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— Michael Stevenson

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Last Online: 5-25-2021

Records: 5,347
Person Pictures: 125
Birthdates: 78.7%
Birthplaces: 62.9%
Deathdates: 41.8%
Deathplaces: 34.8%
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Records: 0
Person Pictures: 0
Birthdates: 0%
Birthplaces: 0%
Deathdates: 0%
Deathplaces: 0%
Retired Police Officer, I am a collector of Police insignia and an avid fan of the Goons.

The most common surnames in this researcher's data:

SurnameCountDate RangePlacesLast Updated
Swadling189 1705-2019 England, France, Singapore, Australia8-11-2019
Milgate126 1599-2001 England, Australia, UT5-25-2021
Rose102 1792-1996 England, Australia7-8-2020
Bugden96 1714-2012 England, Australia, Belgium, France7-3-2020
Bray80 1563-1979 Wales, France, England11-24-2014
Edwards72 1751-1948 England, South Africa2-15-2014
Stapley68 1445-1839 England7-20-2011
Upton59 1734-1996 England, NC, Australia2-15-2014
Provost58 1777-2016 NY, PA, Australia, England5-12-2020
Skinner53 1701-1998 England10-27-2010
Pattenden50 1615-1909 England12-5-2019
Amos49 1829-1991 England, Australia10-20-2010
Lulham49 1834-2015 Australia, New Zealand6-30-2020
Maher48 1800-1992 Ireland, Australia5-25-2021
Paine45 1806-1971 England, Australia6-13-2021
Eldridge41 1759-1989 England, Australia, France, UT4-4-2014
Hobbs41 1717-1989 England, Australia, France9-1-2012
Stevenson38 1770-1990 Scotland, England, South Africa, Australia9-2-2020
Watt37 1810-1972 Ireland, Australia12-25-2012
Burt36 1768-1899 England5-6-2016
Yeates35 1775-1971 England, United Kingdom, Australia1-20-2022
Hitchcock31 1831-1978 England, Australia7-20-2011
Leeming31 1808-2000 England, Australia, France7-20-2020
Sullivan30 1819-1971 Australia7-3-2020
Myers29 1806-1978 England, Australia2-5-2014
Chaseling27 1773-1947 England, Australia7-4-2020
Hayes24 1839-1974 Ireland, Australia10-9-2020
McKenzie22 1814-1976 Australia8-4-2020
Pullen22 1722-1898 England, South Africa10-19-2010
Crum21 1852-1972 Australia11-28-2014

Place distribution of this researcher's data

Victoria New South Wales Queensland Tasmania South Australia Northern Territory Western Australia
Map of Australia:
Australia County Map
People:  0  1–253   2278–2522 
Wexford Kilkenny Waterford Tipperary Cork Kerry Limerick Clare Galway Offaly Westmeath Roscommon Mayo Sligo Leitrim Cavan Armagh Tyrone Londonderry Antrim Down Meath Carlow Fermanagh Monaghan Lough Wicklow Dublin Kildare Laois Longford Donegal Flintshire Angelesey Caernarvonshire Merionethshire Cardiganshire Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire Denbighshire Montgomeryshire Radnorshire Breconshire Herefordshire Monmouthshire Glamorgan Cornwall Devon Somerset Dorset Wiltshire Gloucestershire Berkshire Hampshire Sussex Surrey Kent Middlesex Hertfordshire Bedford Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire Worcestershire Shropshire Warwickshire Staffordshire Rutland Leicestershire Northamptonshire Huntingdonshire Cambridgeshire Essex Suffolk Norfolk Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Cheshire Lancashire Westmorland Yorkshire Durham Cumberland Northumberland Wigtownshire Kirkcudbrightshire Dumfriesshire Roxburgshire Selkirkshire East Lothian Berwickshire Peebleshire Ayrshire Lanarkshire West Lothian Mid-Lothian Renfrewshire Fifeshire Dunbartonshire Clackmannanshire Kinross-shire Angusshire Kincardineshire Nairnshire Morayshire Banffshire Aberdeenshire Perthshire Argyleshire Ross Inverness-shire Sutherland Caithness Orkney Shetland
Map of Scotland,Wales,Ireland,England:
UK County Map
People:  0  1–68   69–136   409–476   613–674