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Descendants of James Taylor I (died VA 1698)

Descendants of James Taylor I (died VA 1698)

— Steve Taylor

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Descendants of James Taylor I (died VA 1698) and related families and their connections, etc.

I have known my genealogy since the early 1960's when my grandparents inherited the Taylor Family Tree. So I was never interested in my genealogy until I decided the information on it needed to be put into a genealogy program.

The Taylor Family Tree is old, but I have been unable to verify its start date. It is drawn with pen/ink on a piece of linen about 3' x 5' and is stained (probably from water) and has two holes in the corners where it was folded for may years.

What little verification of the start date I have comes from two sources. First, by observation of names, dates, leaf shapes, faded writing, etc., I came up with a start date of 1750-1760 (probably started by Martha Thompson, wife of James Taylor II, and her family). I then found the research notes of Ann Spottswood Dandridge at the Talbot Co. Free Library in Easton, MD. She was a step daughter of Mary Taylor who was the daughter of Pres. Zachary Taylor. Ann wrote a book of genealogy as a present for her step mother. In her notes, she says the Taylor Tree was probably started around 1750, but gives no sources for this date. She may have just observed the clues on the tree as I did to come up with the date.

Dr. Andrew Glassell Grinnan (a Taylor descendant and genealogist) saw at least one copy of the Taylor Tree. He wrote that the tree was started around 1835-37 by Gen. James Taylor V of Newport, KY; Congressman Robert Taylor of Orange, VA; and General Memucan Hunt of TX. I believe these three men met not to draw the original tree, but to make copies for themselves and their families and to update the original. I have found a note that there was a fourth member of the party--Hubbard Taylor of Winchester, KY (brother of Gen. James). Grinnan did not mention Hubbard's presence. I think he was there because he had the original Taylor Tree (he was the oldest son of Col. James Taylor IV and was very close to his father--shown by the various dealings/visits/letters in later life and probably inherited it--the staining/water damage may have happened in his move from Virginia to Kentucky).

Since Hubbard was my 3rd great grandfather, that would explain how it descended to my grandparents from a 3rd cousin of my grandfather (both lived in Illinois at the time).

If anyone finds any new information about the Taylor Tree, please contact me.

The most common surnames in this researcher's data:

SurnameCountDate RangePlacesLast Updated
Taylor1620 1450-2022 England, Ireland, VA, NC, TN, WI, KY, AR, Canada, AL, PQ, Mexico, DC, ID, At Sea, Switzerland, NE, Costa Rica, MT, MI, NJ, France, IA, MS, IN, China, PA, GA, MD, AK, AZ, MN, SH, AB, IL, UT, KS, MO, LA, CA, OR, OK, WV, VT, USA, WA, Vietnam, MA, NV, WY, SD, DE, CT, OH, Australia, FL, CO, NY, TX, SC, NM, RI2-15-2024
Smith252 1592-2023 England, Ireland, MD, NC, VA, NJ, PA, GA, AL, LA, CO, Russia, AR, KS, OH, WY, FL, DC, CT, OK, IL, RI, MS, WA, IA, NE, ID, HI, MI, AZ, MO, TN, NH, TX, USA, KY, MA, CA, OR, NY, NV, DE, SC, IN11-27-2023
Taliaferro149 1510-2016 Italy, England, SC, MS, KY, AL, KS, TN, VA, NC, CT, MD, MT, GA, MI, NJ, OH, TX, HI, FL, MO, NY, MA, CA1-9-2024
Berry146 1650-2019 VA, MD, MO, SH, LA, OK, SC, FL, KS, TX, IL, AR, CA, KY, NC, NY, NJ, OH, ID, OR, CO, GA4-13-2023
Jones133 1602-2022 England, Bahamas, PA, Wales, SC, AL, NY, MS, IN, AR, MD, TN, NJ, OK, LA, KS, OH, MO, KY, NC, WV, GA, VA, DC, TX, FL, IL, CA, AB12-11-2023
Lewis125 1594-2015 Wales, PA, TN, KY, WV, DC, VA, NC, IL, MO, NY, IN, AZ, OH, GA, AL, MS, LA, CA1-26-2023
Pendleton122 1654-2014 England, VA, AR, DC, MD, OH, AL, USA, WV, IL, MO, NY, GA, Belgium, KY, NJ, CO, NC, IN, PA, ID, FL1-21-2024
Thornton121 1651-1994 PA, WV, IL, DC, IN, GA, NJ, VA, NY, MO, TN, KY, TX, CA, AL, MT, OH, MD1-9-2024
Winston116 1550-2023 England, Wales, VA, TN, AL, NC, GA, MA, MS, CA, TX, LA, AR, AZ, MI, FL, KY, PA1-5-2024
Johnson108 1690-2019 VA, Scotland, Jamaica, NY, England, GA, OH, MS, AR, KY, MT, MN, AL, TN, MO, LA, IL, NJ, MD, WI, USA, TX, IN, FL, OR, ID, CA, KS, CO, NM10-24-2023
Ridley98 1775-2018 NC, TN, TX, NY, GA, CA, AL, MI, MO, FL, LA, MD, PA, AR, MN, MA, VA, England, KY, OR2-9-2023
Williams97 1710-2020 VA, TN, KY, IN, MO, TX, MS, OH, IL, GA, AZ, NC, ID, NJ, FL, AR, OR, CA, WA, IA, LA, NM, MD, NY3-3-2023
Brown87 1689-2019 Scotland, MD, VA, PA, IL, LA, IN, CT, WV, USA, MS, NC, SC, TX, KS, Mexico, FL, NE, AR, OH, Belarus, MO, AZ, DC, TN, CA, KY, Vietnam, GA, NY, WA, CO, ID11-22-2023
Moore85 1650-2016 England, CT, NJ, PA, VA, IA, KY, KS, NE, DC, AR, GA, WV, OH, TX, TN, IN, NY, NC, IL, AZ, MO, CA, MS, WA, MT10-15-2023
Gaines84 1623-2020 England, VA, SC, NC, KY, AL, TX, FL, MS, CO, OK, TN, GA, AR, WA, NV, MO2-16-2024
Keas83 1792-2014 VA, KY, IN, ID, MO, OK, LA, IA, IL, CA, TX, AR, CO, PA, WA, KS, NV, AL, NE6-24-2019
Towneley80 1283-1958 England9-29-2019
Anderson73 1663-2017 Scotland, VA, SC, IL, GA, MI, KY, AL, TN, Germany, NC, LA, PA, MN, MS, NE, KS, OK, MO, AR, CA, AZ, FL, TX, OR11-12-2023
Green71 1356-2022 England, VA, KY, NJ, MD, AR, MS, MO, IL, TN, GA, LA, WI, TX, NC3-28-2023
Botts69 1754-2007 VA, Mexico, WV, IL, NY, KY, PA, MS, MD, GA, DC, OH, TX, MT, NC, FL, CA, TN1-23-2023
Harrison68 1568-2019 Isle of Man, England, MD, VA, NJ, WI, IA, MN, NC, TN, Ireland, AR, IL, KY, FL, TX, OR, NM, CA, IN, PA1-24-2023
Buckner66 1690-2013 VA, TN, IL, KS, KY, NJ, MO, Brazil, LA, PA, WA, DE, NY, FL, CA6-19-2023
Harris66 1669-1993 Wales, VA, AL, MS, TN, OK, NY, IN, GA, KY, CO, MO, MD, CA, NC, TX, OH, AR8-30-2022
Martin65 1562-2016 England, VA, WV, NC, LA, GA, PA, KY, CO, IL, IN, TX, KS, MO, AR, FL, CA, NM6-19-2023
Walker64 1600-2014 England, VA, MO, KY, NC, MA, TX, AL, TN, IL, PA, UT, LA, MD, AR, GA, OH11-4-2022
Blackwell63 1800-2016 SC, IL, AR, IA, KY, KS, MI, DC, NC, OH, WA, NV, AZ, NY, VA, OK, CA, IN, MO4-30-2022
Hall63 1561-2018 England, NC, NY, OH, MA, KY, MO, CO, PA, DC, WV, TN, AZ, AR, VA, MD, IL, CA, IA, FL, ID, TX, KS, OK9-3-2023
Davis62 1731-2012 GA, VA, KY, NC, MS, ME, IN, TX, OH, PA, TN, AR, IL, MO, WI, FL, CA, AL, OK12-28-2022
Stewart62 1395-2017 Scotland, KY, GA, OH, FL, PQ, KS, TN, TX, Mexico, Guatemala, NY, VA, AR, IL, WV, NC, AL, AZ, MO, DE, PA, NJ1-2-2024
Carter60 1671-2017 VA, KY, MO, TN, SC, ME, MS, AL, ID, GA, PA, TX, MD, IN, CA, USA, OR1-21-2024

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