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Thomas Gaylord finds all documents containing Thomas and Gaylord
"Thomas Gaylord" finds all documents containing Thomas Gaylord
"Thomas Gaylord" Gurganus finds all documents containing Thomas Gaylord and Gurganus
"Thomas Gaylord" "Nicholas Gurganus" finds all containing Thomas Gaylord and Nicholas Gurganus

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A Few Recently Added:

Newspaper 3-11-2017 02:58 PM
"Y. & M. V. Ry. : New Orleans Division:, "Bro. McGlathery, agent at Port Gibson [,MS], B. Collins, Smith, and Bro. Cooper as operators." (p. 680).
Newspaper 3-5-2017 08:13 PM
"William McGlathery indicted at the present term of the Court for larceny in a vessel, stealing a barrel of flour from the Propeller Allegany was brought up from jail, and having withdrawn his plea of not guilty, and pleaded guilty, and was sentenced by the court to two years imprisonment in the State Prison, the last three days of the term to be in solitary confinement."