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Ray's Extended Family Tree

— Ray Gurganus

Stats by Year & Age
Statistics Totals:
Last Online: 11-30-2020

Records: 174,549
Grave Pictures: 26,205
Person Pictures: 4,735
Birthdates: 99%
Birthplaces: 95.1%
Deathdates: 74.3%
Deathplaces: 61.6%
Statistics Last 30 Days:
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Records: 4,017
Grave Pictures: 0
Person Pictures: 45
Birthdates: 100%
Birthplaces: 100%
Deathdates: 92.6%
Deathplaces: 84%
I am the creator and administrator of Our Family Tree.  This website started as my personal site many years ago.  My own research efforts circle around the Gurganus, Beasley, and Smallwood names (and many, many others), families of northeastern North Carolina, medieval genealogies, cemeteries wherever I travel, and anything that falls in between.

In 2007 I expanded the website to accept family history data from you, and continue to update and improve it.   I have worked 20+ years for various nonprofits, and maintaining this website seems like a natural extension of that.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

I am also the coordinator of the DCGenWeb and DC Trails to the Past, Prince William Co VA, Virginia Trails to the Past, the Trails to the Past Obituaries database, and the website for my church -- Mount Vernon Place UMC.  If you are inspired to make any donations for the joy that this website has brought you, then make a donation instead to my church, through it's website.

The most common surnames in this researcher's data:

SurnameCountDate RangePlacesLast Updated
Smallwood1470 1320-2015 England, WV, MA, VA, OH, MD, GA, MO, DC, IL, NC, KS, SC, TN, MT, KY, AK, OK, NE, MS, WA, AL, LA, PA, MN, MI, AR, TX, IN, FL, IA, NY, CA, CO, OR, France, AZ, NJ10-23-2020
Gurganus1166 1640-2008 Barbados, USA, GA, AR, MS, LA, Confederate States, DE, TN, OH, AL, PA, TX, NC, FL, VA, OK, HI, Philippines, CA, SC, DC10-9-2020
Smith1160 1549-2014 Ireland, England, VA, Germany, MA, ME, MD, CT, SC, Scotland, NC, AL, TN, RI, USA, DC, NH, IL, Canada, GA, KY, NY, VT, WV, MS, HI, DE, At Sea, NJ, Nicaragua, LA, PA, SH, TX, OK, SD, MO, MI, IN, CO, NM, OH, KS, WA, CA, AR, France, IA, FL11-28-2020
Brown741 1312-1993 England, MA, RI, CT, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, At Sea, VA, SC, NC, NH, MD, VT, TN, DC, KY, PA, NY, MS, ME, LA, NJ, OH, AR, IN, SH, WV, IL, AL, IA, CA, WI, NE, AZ, MO, MN, OK, GA, FL, USA, TX11-25-2020
Williams671 1460-1993 England, Wales, VA, MA, Antigua, RI, MD, CT, KY, VT, WV, SC, Ireland, TN, DE, Canada, PA, ME, LA, AL, OH, NC, Mexico, MS, NY, GA, TX, AR, KS, NE, IA, DC, NJ, FL, OK, MO, IL, MI11-25-2020
Jones634 1492-1975 England, MA, PA, Wales, GA, CT, MD, VT, NC, RI, SC, Ireland, KY, MS, NY, WV, OH, NH, MI, AL, TN, DE, IL, IN, AR, LA, TX, CA, NJ, Russia, DC, MO, IA, VA, AZ, France, MN, FL, Canada, WI, ME, OK11-28-2020
Clark566 1195-1980 England, France, ME, MA, RI, NJ, CT, MD, Ireland, Scotland, VA, NC, At Sea, PA, Canada, WV, TN, KY, VT, SC, SH, NH, WI, IL, IA, IN, GA, MS, DC, CO, Japan, LA, MI, FL, MO, SD, NY, CA, AR, OH11-27-2020
Beall534 1603-1967 Scotland, VA, PA, WV, KY, RI, VT, GA, MS, NJ, OH, CA, MI, AL, LA, DC, TX, TN, MD, MO, SH, NC, FL, IN, IL, SC, NY11-24-2020
Taylor480 1552-2011 Jamaica, MA, MD, CT, Ireland, WV, DE, RI, KY, SC, NH, VA, OH, NY, NC, AL, MI, VT, NJ, SH, Scotland, LA, IN, AR, MS, Switzerland, MO, DC, TN, IL, IA, MN, KS, PA, NM, GA, TX, ME, AK, FL, England, USA, CA11-21-2020
Moore443 1174-1985 Scotland, England, MA, Ireland, VA, CT, MD, Portugal, PA, NJ, SC, NH, Canada, NC, USA, DE, LA, ME, AL, VT, OH, TX, AR, IN, MS, IL, Switzerland, SH, MO, NE, KY, TN, OK, GA, FL, NY, Indonesia, DC, CO, MN, Italy11-26-2020
White429 1520-1982 England, Netherlands, MA, CT, RI, NJ, DE, VA, Canada, Ireland, KY, ME, TN, MD, VT, NH, Scotland, DC, PA, AL, LA, IN, WI, OH, MO, WV, Cuba, NY, NC, CA, MS, SC, USA, GA, AR, FL, IL11-18-2020
Davis422 1573-2016 England, Wales, CT, NJ, MA, RI, PA, MD, OH, KY, ME, DE, NH, NC, LA, IN, NY, AL, MS, VT, TN, WV, DC, GA, MO, SC, USA, Confederate States, SH, MN, VA, UT, IL, AR, At Sea, PR, KS, Panama, OK, Philippines, WY, CA, FL, France, TX11-26-2020
Perry387 1133-1984 England, MA, CT, RI, NJ, SC, Canada, NH, SH, VT, NC, MD, AL, IN, WV, Bahamas, ME, DC, PA, IL, TN, KY, NY, MS, VA, FL11-12-2020
Harrison386 1595-1986 England, CT, SC, NJ, NC, IN, VA, GA, MA, ME, LA, OH, AL, WV, MD, TN, KY, PA, NE, NY, DC, CA, KS, TX, Philippines, France, USA, FL, OK, MO11-25-2020
Hall382 1511-1980 England, France, RI, SC, Scotland, CT, MD, VA, MA, VT, DE, NH, NC, ME, WV, KY, OH, PA, IL, MO, NY, GA, NJ, DC, MI, IN, TX, MS, TN, FL11-25-2020
Dorsey380 1619-1968 England, DE, MD, PA, USA, CT, OH, GA, Germany, KY, WV, Ireland, MO, VA, IL, LA, DC, NE, CA, NY, NC, UT, IN11-19-2020
Harris365 1513-2001 MD, England, CT, VA, RI, VT, Canada, MA, NC, PA, NH, GA, FL, TN, KY, NJ, MS, AR, AL, OH, TX, Wales, WI, IA, CA, MO, NY, DC, IL11-23-2020
Johnson363 1498-1977 England, NH, Ireland, MA, NJ, Canada, NC, CT, MD, ME, VA, Switzerland, DC, AL, VT, IL, AR, USA, GA, LA, TX, OH, Sweden, CA, RI, Bahamas, MO, KS, KY, WV, TN, PA, NY11-27-2020
Bryan358 1490-1969 Ireland, VA, England, NC, PA, TN, AL, FL, KY, GA, CT, WV, VT, NY, OH, IL, MD, LA, SC, Brazil, DC, NE, MO, USA, MA, MN9-15-2020
Adams354 1526-1984 England, RI, MD, MA, PA, NH, TN, ME, VA, NY, KY, VT, AL, OH, CT, IA, SC, NJ, MO, USA, MS, GA, SH, MI, CA, TX, NC, NV, WI, FL, OK, DC, WV11-23-2020
Lewis342 1615-1969 England, RI, Scotland, MA, CT, VA, ME, NH, KY, VT, LA, TN, GA, IN, NY, WV, MD, IL, MS, NC, Wales, SC, OR, NJ, France, Switzerland, IA, TX, USA, OH, Japan, OK, AR, MO, MN, Italy, PA, CA, DC, FL11-28-2020
Baker323 1520-1998 England, VA, DE, MA, Scotland, CT, NJ, NY, USA, PA, ME, NC, SC, TN, VT, GA, IN, KY, MD, FL, AL, Canada, IL, CO, WV, OH, DC, TX, NH, CA, OR, MO11-24-2020
Thompson322 1594-1974 England, Wales, MD, VA, RI, Ireland, Scotland, CT, GA, NH, VT, SC, MA, NY, USA, MI, LA, TN, DC, KY, SH, OH, ME, IN, TX, NC, WV, AL, IL, NJ, CA, MS, PA, MO, AR11-26-2020
Hubbard321 1618-1978 England, Channel Islands, MA, CT, NY, ME, DE, VA, NJ, At Sea, NH, Canada, VT, MD, Martinique, AR, PA, KY, MO, GA, NC, IA, LA, IN, RI, TX, MS, TN, SD, USA, China, IL, WV, MI, OH, MN, DC, FL, CA11-20-2020
Rogers319 1532-1966 Netherlands, England, MA, NH, CT, RI, NJ, VT, SC, NC, GA, DE, KY, NY, PA, AL, OH, VA, MD, SH, ME, MI, TN, CA, DC, IL, France11-24-2020
Allen313 1517-1984 England, Scotland, MA, PA, VA, NH, VT, RI, SC, ME, GA, MO, NJ, CA, NY, TN, IL, OH, HI, DE, UT, KY, NC, KS, IN, MI, IA, DC, MD, USA, PR, SH, China, AL, CT, WV11-27-2020
Baldwin308 1470-1981 Scotland, England, CT, MA, NJ, NH, MD, PA, RI, GA, DC, VT, NY, USA, VA, ME, IN, TN, KY, SH, HI, MI, WV, SC, CA, CO, FL, NC, OH, IL11-27-2020
Beasley305 1631-1992 CT, VA, GA, SC, England, TN, PA, OH, MO, IN, AR, KY, Canada, CA, AL, TX, NC, NJ, NY, ME, CO, NH, DC, MD, KS11-23-2020
Thomas302 1154-2012 United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, England, Wales, CT, MA, RI, NC, DE, SC, MD, GA, VT, ME, NH, MO, AL, DC, MS, KY, TN, SH, VA, CA, USA, MI, MN, OH, WV, NY, PA11-18-2020
Wilson297 1590-1984 England, Scotland, Ireland, DE, MA, NJ, NY, GA, NH, SC, MS, DC, VT, IN, Cuba, RI, NC, VA, IL, ME, TX, AL, PA, KS, MN, MO, TN, USA, Belize, Bahamas, MD, KY, CT, WV, OH, FL11-28-2020

Place distribution of this researcher's data

Map of North Carolina:
NC County Map
People:  0  1–264   265–528   529–792   793–1056   1057–1320   1321–1584   1585–1848   2113–2376   2377–2638