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Stats by Year & Age
Statistics Totals:
Last Online: 8-19-2023

Records: 2,509
Grave Pictures: 9
Person Pictures: 8
Birthdates: 98.6%
Birthplaces: 91%
Deathdates: 50.7%
Deathplaces: 41.9%
Statistics Last 30 Days:
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Records: 1
Grave Pictures: 0
Person Pictures: 0
Birthdates: 100%
Birthplaces: 100%
Deathdates: 100%
Deathplaces: 0%

The most common surnames in this researcher's data:

SurnameCountDate RangePlacesLast Updated
Batten52 1520-1979 PA, England, India, Burma, Scotland11-23-2019
Towers34 1672-2008 England, BC, ON11-19-2012
Sturgeon32 1821-2011 Scotland, India, England, United Kingdom, Canada5-6-2016
Bingham31 1265-1646 Ireland, England10-3-2020
Loveless30 1746-1977 England1-14-2020
Cross29 1738-2010 Ireland, Wales, United Kingdom, Egypt, England, Scotland10-19-2019
Anderson28 1595-1938 England, Sierra Leone, Australia11-25-2016
Hurd28 1747-2009 Ireland, England, Zimbabwe5-11-2016
Gillam27 1718-2010 England10-19-2019
Fryer26 1742-2010 England, Scotland, India, United Kingdom6-12-2016
Fenton24 1639-1945 England, New Zealand, France, Wales, Australia6-6-2016
Harcourt24 953-1445 France, England2-13-2024
Mackinnon23 1816-1978 Scotland, Malta, England1-29-2020
Dawson22 1703-1963 England10-12-2019
Nelson22 1610-1835 England, Spain9-29-2016
Wareham22 1761-1997 England, Turkey, France11-20-2012
Taylor20 1559-2012 England9-10-2019
Bullen19 1712-2004 Australia, Germany, Wales, England11-25-2016
Hindle19 1768-1964 England, BC, Belgium, Egypt, Australia, Wales, France6-6-2016
Percy19 1345-1578 England10-3-2020
Setterington18 1712-1886 England11-18-2012
Seymour18 1567-1659 England1-7-2017
Hobson17 1750-1959 India, England11-24-2019
Fisher16 1688-1885 England11-24-2019
Waller16 1470-1660 England10-3-2020
West15 1427-1825 England11-16-2013
Duffel14 1743-1925 England11-18-2012
Fitzalan14 1250-1389 England11-19-2012
Fuell14 1807-2000 England, BC5-2-2016
Hampden14 1424-1648 England10-3-2020

Place distribution of this researcher's data

Wexford Kilkenny Waterford Tipperary Cork Kerry Limerick Clare Galway Offaly Westmeath Roscommon Mayo Sligo Leitrim Cavan Armagh Tyrone Londonderry Antrim Down Meath Carlow Fermanagh Monaghan Lough Wicklow Dublin Kildare Laois Longford Donegal Flintshire Angelesey Caernarvonshire Merionethshire Cardiganshire Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire Denbighshire Montgomeryshire Radnorshire Breconshire Herefordshire Monmouthshire Glamorgan Cornwall Devon Somerset Dorset Wiltshire Gloucestershire Berkshire Hampshire Sussex Surrey Kent Middlesex Hertfordshire Bedford Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire Worcestershire Shropshire Warwickshire Staffordshire Rutland Leicestershire Northamptonshire Huntingdonshire Cambridgeshire Essex Suffolk Norfolk Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Cheshire Lancashire Westmorland Yorkshire Durham Cumberland Northumberland Wigtownshire Kirkcudbrightshire Dumfriesshire Roxburgshire Selkirkshire East Lothian Berwickshire Peebleshire Ayrshire Lanarkshire West Lothian Mid-Lothian Renfrewshire Fifeshire Dunbartonshire Clackmannanshire Kinross-shire Angusshire Kincardineshire Nairnshire Morayshire Banffshire Aberdeenshire Perthshire Argyleshire Ross Inverness-shire Sutherland Caithness Orkney Shetland
Map of Scotland,Wales,Ireland,England:
UK County Map
People:  0  1–39   40–78   79–117   118–156   157–195   352–389 
Victoria New South Wales Queensland Tasmania South Australia Northern Territory Western Australia
Map of Australia:
Australia County Map
People:  0  1–1   2–2   4–4