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Will 10-26-2008 01:22 PM
Will of Gardner Eldridge

1. Wife Phebe Eldridge, $500.00 & all the other property she had when we were married, in lieu of dower.
2. Sell land & procure tombstones for me & my first wife. Divide balance into 8 equal parts to following named persons:
Samuel S. Eldridge-one part
Freeman E. Eldridge-one part
Nancy E. Cherrington-one part
Joshua J. Eldridge-one part
Sarah C. Cherrington-one part
Phebe A. Wagher-one part
Lamonia C. Lane-one part

Heir of Gardner Eldridge-$5.00

Heirs of Cordelia P. Fitzgerald, deceased, & Amanda Shankling & Phebe A. Cheasman, the balance or eighth share except the $5.00 paid as above.

Executors: Joshua J. Eldridge & Albert C. Wagher
Written 18 Dec. 1869

Amanda Shankling to receive a full share with other heirs & that the 2 heirs of Cordelia P. Fitzgerald & Phebe P. Cheasman receive 1/5 of a share each.

Witnesses: C N Russell
Armstrong Evans
T M Patton
Written 31 Dec. 1869 Probate Jan. Term 1870 Knox Co. IL
Newspaper 1-28-2012 11:49 AM
A short history of our family from the first that landed in America till the present time, as far as I can ascertain----.

John Echols an Englishman came to America about the end of the 16th or the beginning of the 17th Century and settled in Caroline County, Virginia, and married a tall redheaded woman named Mary Cave and by her had five sons and three daughters. I shall begin with his sons first and carry out their family as far as my knowledge extends.

John was his first son who left Virginia a young man and settled in the lower part of N. Carolina and raised his family, of whom I know nothing.

Abraham was old John's 2nd son, married Sarah Tamer and by her had two sons and several daughters. His sons were Joseph and Joshua. Joseph married a Miss King, and by her had 2 sons and 5 or 6 daughters. His sons were Abraham and Jeremiah who left Virginia in time of the Revolutionary War and went to Pennsylvania. Of their offspring I know nothing. Joshua married Hannah Brown, had a number of children of whom I know but little. He had one son Darius, a conspicuous man in Habersham County, Georgia. The rest of his family lives chiefly in the upper part of Georgia. Old Abraham had one daughter who married James Hodges a very worthy man, his family moved to Tennessee. He had one son named Jessee and he had a son named James who was a commanding officer in Tennessee and got drowned in Cumberland River near Cairo. Jessee had one daughter named Tabitha, that is all I know of the family. Old Abraham had another daughter named Sarah who married John Rowden and by her had 4 sons and one daughter. His sons were Abraham, Laban, Josee, and John. Abraham married a woman named Chick, moved to Tennessee. I know nothing of his family. Laban married Milly Adams raised a large family. I know nothing of them only two of his sons to wit, Hubert and Lot, who live in Gwinett County, Ga. Josee married Susannah Adams, moved to Tennessee, of his family I know nothing. John married Milly Brewer, a widow, the daughter of old Jeremiah Reeves,

sister to Rev. Malachi Reeves and Rev. Jeremiah Reeves. He also moved to Tennessee and was drowned in the Tennessee River. Of his family I know nothing. Old John Rowden's daughter was Tabitha. She married Glover Crain, had several children by her and then died. He had one son named Joseph Crane who married a Miss Hood. They had several children, one son named John Glover Crane who was a wholesale merchant in Charleston, S.C. Joshua Crane had a daughter married a Mr. Whitman, a Baptist preacher and a teacher in the Penfield Academy, Green County, Georgia.

P.S. James Hodges daughter married John Lacy. Wm Glass and Hally Shaw Lacy had one son named Elijah and he and wife parted. Glass had 5 sons and 3 daughters. His sons were Hubbard, Mason, Frederick who married Betsy Strother and he was killed by the Indians in Alabama. The other three, David, Elish and Elijah. Mason married a Miss Wyatt and lives in Fayette County, Georgia the rest of his sons I know nothing. His daughters were named Tabitha, Patsy, and Sally. Tabitha married Richard Wood and by him had three sons and one daughter. Her sons were Winston, William and Willis. Her son William represented three different counties in the state of Georgia and was Colo. of the same counties. He then moved to Randolph County, Alabama and represented that county and is Colo. and judge of the court. Willis, her third son married a Miss Cochran and died young. Richard Wood's daughter was named Elizabeth and married Samuel D. Echols. Hally Shaw raised a large family in Jackson County, Georgia. I know nothing of his family only E. B. Shaw, his grandson, who lives in Gwinett County, and is a very eminent Baptist preacher.

P. S. If I mistake not, old Abraham Echols had a daughter who married a man by the name of Hubbard in Virginia. I know nothing further of them.

The third son of old English John Echols was named William. I don't know who he married. He had several sons and daughters. His sons were John and William. John was one of the largest men ever raised in Virginia. He was a Quaker preacher. That's all I know of him or his family as I never saw him but once. William was also a very large man, married a widow Spradlin. By her had three sons and four daughters. His sons were Joel, Elcanah, and William. Joel and Elcanah moved to Tennessee. Settled on Cumberland River near Caro. I was once at Elcanah's house after his death. He had a large family. I know the names of none of them only his youngest son named Richard. They are a very wealthy family. Joel I think they told me had no child. William, the third son, married a girl by the name of Elizabeth Farmer - a schoolmate of mine in Virginia. He moved to Alabama, settled in Madison County near Huntsville and was a very great wholesale merchant in that town. I know but very little of his family. He had a daughter married Richard Holden also a wholesale merchant in Huntsville and also had two sons who moved to Mississippi. One of them was killed by a man and the other wrote to me about it. I think the one that wrote was by the name of Larkin. The one that was killed I think was by the name of Joseph. That's all that I know of that family.

Old William Echols daughters married William Wynne, Vardre McBee and Daniel Williams and Richard Anderson. Of Wynne's family I know nothing as they moved to Tennessee in an early date. Old Vardre McBee moved from Virginia to South Carolina before the Revolutionary War and was a Capt. In that army and was said to have done as much damage to the British and Torries in that part of the country as any Capt. In that country. He had two sons, to wit, Silas and Vardre. Silas was a very large man, went to Mississippi and died there. I know nothing of his family. Vardre still lives in South Carolina, Greenville District. He has six children, only one married, that a daughter, married a Mr. Carson. He has one daughter Malinda single, one son Luther, the rest I don't know their names. He is said to be the richest man in that part of the state. His property is estimated at one million dollars.

Old Vardre has several daughters. I don't know their names. One married a man by name of Ross. How many children she had I know not. I only know one of her sons who is by name of Rice F. Ross. One married a man by name of Asher. They have one son in Dade County, Georgia, by name of William Asher, a very smart man. That is all I know of that family.

Daniel Williams, who married the third daughter of old William Echols, went to Tennessee, raised his family there. Of his daughters I know nothing. His sons were Sampson and Oliver. Sampson was said to be an uncommon smart man, represented his county many years. There is a very fine town in Tennessee named in hone of his name - Williamsburg. Sampson Williams was a very large man, rather cross-eyed. Richard Anderson married old William Echols fourth daughter, had five children by her and she died. I know the names of two of their sons, which were Medy and John. Medy became very rich, owned the first merchant mill I ever saw, on Banister River in Virginia, where was a considerable town built named Medsville in honor of Medy Anderson's name. They both had families of which I know but little.

Joseph Echols was the fourth son of old English John Echols. He never married, consequently had no family. He was an afflicted man, had what was called the asthma which prevented him from lying down. He never lay down for forty years -- had an instrument made that fitted his forehead and sat and slept. His common vocation was hunting and trapping on the River at which business he made considerable property as he lived in the frontier country where game was plenty.

Richard Echols was the fifth son of English John Echols who married Caty Evans - he was my grandfather - and by her had fourteen children. Three died in infancy. The rest lived to raise families. Their first son was Moses who married Betsy Wynne. They raised a considerable family. Their first son was John who married Fanny Formby and moved from Virginia to Tennessee. I know but little of the family. He was a one-eyed man, he was very smart and had great property. Their second son was Obediah. He married Betsy Terry. He died at about 65 years of age. I know but little of his family, only one son who lives in the western district of Tennessee by name of Champness Terry Echols, a Baptist preacher. Moses third son was by name of Moses who married a Miss Terry - cousin to his brother Obediah's wife. I know nothing of his family. Their fourth son was by name of Evans who married Anna Terry, sister to his brother Moses wife. They live in Virginia. I know no more of their family. Old Moses daughters were by name of Rebecca, Priscilla, Tabitha, Betsy, Lucy and Frances. Rebecca married Edward Akin. I have no knowledge of their family. Priscilla married David Bates in Halifax County, a very large man who offered for the legislature in the county that he was born and raised in when he was about twenty-five years old. He got every vote that was given in the county and the county was very large. He continued to go to the legislature as long as he stayed in Virginia. He then moved to Georgia, Wilkes County. He became a representative of Wilkes County in Senate and was once appointed President Senate pro tem - you can see his name in the digest of the laws of Georgia. He became so fat that it was supposed by the doctors that his fat melted in him, killed him before he was sixty years old. He weighed nearly four hundred pounds. He raised his family in Wilks County, Georgia but after his death they moved to Tennessee. I have but little account of them since. He had one son named Randolph and one named Anderson. Of the rest I have no account only one daughter named Susanah who married James Johnson of Oglethorpe County.

Old Moses third daughter Tabitha married Nathan Formby. He moved from Virginia to Georgia and died in Walton County. He raised four sons and several daughters. His sons were named Moses, Obediah and Nathan. The other I don't know the name of, he married a Miss Harvie in Newton County and died there. Moses and Obediah live in Newton County. They both have families but I don't know the name of either of their wives. Nathan lives in Alabama. I know not of his family. One of old Nathan's daughters married John Whitaker and one married Henry Nichols. One Israel Moore and one married a Mr. Park. I know nothing of the family. Old Moses fourth daughter Betsy married Marlin Farmer. I know no more of the family. His fifth daughter Lucy married Jonas Meadows and that's all I know about them. His sixth daughter Frances married a man by the name of Shelton. I have no account of them further.

Old Richard Echols second son was named John. He married Lucy Koore, raised a large family by her. They had three sons and six daughters. Their oldest son was James. He married Nancy Winbush of South Carolina. He moved to Alabama in an early date, so I know but little of his family. I have heard that one son named George, a doctor, and another named Saml - that is all I know of them.

Old John's second son was named John. He married a Miss Moore. He also moved to Alabama. I know nothing further of them. Old John's third son was named Saml. He married Jane Holloway of Elton, Putnam County, Georgia. He moved to Alabama so I know nothing further of them; old John's daughter was Prudence who married Christopher Irwin. They raised a large family of sons and one daughter who died young. I know nothing more of them only Christopher and David. Christopher lives in Walton County, raised several sons and one daughter. I don't know the names of the sons tho I am told they are smart young men. His daughter was Sophrony. She married Raman Ray. They live in Cobb County. David Irwin lives in Marietta and is a very imminent lawyer and a very wealthy man. He has a family that I know very little about. Old John's second daughter was by name of Temperance. She married Jno. Rodgers. They raised several sons. I know of only two of them, Dr. James Rodgers, who married Wm. G. Springer's daughter and lives in Carrol County. He has represented that county in the legislature of Georgia. David Rodgers lives in Stewart County and has also represented that county in the State Legislature. Old John's third daughter named Caty never married, died young. His fourth daughter Patsy married Capt. William Ellis. They live in Pike County near Griffin. They have raised several sons and daughters. I know only two of his sons, Richard and Thomas. One of them is a doctor, both very large men. They had one daughter married a man named Wilson who lives near Griffin. Old John's fifth daughter named Liddy married Skelton Standifer, moved to Alabama. I know no more of them. His sixth daughter Lucy married Nathan Williams and raised their family in Jasper County. I know nothing further of them only one son, a doctor who lives in Meriwether County, Georgia.

Old Richard Echols third son was named James Echols, a very large man, had a very singular mark in his features. He had one black eye and one blue eye. He married Elizabeth Palmer, widow of John Palmer of Richmond County, Virginia. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Milner. By her he had five sons, three daughters. His oldest son was Milner, who married Susannah Sansom, had ten children. Their first son was Samuel Dorril Echols, who married Betsy Wood. By her he had four sons and four daughters. His first son was named Alfred. He married a girl named Thirston. They had one child and then they parted. His second son was named Wood Echols. He married a girl by name of Patrick, had three children, moved to Alabama and died shortly after he went there. I know nothing of his family. Third son named Winston M. Echols married a Miss Summer Cain, had one child and she died. He married again but I know not to whom. His fourth son is named John, a young man not yet married. His oldest daughter was named Maryan. She married Colo. Thos. J. Johnson, who lives in Herd County, near Franklin. They have children but I know not their names or how many. His second daughter was named Mahaley, married Mercer Babb, had one child and she died. Her daughter is a daughter named Antonett. Saml's third daughter Betsy Ann married a Mr. Hollandworth, lives in Heard County,. They have one child. I know nothing of them. His fourth daughter Susannah not yet

married. Milner's second son was named James, died an infant by a fall out at the door. His third son was named Richard, died an infant also. His complaint was the Flux. His fourth son was named Robert Milner Echols. He married Mary Melton and by her had twelve

children. His first son was named Jonathan Milner Echols, died at the age of seventeen years. His death was caused by an over hard march in the army in very hot weather. His second son was named Dorrel Sampson Echols, died an infant. His third son was named Thomas Jefferson Echols, married Lucinda A. Pate and by her had three sons, the first Jonathan M. Echols, his second son died young, his third son was named Robert Milner Echols.

Robert M. Echols, fourth son of Robert Walton Echols, a youth, his fifth son Samuel D. Echols, his sixth son named Richard, died young. His seventh son Joseph a little boy. Robert M. Echols first daughter Rhoda married Thos. J. Trammel, had nine children by him - to wit -Collumbus, Georgia, John Robert, Thos., and Ugnias. Her daughters are Tabitha, Martha and Susan, the youngest not yet named. His second daughter Martha married Doctor John G. Waddel, she had one child and died when it was nine days old, named Thomas Echols Waddel, who lives with his father in Alabama. His third daughter Elisa, his fourth daughter Mary Ann, his fifth daughter Frances, none married. Robert M. Echols was a man that filled many responsible offices. He represented Walton County upward of twenty years in succession, was six or seven years president of the senate. He was Major General. He was also Judge of the Court and one of the Trustees of the University at Athens and - of all he was member of the Baptist Church at Sardis, Clerk of the same. He was appointed by Congress a Colo. in the United States Service to command 13th Regiment in Mexico. He was also appointed by the President to pay off the soldiers in Mexican War - his office was at New Orleans. He died in Mexico at the National Bridge whilst in command of the 13th Regiment on the third day of Dec., 1847 in the 49th year of his age.

Thos. Echols, the fifth son of Milner Echols, married Polly Harper. By her had six children, two of whom died young. His first son was Robert H. Echols, married Elizabeth Morris. His second son, Joseph M. Echols, married Virginia Norton, had by her three children. Thomas' first daughter, Susannah North Echols, married John Chappel, lives in Merriwether County, has several children. Her oldest is William, her second one named John, the rest small, I don't know their names. His second daughter Mary not married. Milner Echols' sixth son named William Sampson Echols, married Kitty Holder, had by her four sons and two daughters. His oldest son John Thomas Echols married a Miss Kelly, has several small children. His second son Robert M. Echols not married. His third son Lumpkin not married. His fourth son, an infant named Thos. Rhodes Echols. His first daughter Martha who married Jos. Selvy who had one child by her and ran away and left her. Second daughter Frances not married.

Obediah Echols, seventh son of Milner Echols, married Hannah Holder - sister of his brother William's wife - had five children by her. His first son James Echols, his second Tapley, his third John Bunyan, his first daughter Susannah, his second Nancy who married a Mr. Shaw. Obediah Echols, son of Milner, died in Milledgeville in the 31st year of age. Was a very good businessman, was appointed Surveyor Genl. before he was thirty years of age.

Milner Echols first daughter named Leah died before she was three years old. Her death was caused by a burn. His second daughter Patsy married Joshua Ammons. She had two children. First daughter Mary married James Mobley. They have three children. Their oldest a son

named Samuel Iverson Mobley, second a daughter named Susan Martha Mobley. Joshua Ammon's second is a son named John Milton Ammons, not married. M. Echols third daughter named Nancy married A. B. Rose, by him had nine children. First son named Augustus died about his fourteenth year. Second Dolphus, third son Theophelus, fourth son Aurelius, fifth son William, sixth Marcus, seventh Agenius Mercer, none married. His first daughter Sarah died at about Seventeen years of age, second daughter Martha died at about eight years old.

Robert E. Echols was the second son of James Echols. He married Elizabeth Davis, they had three sons and one daughter. His first son was Wm. Milner Echols. He was a tanner by trade and married in Montauleo, Jasper County, Georgia. I know nothing more of this family, only that he lives in Monroe County. His second son was named Jessee Mercer Echols. He married a girl named Sandel Carrel. They had no children. They live in some of the Cherokee Counties. He is in some office on the railroad, the last I heard of him. His third son named James lives in ____ County, Alabama. I know nothing more about him. Robert E. Echols daughter named Lucy married and went to Tennessee. I know no more about her.

Absolom Echols was the third son of James Echols, married Nancy Sansom. They had no children. He was killed by Johnson Hammock in Alabama. Hammock was condemned to be hanged for it but killed in jail before the day of his execution. Obediah Echols was the fourth son of James Echols. He married Elizabeth Strong. They had one child and his wife and child both died. He then married Elizabeth Flournoy, by her had two children, a son and a daughter. The daughter died an infant and his wife also died about the same time. His son was named Philip Henry Echols. He had a great deal of property left him by his grandfather Flournoy. He was educated at Schenectady College in New York. He studied law under Judge Berrien at the City of Washington and married the Judge's daughter, Margaret Berrien.

He returned to Georgia and practiced law and died on the Cirquett in Marion County at his uncle Absolom Echols. Obediah then married Elizabeth Jones, a widow in Hancock County and by her had several sons and daughters. His first son by his last wife was by name of James Walter Echols, a very rich man and lives at Auburn, Alabama. His brother Samuel now lives with him, a doctor. Their father, Obediah Echols, lives in Mississippi, Carroll County, has four daughters married and lives near their father. The names of the men that they married I don't know, only one married a Mr. Foreman, he has two small sons lives with him, one named Judson, the brother I don't know the name.

James Echols daughter - first daughter was named Leah Echols. She married Robert North. They had four sons and four daughters. Two of their daughters died young. Their first son named Wm. North married Frances Arnold, had several children. I don't know their names. They live in Coweata County, Georgia. Their second son Anthony North married Polly Hubbard, a second cousin to him. They have a large family of children chiefly grown and several married but I don't know who to. He has one son named Robert and another named Hubbard and one daughter named Adaline. Their third son named Abraham, married Hiss Holms. They have a large family but I don't know their children's names. The fourth son named Marcus married Dosha Thurmond. She had two or three children and died. He then married a widow but I don't know her name. Robert North's first daughter Patsy married a Mr. Hale, never had any children, her husband died. She is now a widow. Second daughter Lucy married James Willis, had several children, moved to Alabama and there she died shortly after she went there.

James Echols second daughter named Mary Echols, married Jeremiah Reeves. They had five sons and four daughters. One of the daughters died young and another fell into the spring and drowned. Their first son Absolom Echols Reeves, who lives at Rome married Elisa Tyas, by her had one daughter who died at about the time she was twenty years old while she was attending Association in Chattanooga County. John N. Reeves, their second son, never married, lives in Augusta. Jeremiah Reeves, their third son, married at about 40 years of age, lives in Walker County. Their fourth son, James M. Reeves, never married. Joseph Reeves, their fifth son, married a Miss Hodge and lives in Chattanooga in Tennessee and keeps a tavern in that town. Jeremiah Reeves first daughter, Leah, married Samuel Neblick, lives in Jackson County, Georgia. I know nothing of their families. Their second daughter Elisa married Ben Powell. I know nothing of their family, only they have one son named Evans Powell. James Echols third daughter named Elizabeth Echols married Thos. M. Fagg. He then ran away, left wife and child and never been heard of since.

Benjamin Echols was Richard Echols fourth son. He married Sabra Hendrick, his own cousin and by her had three sons and five daughters. Their first son was Richard, he married Betsy Smith his cousin. They had no children, were very wealthy. They differed, parted and never lived together any more. He died from a fever taken in Floyd's army in 1815. John Echols, their second son, married a girl named Merrel, raised a large family in Mississippi. I know none of his children, but his oldest daughter Elmira. Benjamin Echols was old Benjamin Echols third son. He married Betsy Ellis, lives Chattanooga County, had a large family of children. His first son is Richard Echols, married but don't know who. Second son Abner not married, third son Robert lately married to Miss Verner. Their first daughter Caty not married. Second daughter (I know not her name) married Amay Dickson, a very fine man. He had several other daughters but I don't know their names.

Old Benjamin Echols first daughter Lucy married Samuel Paine, had several children; one son named Samuel lives near Rome. One of his daughters married a man named Williamson. She is now a widow. Benjamin Echols second daughter Betsy never married, died rich. Third daughter Sally married Luis Rolston, had three children, one son Robert, the others daughters. One married a man named Edwards. I know nothing of their family. Fourth daughter Caty married Jacob Lawridge, moved to Mississippi, had several children. I know the names of but two of them, one boy named Legon, one John -

Fifth daughter named Citty married J. Dyche, moved to Mississippi. He shortly died. I know nothing further of the family ---

Obediah Echols was old Richard Echols fifth son. He married a very rich old Irishman's daughter. His name was Wm. McDaniel, her name was Caty McDaniel. He had five sons and two daughters. His sons, William who died at about 19 years old, second son Benjamin Echols. He was a nearsighted man, not very bright, but had the most extensive recollection of any man. He inherited a large estate from his grandfather McDaniel's estate but had not forecast enough to take care of it. He married Betsy Milner in Kentucky, his own cousin. They had several children, one son named Obediah, one daughter named Mariea. I know nothing more of his family as they moved to Tennessee but left Blind Ben - as we called him. Old Obediah Echols third son was James, married Sally Rutledge, raised several children. I know but little about them only one of his sons named Silas Echols said to be a very smart man. James was a great farmer, a great hand to make tobacco, and from that was called Horn Worm James. Old Obediah's fourth son was named Obediah. He married a Miss Franklin in Virginia but moved to Georgia and died young, left two children, a son named Josephus and a daughter. I know not where they are.

Obediah's fifth son was named Elijah. He married a girl by name of Willingham. I know nothing more of his family. He was said to be the greatest millright that ever was seen in the State. Old Obediah's two daughters were named Betsy and Nancy, one married Thos. Rutledge, the other married Wm. Arnold. They both moved to Tennessee. I know nothing further of their families. Old Obediah's wife died. He then married a widow Jones near Richmond in Virginia. Her maiden name was Jackson, she was a half sister to the great General Lawson. By her he had two sons and one daughter. His first son was Philip Jackson Echols, lives in Crawford County, Georgia, and one son lives in a little town in Monroe or Forsyth County, the name of the town I don't recollect. That is all I know of his family. He has been Clerk of the Court in Crawford County. His second son was Samuel Echols. He married Sally Booker and moved to Alabama and died. I know but little of his family. Old Obediah's daughter was named Polly Echols who married a man by name of Raney, moved to Giles County, Tennessee and died a few years ago, so I was informed by a letter from his daughter. Old Obediah was a Baptist preacher of the highest order of his day.

Joseph Echols was sixth son of old Richard. He was a Methodist preacher, married Polly Stamps and by her had five sons and four daughters. First son Ruben married Betsy Owen, of whom I know but little. He moved to Mississippi and died shortly. He had several sons, I don't know their names. He had one daughter Sarah, married Samuel Marshall, a very fine man, lives in Coweata County. Another daughter Caty married a man by name of Bell, of them I know nothing.

Joseph's second son was Levi, married a Miss Hubbard, became vastly rich and died soon. He lived in Washington, Wilks County, had but one child, that was a boy named Joseph Hubbard Echols. He is a man of great learning. He is a Methodist preacher and a lawyer and he was the president of the Female Academy in Madison, Morgan County, Georgia. Joseph Echols third son named Simeon married Caroline Van Allen, daughter of Peter L. Van Allen. He was a very great lawyer, and was killed by Wm. H. Crawford in duel on the bank of Savannah River in South Carolina at Barksdale Ferry. Caroline Van Allen was said to be worth $20,000 when Simeon Echols married her. They moved to Mississippi near Columbus to a little town called Athens where he shortly died. His wife lives at the same town and keeps a public house. I know nothing of their family.

Joseph Echols fourth son was Josephus, a very tall man, became a doctor. He went to Alabama to a town called Selma and by his Partner I am told he got very rich. I heard he married but I don't know who to, consequently know nothing of his family.

Joseph Echols fifth son, William, was also a doctor, never married, had a wen on his neck which was cut out and he died immediately at about 24 or 25 years of age. Joseph Echols first daughter Tabitha married Thomas Cooper, had no child, died in Cowetta County. His second daughter Caty married a very worthy man in Jasper County named Archibald Standifer. She was upward of forty years old when she married, had no child. His third daughter Rebecca never married, lives in Newnan, Cowetta. His fourth daughter Olive married an Englishman named John Daugherty, lives in Coweata County, keeps a public house, he is said to be a very fine man, I know nothing of his children.

Old Richard had five daughters, the oldest named Mary Echols, married Thos. Wynne, had 2 sons and 4 daughters. His first son was Obediah, married Onry Bolton in Virginia, had by her several children, first son John Wynne lives Oglethorpe, married a girl Owen, of his children I know nothing only one son named Glen Wynne married a daughter of Samuel Lumpkin and lives in Coweata County. Thos. Wynne's second son Thos. Wynne Jr. was left very rich by his father but alas - he was a drunkard and gambler and married onto a very low family, spent his property in a few years and went over seas to some foreign land, his family lives in the upper part of Georgia. He had one daughter married a man by name of J. Brand, and two of his daughters married two brothers named Fincher. I know but little more of the family.

Old Thos. Wynne's first daughter married Wm. Arnold, had three children, one son and two daughters - she was by name Rhoda, weighed nearly 400 pounds. Her son was William, married a Miss Milner, had two sons by her and died. One of his sons is a wholesale merchant in Charleston, South Carolina, the other one I know but little about. One of her daughters married Samuel Lumpkin of Oglethorpe, the other married David Owen of Newnan, Coweata County, all very wealthy people.

Thos. Wynne's second daughter married Levi Marshall - a brother to the great preacher Abraham Marshall - they had several sons and daughters. First daughter married Robert N. Crawford of Columbia County. I know but little about the rest of their children. Thos. Wynne's third daughter Kitty married John Bolton, they had three sons and two daughters. Their sons were Thos., Charles and John. Thos. lives in Newnan, Charles lives Wilks, vastly rich. John died. He lived in Cobb County on the Chattahoochee River near Montgomery's Ferry. Their daughter Betsy married Philip Cooper and died shortly, their daughter Polly married Thos. Sims, lived in Washington, Wilks County. He died and then she married a man by name of Sherburn, he died.

Old Thos. Wynne's fourth daughter Lucy married William Booker, had by him three daughters and one son, their names were Polly who died, Sally who married Samuel B. Echols and now lives in Alabama. Third daughter Lucinda married William Galbreath, they have one daughter married Absalom Echols Roberts and another married a Mr. Hester and they also have a young son I know not his name. The son of Wm. Booker was the notorious John W. Booker who died in Monroe, Walton County, Georgia.

Old Richard Echols second daughter, Drucilla, married Wm. Owen, raised a large family. They all went to western countries but one daughter, her name was Rhoda. She married the Rev. Malachi Reeves. I know but little of the family since they went to the west. Old Richard's 3rd daughter Sally who married John Milner and moved to Kentucky in a very early date raised a very large family. Their sons were Armstead Milner, a very rich man, John Milner and Mark Milner.

Old Richard Echols fourth daughter Anna married James Daniel, had five children, four sons and one daughter. Their sons were Moses, Hopkins, Echols Daniel and Jeremiah. Their daughter Caty never married. Echols Daniel married but never had children by his wife. He is a vastly rich man, lives in Floyd County. Hopkins married the widow Crane, the grandmother of John Glover Crane of Charleston. Jeremiah Daniel married but I don't know who. He moved to west. I know nothing of his family.

Old Richard Echols fifth daughter Elizabeth married William Raney, had one daughter named Betsy Hunter Raney. She married a very great lawyer by name of Edward Jones who lives in Giles County, Tennessee. Of their family I know nothing more.


A Short Account of my Great Grandfather Walter Evans Family

He was a Welchman. Came to America about the beginning of 17th century, married Betsy Holcomb and settled in Caroline County, Virginia. He had several sons and four daughters. Who his sons married I know not. One of his daughters named Caty married Richard Echols - my grandfather. One other named Kitty married Daniel Terry. From them sprang the Colquitt family. One other of his daughters married John Hendrick. From them came the family of Jones, Smith and Ligon. Another of his daughters married Richard Hubbard. From

them sprang the Hubbard family of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Old English John Echols had three daughters which I could have inserted had I known enough about them to give any satisfactory account of them. I only know they married outlandish men, one an Englishman named Nicholas Gilington. Of their family I know nothing. The second daughter married an Irishman named Murphy. I know nothing of their family only they had two sons, Joseph and William, that was called the greatest Baptist preachers that ever was known in Virginia of their day. Old English John Echols third daughter married a Scotchman named Marshbank. I know nothing of their family only the family of Deens in DeKalb and Floyd County sprang from that family.
Census 2-8-2009 01:54 PM
Household Record 1880 United States Census

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Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Sarah E. NEEDHAM Self W Female W 45 KY Keeping House KY KY
Howard NEEDHAM Son S Male W 17 KY Laborer KY KY
Lorena E. NEEDHAM Dau S Female W 16 KY At School KY KY
Charles A. NEEDHAM Son S Male W 12 KY Laborer KY KY
Molony R. NEEDHAM Dau S Female W 7 KY KY KY
Samuel C. EVANS Nephew S Male W 17 KY Laborer KY KY
James W. POPHAM Other S Male W 19 KY Teacher KY KY

Source Information:
Census Place Meeting Creek, Hardin, Kentucky
Family History Library Film 1254417
NA Film Number T9-0417
Page Number 375D

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Will 12-1-2008 01:19 PM
In the Name of God Amen I John Bolayn being very weak and Sick but in
perfect Memory praised be God Doe in the first place bequeath my Soul to
God allmighty and my body to the Earth And as for my worldly goods and
Estate I do dispose of us as followeth vizt:
Imp: I desire William MARSHALL and Peter CARR to be the overseers for
the good of my Children.
Ittem I do give and bequeath the one half of my Estate personall and
real unto my Children.
Ittem the other half of my Estate as afsd unto my wife and her children
and as long as my wife Shall or doth keep the Children that then she to
make use of the whole Estate and to this my will and Testamt I Sett my hand
this twenty third day of May 1663.
Witness The marke of John Bolayn
The marke of Alexander SMITH
Meverell TULLY
The will was proved 3 Nov. 1663 (MD Wills 1:206, FHL 12841)
Bolayn, John, 23rd May, 1663;
3rd Nov., 1663.
To wife (unnamed) and her child. (unnamed), 1/2 of estate.
To testator's child. (unnamed) residue of estate, real and personal.
Overseers: Wm. Marshall, Peter Carr.
Test: John Courts, Alex. Smith, Meverell Tully, Thos. Mathews, Henry Adams. 1. 206.
Nov. 23, 1663 - Inventory of John Bolayn (Charles Co.) Date: 23 November 1663. Filed on 5 December 1663.
Appraisers: Francis Pope, John Nowell [sic; Nevill.] Elizabeth wife of John Bolayn was granted administration.
Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 1E, pp. 20-22.

Nov. 3, 1663 - Mr. Francis Pope & Mr. John Nevill to appraise estate of John Bolanie [sic; Bolayn.]
Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 1E, p. 24.

Feb. 22, 1664/5 - Thomas Mathews & Henry Adams for proving the will of John Bolayn, the widow is able to travel.
Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 1E, p. 91.
Elizabeth, widow of Francis POSEY, secondly married
John BELAINE who died between 23 May and 3 Nov. 1663 Charles County, Maryland, the dates his will was written and probated.
John BELAINE and Elizabeth had children:
1. Nicholas BELAINE b. 10 Nov. 1658; m. Mary; he d. 1687-1690 Charles Co.,
MD She was born ca. 1665 (age 60 in 1725 deposition); She secondly married Benjamin POSEY ca. 1690.
2. Grace BELAINE m. Giles COLLIAR
On 8 August 1676, Nicholas BELAINE, son of John BELAINE chose John POSIE,
his "Brother-in-Law" to be his guardian, and Grace, daughter of John BELAINE
chose John MOULD and his wife Anne, her "Sister-in-Law" to be her guardian.
At the same time was presented a petition of Alexander SMITH, "who married
ye Relict of ye sd John BELAINE." The petition stated than when he married
her, she had two small children, and that he had brought the said
children up in a decent manner and schooling and they had cost the
petitioner eleven years or thereabouts, and desiring to be on their own,
more by ill council were persuaded to leave him. He asked for satisfaction
due for his labor, care, and pains in bringing up the said children. The
court ordered that the estate of John BELAINE was to remian in the hands
of the petitioner until Nicholas came to age, and Grace arrive to age sixteen
or marriage. (Deeds F1:199)

In January 1679 John MOULD petioned that he had married the daughter of
Francis POSEY, whose widow married John BELAINE, who died possessed of
300 acres of land, besides goods and chattel, and before his death by will
bequeathed one half of his estate real and personal unto his wife and her
two children she had by Francis POSEY to be equally shared among the three,
and the other half to his two children he had by his said wife, and after
the death of John BELAINE, Alexander SMITH married his widow and had the
original will of said BELAINE, so that the petioner supposes there was
never any administration on the estate, nor accounting of his share of the
estate in right of his wife. The Petitioner asked the court to summons
Alexander SMITH to bring in the will and his accounting of the estate.
(MD Test. Proc. 11:100 FHL microfilm 12933)

Some researchers have interpretted the records of Nicholas BELAINE calling
John POSEY his "brother-in-law" as meaning John's wife Susanna was a BELAINE,
daughter of John BELAINE. The above records show that "brother-in-law"
meant half brother. John BELAINE's will had left half his estate to (all)
his children, and the following court records show he had only two chilren,
Nicholas and Grace, and no daughter named Susanna.

The court records state that Francis POSEY and Elizabeth had only two chileren,
who would be Anne (POSEY) MOULD, and John POSEY, who became guardians for their
half brother and sister Nicholas BELAINE and Grace BELAINE. The statement
of there only being TWO children of Francis would dispute claims by some researchers
that Benjamin POSEY was a son of Francis.

JOHN VILLAINE-BELAINE was closely associated with FRANCIS POSEY. For example, he and Francis Posey often bought land together and the two families were closely intertwined. He transported himself to Maryland in 1646, for which he asked the standard 100 acres. His name is spelled many different
ways. In one and the same document he was called both John Villaine and John Burlane.
Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary hundred page 298 seq 71, BELAINES ADDITION, 50 Acres, Adjoining to the land called BURLAINE HILL beginning at a locust and running East. BURLAINE HILL, "Dates: 1642-1775, Description: 8, CH, pp. 283-464, i of tracts, Accession No.: 17,616-2 ,MSA No.: S 18-15 ,Location: 1/24/1/2 25 Acres - George Eglin Jr.,
25 Acres - Charles Musgrove,
Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary hundred, page 295 seq 53, BELAINES HILL,
200 Acres - Musgrove, Charles,
100 Acres - Posey, Mary; Surveyed 24 Aug 1654 for Richard True on the West side of Wicomico River near the fresh of the River and near the land of John Courts Wicomico River (also noted as Burlans Hill and Burlains Hill)
100 acres, Charles Musgrove from John Cole, 25 April 1710;
214 Acres - Charles Musgrove from William Davis & Priscilla, 27 May 1720;
100 Acres, Benjamin Posey from William Davis, 7 June 1720
100 Acres - Charles Musgrove
100 Acres - Ben Posey
100 Acres - George Elgin Jr.
(James Elgin from Geo 20 Dec 1753, originally Charles Musgrove and Mary Posey.)
Patent to Richard Trew (True) for transporting himself and his servants, John Neale and Thomas Neale, a parcel of land called Burlom's Hill on the North side of the Potomac and on the West of Wicomico River bounded by John Courts, for 300 Acres; 13Feb1658; /s/ Josias Fendall. Richard Trew assigns this land to John Berlaine; 4 May 1659; /s/ Richard Trew (x); wit Daniel Johnson, George Thompson. Liber A, page 169, Folio 479; Charles County Circuit Court, Microfilm Cr 35,689"
Family_Name Charles County Hundred RR_Pg Seq tract_name Othertracts
Burlaine, John Wicomico 286 21 ARTHUR HOPE
Burlaine, John Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary 289 11 BACHELOR HARDYS PURCHASE
Burlaine, John Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary 297 69 ALGATE LOTHBERRY
Burlaine, Nicholas Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary 297 70 SKIDMORES REST BURLAINE HILL
Burlaine, Nicholas Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary 298 71 BELAINES ADDITION BURLAINE HILL
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 298-71: BELAINES ADDITION : 50 acres; Possession of - 50 Acres - Posey, Mary : Surveyed 29 Apr 1682 for Nicolas Burlaine Adjoining to the land called BURLAINE HILL beginning at a locust and running East.: Other Tracts Mentioned: BURLAINE HILL;
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 295-53: BELAINES HILL: 300 acres; Possession of - 200 Acres - Musgrove, Charles : Surveyed 24 Aug 1654 for Richard True on the West side of Wicomico River near the fresh of the River and near the land of John Courts: Other Tracts Mentioned: Holt's Divising; other notes - (also noted as Burlans Hill and Burlains Hill) , 100 acres - Charles Musgrove from John Cole, 25 April 1710, 214 Acres - Charles Musgrove from William Davis & Priscilla, 27 May 1720, 100 Acres - Benjamin Posey from William Davis, 7 June 1720,
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Wicomico: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 286-21: ARTHUR HOPE: 700 acres; Possession of - 700 Acres - Disclaimed: Surveyed 22 March 1648 for Francis Posey & John Burlaine on the West side Wicomico River: Other notes - This land is disclaimed, ===
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 297-69: ALGATE: 40 acres; Possession of - 40 Acres - Posey, Mary : Surveyed 1 Oct 1677 for Nic Skidmore, at a bounded White Oak a bound tree of the land called LOTHBERRY in the line of John Burlaine.: Other Tracts Mentioned: LOTHBERRY;
1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Piccawaxen or Wm&Mary: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 289-11: BACHELOR: 450 acres; Possession of - 150 Acres - Hardy, Henry : Surveyed 14 May 1651 for Francis Posey and John Burlaine on the East side of Potomack river beginning near the mouth of Bachelors Creek: Other Tracts Mentioned: HARDYS PURCHASE; other notes - Henry Hardy which he resurveyed 14 May 1681 by the name of HARDY'S PURCHASE,
Maryland State Archives Microfilm Reel CR 49,151-2
Charles County Wills; 1705-1733
Liber AB, Number 3, Folio 111

John Posey's Will Probated 1717

In the name of God Amen I John Posey of Charles County in the province of Maryland being sick in body but of perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God for it Calling to mind the uncertainty of this life do make and appoint this my last Will Testament in manner and form following.

First I give and resign my soul into the hands of Allmighty God and my body to the earth hoping to receive the same at the Last day with a free pardon of all my sins Through the merits of Jesus
Christ my only saviour and Redeemer and my body to have a Christian buriall at the discretion of my Executor here after named.

Imprimio: I give to my dear and well beloved mother Mary Posey all that Tract of land Called Stump neck she to have the same forever and to sell and dispose of the same as she will.

Item I give unto my dear and well beloved mother Mary Posey my Plantation that she now liveth on during the terme of her natural life and after her decease to my well beloved brother Francis Posey to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give to my well beloved brother Benjamin Posey one hundred acres of land Belains Hills from the man that formerly lived on it, to him and his heirs forever.

Item I will and bequeath to my well beloved brother Francis Posey my Plantation called Saint Johns to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give my saddle and bridle to my well beloved brother Francis Posey.

Item I give to my well beloved brother Belain Posey my tract of land called Meddalls Branch to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give to my well beloved sister Mary Posey my [horse called Shepp?].

Item I appoint my dear and Loving mother Mary Posey sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament Revoking all other wills this being my true and intended meaning As Witness my hand and seal this twenty first day of March one thousand seven hundred and fifteen.

Test. Charles Musgrove ~ Timothy Reeding/Ruding?
Edward (his E mark) Evans?

John F. Posey

On the back of the forgoing Will was endorsed the following probate (to wit) April 23rd 1717. Came Charles Musgrove and Timothy Reeding/Ruding? witnesses here unto attesting and took oath on the holy Evangelist that they saw the within named John Posey Publish and declare the matter herein Contained to be his last will and testament as also that Edward Evans the other witness subscribing as present at the same time.

[Coram me die & anno suprard?] 4 1/4 sides
A. Contee D.C.C.C.
Posey, John, Charles Co. 21st Mar., 1716; MCW 14. 270.
28th Apr., 1717.
To mother, Mary Posey, extx., tract of land, "Shrimps Neck," and dwelling plantation during life. At her decease to pass to brother Francis and heirs.
To bro. Benjamin and hrs., 100 Acres " Burlains Hill," which is the plantation now called "Holt's Divising."
Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 28 Jan 1662, Page 176
Joan Mitchell demands warrant against Edward Philpot subpoena Francis Ferenla, John Belaine, George Simmons
Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 4 Mar 1662, Page 193
James Lee, Plt.; Mr. Francis Pope, Def.; Lee acting as admn. of the estate of Joseph Lenton for debt of powder, "2 pottels of drames, boat hire, 3 barrels of beer and 36 yards of ribbon," total 1677# of tobacco for burial of Ursula Lenton; jury requested Mr. Francis Pope instructs the jury:
[1] To inquire whether an ordinary planter's wife's funeral is not ridiculous to shoot as usually the do at a young soldier's or other commanders in war
[2] To inquire whether it is Christian like at the time of a funeral for 2 or 3 neighbors to meet together and instead of showing mournfulness for the loss of their friend and neighbor to consume 3 barrels of beer to the value of 900# of tobacco
[3] Whether it be not reasonable that James Lee for this same merry meeting to charge 300# of tobacco for boat and hand to fetch the same drinks
[4] To inquire whether it be not absurd that the said Lee should charge the admn. of the estate with 36 yards of black ribbon at 12# per yard for 432# of tobacco when the whole world may imagine that it was but a dolorous countenance to disguises his rejoicing heart
[5] Whether that which a man does of himself the good or all success does not belong unto him, the said Lee having engaged all this charge of his own head without any order jury: Thomas Hussey, foreman, Mr. George Harris, John Browne, Mr. Thomas Allonson, Mr. George Bradshaw, George Pucket, Gils Glover, Francis Thorington, John Belaine, Rich. Row, Will. Hill, Clement Theobold; the jury verdict was against Lee who was required to pay the court cost
Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 4 Mar 1662, Page 196
479. Patent to Richard Trew for transporting himself and his servants, John Neale and Thomas Neale, a parcel of land called Burlom's Hill on the north side of the Potomac and on the west of Wicokomeco River; bounded by John Courts, for 300 acres; 13 Feb 1658; /s/Josias Fendall;
Richard Trew assigns this land to John Belaine; 4 May 1659; /s/Richard Trew (mark); wit. Daniell Johnson, George Thompson

480. Richard Trew of Avon River, boatwright, sells Andrew Watson, planter, a parcel of land at the head of a branch running out of said river, containing 150 acres bought of William Borman of St. Mary's who patented the land; 26 Feb 1661; /s/ Richard Trew (mark); wit. Thomas Allonson, John Browne

481. John Belayne, planter, sells Richard Trew, boatwright, 2 cows; 4 Mar 166 1; /s/ John Belayne (mark); wit. Thomas Allonson, Thomas Simmond
Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 16 Dec 1662, Page 29
Deed of gift: to John Belayne's son, Nicholaus Belayne a red cow; 30 Sep 1662; /s/ Peter Carr (mark); wit. Samuel Dobson, James Walker
Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 27 Mar 1662/3, Page 109
Daniell Johnson demands warrant against John and Elisabeth Belaine; action Of case; subpoena to Edward Swan and Edward Richmond
Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 3 Nov 1663, Page 188
This day came Elisabeth Belayne, relict of John Belayne and the witness of her husbands will, swore before Mr. Henry Addames and Mr. Thomas Mathews who were John Court, Merevell Huts and Alexander Smith who all swore that the will and testament of John Belaine annexed unto the letter of administration
Charles County Circuit Court Liber E, Page 83, 11 Jun 1672;
Indenture from John Grubb, furrier, to George Holmes; for a certain sum; a tract of land called Grubb's Venture; near Wicomico fresh; bounded by Zachia Swamp and John Ballaine; laid out for 83 acres; /s/ John Grubb; wit. Sa. Dobson, Will Baker
Charles County Circuit Court Liber F, Page 76
9 Mar 1674; Indenture from James Keech, planter, to Thomas Prichard, wheelwright; for 1,400# tobacco; containing 150 acres called Loathbury; bounded by land of John Belaine, Zachia Manor and Richard Edelen; /s/ James Keech; wit. John Court; Jeremy Macknew
Charles County Circuit Court Liber I, Page 181
7 Nov 1681; Indenture from Nicholas Skidmore, tailor, to John Posey, carpenter; for 7,000# tobacco a 50 acre parcel of land at the head of Wicomico River called SOUTHBURY; bounded by John Courte's land called BARNEHILL and land of John Belamine; also ALDGATE containing 41 acres; /s/ Nicholas Skidmore, Anne Skidmore; wit. Clebome Lomax, Wm. Howell, Nicho. Belamine
Charles County Liber L#2 Page 328.
At the request of [Francis Posey of CC, carpenter], the following deed was recorded this Feb 7, 1726.
Jan 17, 1726 from John Smith of Baltimore County, planter, to Francis Posey of CC, carpenter, for 4500 lbs of tobacco and for divers other good causes, all that parcel of land called Skidmores Rest in CC, and bounded by a parcel of land formerly surveyed for John Belayne called Burloyne Hill., a bounded tree of Seabright Maycock's, the south side of a Great Branch, containing and laid out for about 80 acres. Also, all that tract of land called Gowers Addition, and bounded by a parcel of land called Maycocks Rest, Thos Baker's land, the land of Wm Thompson, John Posey's land called Ruddle, containing and laid out for about 30 acres.
Signed - John (S his mark) Smith. Wit - John Hamill, Belain Posey, Tubman (T his mark) Mankin, John Fendall*, Geo Dent*.
Census1/8/1717 NC Chowan Co 12-2-2007 03:10 PM
will of William Hooker; probate 10/1717; eldest son William Jr, son Godfrey, son-in-law Samuel Sizemore, grandson William Lewis daughter Ann Evans daughter Bridgett; son William Exr; test, William Crawford, Francis Brown
Will11/03/1731 11-30-2008 04:36 PM
Glover, Thomas, planter, St. Mary's Co., 2nd June, 1731;
3rd Nov., 1731.
To sons Thomas and Richard, 12d. each.
To unborn child, personalty; sd. child if a boy to be of age at 18, if a girl at 16; shd. sd. child die during minority,
pt. of of sd. legacy to unborn child of son Richard.
To wife Weneford, extx., residue of personalty either in Maryland or Virginia.
Test: Patrick Brady, Rebecca Williams, Ubgatt Reeves.
Thomas Glover, Sr. 16.440 SM £15.6,0 Jan 22 1732 Apr 1732
Appraisers: Peter Mines, Luke White.
Creditors: Justinian Jordan, Thomas McWilliams.
Next of kin: "minors".
Administratrix/Executrix: Winefred Glover.
Reader, Simon, St, Mary's County, 6th Apr., 1685;
17th June, 1685.
To eld. son John and hrs.,, personalty,
To wife Virtue, execx., life interest in estate, real and personal,, including land on Heywood's Branch,
To sons Benjamin and Richard., sd. land at death of wife afsd.;
they dying without issue to revert to eld. son John afsd.
To dau. Mary Bridgin and hrs.,, personalty,
Test: Clement Hill, Thos. Glover, Thos. Warring. 4.147.
James Heardman 4.74 A SM £23.7.7 £12.1.9 Mar 9 1721
(also James Hardman)
Received from: Thomas Glover, Thomas Barnes, Elisabeth Daft, Absolome Dennis.
Payments to: Esq. Bordley, John Baker, Capt. Jenifer, Simon Reader, John Bullock, John Atway, Dr. Thomas MacWilliams, Thomas Sykes, Oswell Dash.
Mentions: 3 children (unnamed).
Administratrix: Elinor Thomas, wife of Thomas Thomas.
Maj. Thomas Truman 9.160 I CA Mar 13 1685 Aug 9 1686
Servants mentioned: Andrew Heard (carpenter), Griffin Lewes, John Kitching, Elisabeth Mason, Anne Harrison, Elloner Patterson, Peter Harris, John Marshall, John Prutes, George Jones, Henry Tunker, Nikles Thurston, Nikles Alder, John Portly, John Catten.
Appraisers: Ninian Beall, Richard Marsham
Mentions: Miss Mary Ono surname), Mr. Nathaniel (no surname, Thomas Greenfeild.
List of debts: Mr. Darcy, Thomas Hattaway, John Forrest, William Barton, Better Burgis, Hugh Craford, Richard Jenkins, William Barton, Joseph Harrison, George Naylor, Thomas Scriven, John Conden, John Woderd, Mr. Thomas Grenfeild, John Huer, James Spindergras, Hanes Erkinson, John Renals, George Browne, Robert Kent, Peter Darby, Mr. William Meass, Thomas Ellis, Benjamin Evans, George Naylor, Evan Jones, Hugh Stone, John Johnson, Peter Craford, Jeremiah Beke, Nathaniel) Sprigg, John Rusell, Thomas Glover, John Nekias, John Bentis, John Gillam, John Parker on note to Mr. Roger Brooke, John Warner, John Hurle.
Joseph Fowler 28.75 A SM £30.11.1 E28.9.8 Dec 27 1707
Payments to: John Graves.
Executor: Thomas Glover.
Brady, Eliza'th, 17th Mar., 1720;
7th June, 1721.
To sons Patrick, Charles and Owen, Edward Orriell and dau. Fliz'th Mulahone, personalty.
To son Patrick, residue of estate, to be in care of son Owen, ex., until age of 20, unless son Owen marries.
Son Owen to have Edward Orriell till age of 21.
Test : Joseph Owens, Thomas Glover. 16, 452.
Elisabeth Brady 4.161 A SM £28.19.4 £8.19.0 May 2 1722
Received from: John Jeane, Sarah Jeane, Joseph Alvey.
Payments to: Col. Greenfield on account of Esq. Bordley, Mr. George Furbish, Alexander Clayland, Simond Reader, Peter Mills, Thomas Glover, Margarett Smith, John Baker.
Executor: Owen Brady.
John Barnes 5.392 A SM £22.13.8 £15.15.1 Mar 21 1723
Received from: Joshua Gubyeitt.
Payments to: Mr. William Coode, Simon Reader, John Baker, Ailse Searson, Col.
William Holland & Col. Thomas Addison & Daniel Dulany, Thomas Glover, Col.
Administrator/Executor: Gerard Jordaine.
John Blackistone 7.185 A SM £633.7.8 £64.6.0 Nov 2 1725
Received from: William Jameston, Thomas Guibert.
Payments to: Mr. Gerrard Slye, Capt. Richard Hopewell, William Snowden, Mr. John Donaldson, Thomas Glover, Mr. John Attaway, Phill. Key, Rev. Mr. John Donaldson.
Administratrix: Anne Blackistone (also Anne Blackiston).
William Willes 9.33 A SM £368.11.2 £67.14.0 Jun 18 1728
Received from: Thomas Brookbank, Samuoll. Maddox, Charles Taylor, John Right, Ralph Begley, William Throne, Sarah Loyd, Motley Maddox, Richard Wanewright, John Phillips, Francis Johnson, Samuel Miller, John Jordan, Phillip Topett, William Smith, Clement Gardener, Joseph Sampson, Andrew Miller, Robert Donoteay, John Penny, Grace Clayland, Thomas Gardner, John Chester, Thomas Corbray, Thomas Guybert, Thomas Cleland, Thomas Masser, Joseph Allen, Sabaston Thompson, John Hartley, Robert Crooke, George Whitter, Thomas Taylor, Phillip Tipat, Grace Claland, Capt. John Hyde (merchant).
Payments to: Sabaston Thompson, Thomas Glover, Richard Vowles, John Lake, Thomas Cordare, John Hale, Daniel Murphey, John Walter, Col. John Baker, Thomas Massey, Joseph Straitford, Joseph Stone, John Bulley, Samuell Maddox, Charles Calvert, Esq., Thomas Brooke & William Holland, Esq., Thomas Hunt, Elisabeth Ireland, Mr. Joshua Doyne for use of Mr. Charles Carroll, George Wallas, Joseph Semsom.
Administratrix: Elisabeth Willes.
John Mallahone 9.263 A SM £45.11.6 £11.14.4 Nov 26 1728
Payments to: Thomas Clark, Robert Pilibrow, Thomas MakWilliams, Samuel Jordan, Just. Tennason, John Backet, Thomas Glover, Thomas Davis, Richard Morton, John Hosking, John Bond.
Administratrix: Anne Woods.
Mathew Mason 10.233 A SM £166.8.0 £136.5.7 Apr 22 1730
Sureties: John Attaway, Robert Mason.
Received from: Clement Gardiner, George Hatton.
Payments to: Capt. George Clarke, James Crackson, Thomas Clark, Mrs. Anne Blackiston, John Bond, Richard Vowles, Capt. Richard Hopewell, Thomas Glover, Samuel Service, Thomas Gardiner, James Thomson, John Ramsey, Sarah Guibert, Robert Davis, James Bryan, John Abell, William Mar. Farthing, Thomas Boult, Richard Morton, William Hunter, Capt. John Whitlow, Just. Tenison, Richard Smith, Mr. Samuel Williamson, Col. John Baker, John Lake, Rev. John Danalson, Mr. John Parnham, William Daniel.
Executrix: Mary Mason.
Ralph Bazley 11.217 A SM £48.14.10 £21.17.3 Aug 26 1731
Payments to: Capt. George Clarke, Jasper Sargan, George Harley, Thomas Glover, Jos. Doyne for use of Charles Carroll, Esq., Rev. John Donalson, Thomas Grans.
Legal representatives: Samuel Bazley (orphan).
Executor: William Willson.
Dickinson, Edward, Calvert Co., 10th Nov., 1717 ;
14th Dec., 1717.
Testator directs that 100 a. lying next to ' Scotland" be sold for benefit of estate.
To brother John and hrs., all other lands.
To sister Katherine Bowles, rent of dwelling plantation for five yrs.
To David Bowles and hrs., personalty.
To sister Sarah and. hrs., personalty.
To Isaac and Mary Walley, personalty.
Test. desires that Jasper Floyd shall live with Mary Creed until he is of age.
Bro. John ex. and residuary leg. of estate, real and personal.
Test : James Pull or Pell, Jonaban Hollyday, Thos. Glover. 14. 458.
Deed2/10/1788 NC Onslow Co Blue Creek 8-31-2003 02:00 AM
James Evans to John Evans, 45 pounds for 100 acres on Blue Creek; tests Zachariah Gurganus, Samuel Evans
Deed4/23/1799 NC Onslow Co 8-31-2003 12:44 AM
James Waltom to Samuel Evans for 150 pounds land adj Nicholas Gurganus, John Fisher, William Lester, John Gurganus; Tests D. Shepard, William Norman
Deed9/12/1834 SC Edgefield Co Sweetwater Creek 6-28-2003 02:56 PM
page 537: David Gurganus and wife Elizabeth to Martin H. Day, 100 acres for $800... land which was deeded to Elizabeth Hancock, now the wife of David Gurganus, by Simon Hancock, deceased, Feb 1828 being of his land lying near Sweetwater Creek... Attested by Samuel Evans and Samuel Warren