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Deed1726 NC Beaufort Co Pungo Creek 3-26-2005 02:55 PM
from Thomas Bonner of Bath Co to Elias Gurganus, planter of same, 188 acres on the North side of Matchapungo Creek, beginning at Henry Eborn corner tree to Thomas Wanes corner; witnesses John Harvey, J. Stoner
Will1732 8-22-2003 11:28 PM
will of Henry Eborn: wife Elizabeth, sons Henry, Littleton, Nathaniel; Daughters Mary, Rhoda Lawson, Elizabeth, Ann Jones, Rebecca Darden, grandson Salathyel Laysen; wife and executrix Elizabeth
Deed9/25/1736 NC Beaufort Co Pungo Creek 6-28-2003 01:21 PM
deed from Elias [Elias Gurganus] to John Foreman, £100 for 188 acres in Hyde County on Mackapongo Creek, Henry Eborn's corner, Thomas Wain's corner; Witnesses: Thomas Jolley, Alexander Foreman; Oct Court 1737
Deed9/1764 NC Beaufort Co Broad Creek 8-26-2003 08:25 PM
1764 Sept CT. To lay out a road from Deep run over Broad Creek [present-day Beaufort Co] into the old road at Mile Br: Henry Eborns, William Campbell, _ [Israel] Winley, James Eborn, Stephen Manduewll [Samuel Mandowell], John Da[vis], John Gaylor [John Gaylord], Thomas Gaylor [Thomas Gaylord], Israel Wilkinson, David Garganus [David Gurganus], Joseph Garganus [Joseph Gurganus], Benjamin Flinn. (Haun II,105)
Census1786 NC Hyde Co 8-20-2003 11:38 PM
1786 - Census Hyde County. Henry Eborn II, son of Henry Eborn I, Captain Gaylard's District: 2 males over 21, 2 males under 21 or over 60, 3 females all ages.
Will1789 NC Hyde Co 8-23-2003 05:49 PM
will of Henry Eborn, Hyde Co: sons Ephriom, Jehorakim, John, Samuel; Daughters Moarning Fulcher, Lydia Darden [Lydia Eborn], Lovy Foreman, Mary, Patty; grandsons: Ephriom Eborn, Henry Cary; son-in-law Henry Scott
Will12/6/1809 NC Beaufort Co Broad Creek 8-26-2003 08:23 PM
Will of John Gaylord of Hyde Co: wife Lucrea, my children Sophia, Eliz., Dorcas, Henry, Wiley, Harriet, John, Ebeneza, William, and Jeremiah... all my lands and mills on Broad Creek [present-day Beaufort Co] and swamps to be equally divided among all the named children that is to say the girls when married and the boys when they come to the age of maturity or 21 yrs of age or their heirs. I will 400 acres of land in and abou the Rudy ground patent by John Allen, also 99 acres of land formerly owned by John Eborn, adjoining said land... 480 acres of land lying on the south side of Pamlico River, also my lands on Swan Quarter and Rose Bay and Mattamusket... all my lots in Germantown... give all my beloved children sufficient schooling... also 150 acres land on Bell's Bay formerly the property of Richard Bell and also 200 acres lying on the river shore Fortesue's Creek... My worthy friend Samuel Clark my executor... also my beloved wife Lucreida Gaylord executrix. Proved by John P. Stotesbury [John Prior Stotesbury]
Will6/1815 8-22-2003 11:45 PM
will of Wyriott H. Eborn, nephews Jeremiah Gaylord, Henry F. Ormond (all of my manor plantations); Ann Ormond wife of Henry Ormond. If no heirs it shall be equally divided between Samuel Ormond, Henry F. Ormond, and Ann Eliza Ormond.
Census1850 NC Beaufort Co North Creek 8-12-2007 12:00 PM
Robert B. Eborn 21, Mary E. Blount 23, Alvira S. Blount 4, Henry D. Hawkins 25
Will6/24/1852 NC Beaufort Co 8-17-2003 11:08 PM
will of Mary Eborn: proved March Term 1853, Beaufort Co; mentions my three youngest children Jeremiah Gaylord, Henry G. Gaylord, and Mary G. Gaylord (all my right title and interest in the negroes of my deceased husband Jeremiah Gaylord). witnesses: William Gaylord, Richard G. Boyd
Will4/3/1858 NC Beaufort Co 8-24-2003 06:45 PM
will of Jeremiah G. Respess, probate June term 1858: Henry Williams and McGilbra Slaton executors; mentioned: my son Richard W. Respess (land, negroes, etc), my sister Sophia Archbell [Sophia Respess] The children of Sophia Archbell; the children of my brother Richard Respess; my niece Martha Respess. Witnesses Wm. Fisher, Robert D. Eborn [Robert Davison Eborn]
Census1860 NC Beaufort Co North Creek 8-26-2004 09:53 PM
R.D. Eborn 32, Julia 18, John Faithful 24, Henry Hawkins? 38