TX, ND, VA11-7-2019
Graves221 1604-2019 England, MA, NH, USA, VT, NY, PA, CT, CA, NJ, NE, MT, SD, WI, WA, IA, OH, OR, IN, UT, MI, IL, MO, FL, NM10-31-2019
Lake208 1658-2017 VA, WV, MS, MD, WI, USA, AL, IN, MO, IA, IL, OH, LA, OK, AR, CO, MN, PA, DC, KS, Germany, TX, MI, NM, CA, MT, AZ10-12-2019
Cassingham181 1777-2009 England, MD, OH, TN, USA, NC, IN, MO, IA, NE, MA, IL, WV, WA, NM, AR, CO, AZ, GA, MT, OR, OK, NY, NJ, WI, NV, CA, KS, Italy, PA, ID, FL, TX10-8-2019
Swope177 1742-2019 Germany, PA, OH, WV, AZ, OK, TX, CA, FL, KY11-13-2019
Miller149 1609-2018 England, CT, MA, NY, PA, IL, OH, MD, WV, DC, TX, VA, IN, CA, NM, FL, MI10-14-2019
Fairall78 1762-2007 MD, IN, GA, IA, KS, CO, KY, MO, OH, CA, TX10-25-2019
Ramsey75 1823-2018 IN, PA, OH, MO, CA, TN, VT, FL, NV, WI10-29-2019
Cochran73 1795-2009 VA, France, KS, TX, KY, MI, OH, IL11-7-2019
Lynn73 1585-2014 Scotland, Ireland, MD, NC, Papua New Guinea, VA, PA, IL, IN, OH, WV, MI, TX, FL, ME11-10-2019
Kain70 1801-2014 DE, PA, CT, CO, KS, OH, CA, USA, FL, TN, AZ11-9-2019
Moore67 1800-2016 Ireland, VA, OH, MO, IL11-12-2019
Glascock66 1760-1999 MO, VA, IA, ND, IL, MT, OK, SD, CA, IN, MD11-11-2019
Linn64 1720-1988 Ireland, VA, KY, PA, OH, USA, TN, IA, IL, MI, TX6-12-2019
Smith64 1634-2009 CT, MA, IN, VA, IA, OR, MO, IL, WA, OK, LA, OH, KS, Germany, TX, CA11-13-2019
Coberly60 1723-1991 NJ, VA, WV, OH, DC, KS, CA, MO, FL6-12-2019
Chaney59 1805-2005 MD, IN, OH, MI, NY11-11-2019
Wright59 1826-2014 OH, IN, OK, KY, WV, CA, PA, MI11-11-2019
Bishop58 1768-2002 KY, VA, NY, AR, KS, IL, IN, MO, IA, OH, NE, MI, NJ, CO, CA, TX, RI8-2-2019
Dickson52 1728-1954 Ireland, NY, PA, WV, OH, TN, IL, USA, LA, MD, TX, NE, IN, KS, CT, IA, OR6-14-2017
Jones51 1680-2003 Wales, CT, IL, MO, IN, VA, CA, OH, FL, AZ10-22-2019
Arnold50 1727-2014 CT, MA, VA, MI, OR, NY, IL, CA, TN, OH, IN, FL, AZ9-19-2019
Billman49 1815-2016 OH, IL, AZ, FL, CA10-27-2019
Johnson49 1670-2007 MA, CT, NY, VA, Sweden, MN, IN, WV, OH, IL8-3-2019
McKee48 1796-2009 PA, IN, OH, KY, South Korea11-11-2019
Kinney47 1810-1999 PA, IN, OH, IL, OK, TX, WI, MI, KS11-15-2019
Barron46 1750-1981 Ireland, PA, OH, CA, WA, OK11-14-2019
Harris36 1640-2005 Scotland, OH, IA, WI, IN, IL, CA, MI, MO, OK, VA, AZ7-24-2019
Patton35 1590-2004 Scotland, Ireland, VA, PA, OH, MO, IN, AR, MI, KS, CA, FL, TX9-29-2019

Place distribution of this researcher's data

Washington Vinton Brown Shelby Auglaize Allen Geauga Lake Medina Lorain Ottawa Lucas Wood Highland Cuyahoga Jefferson Monroe Belmont Harrison Carroll Columbiana Mahoning Trumbull Ashtabula Portage Noble Guernsey Tuscarawas Stark Summit Meigs Athens Morgan Muskingum Coshocton Holmes Wayne Ashland Gallia Lawrence Jackson Hocking Perry Fairfield Licking Knox Morrow Richland Huron Erie Scioto Pike Ross Adams Fayette Pickaway Franklin Madison Delaware Union Marion Crawford Wyandot Seneca Sandusky Clermont Clinton Greene Clark Champaign Logan Hardin Hancock Hamilton Warren Butler Montgomery Preble Miami Darke Mercer Van Wert Putnam Paulding Henry Defiance Fulton Williams
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OH County Map
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Wexford Kilkenny Waterford Tipperary Cork Kerry Limerick Clare Galway Offaly Westmeath Roscommon Mayo Sligo Leitrim Cavan Armagh Tyrone Londonderry Antrim Down Meath Carlow Fermanagh Monaghan Lough Wicklow Dublin Kildare Laois Longford Donegal Flintshire Angelesey Caernarvonshire Merionethshire Cardiganshire Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire Denbighshire Montgomeryshire Radnorshire Breconshire Herefordshire Monmouthshire Glamorgan Cornwall Devon Somerset Dorset Wiltshire Gloucestershire Berkshire Hampshire Sussex Surrey Kent Middlesex Hertfordshire Bedford Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire Worcestershire Shropshire Warwickshire Staffordshire Rutland Leicestershire Northamptonshire Huntingdonshire Cambridgeshire Essex Suffolk Norfolk Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Cheshire Lancashire Westmoreland Yorkshire Durham Cumberland Northumberland Wigtownshire Kirkcudbrightshire Dumfriesshire Roxburgshire Selkirkshire East Lothian Berwickshire Peebleshire Ayrshire Lanarkshire West Lothian Mid-Lothian Renfrewshire Fifeshire Dunbartonshire Clackmannanshire Kinross-shire Angusshire Kincardineshire Nairnshire Morayshire Banffshire Aberdeenshire Perthshire Argyleshire Ross Inverness-shire Sutherland Caithness Orkney Shetland
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