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Buchers Mill Covered Bridge

ImageBuchers Mill Covered Bridge

In 1880 residents petitioned for a bridge on the road leading from Reamstown Station to Reamstown near Bucher's Mill. Lancaster County Commissioners met on September 19, 1881 and approved this bridge which Elias McMellen built for $1,167.00. Heavy storms on the evening of August 23, 1891 caused the Cocalico Creek to rise higher here than it had in the past 50 years which severely damaged this bridge. At the neighboring mill, rainwater rose so high in the barn the horses' heads had to be held up on the hayracks so they would not drown. McMellen rebuilt this bridge the same year for $1,025.00.

Monroe Bucher (1820-1901) purchased the neighboring two story stone mill property in 1864. He was born on his father's mill known as "Buch's Mill" where he learned to run his own mill. Bucher's Mill remained in the family until his son sold it in 1912 but the family name remained tied to this covered bridge.

Website: https://www.hmdb.org/m.asp?m=175097

Attribution: By William Pope

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LocationLancaster Co, PA

Elias McMellen

23 NOV 1839born in Lancaster, Lancaster Co, PA
2 MAR 1916died, about age 76.
bridge builder

Monroe Bucher

11 FEB 1820born in Reamstown, Lancaster Co, PA
25 JUN 1901died, about age 81.