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Obituary01 JUN 1915 KY McCracken Co Paducah 7-14-2020 04:40 PM
Mr. F. M. McGlathery, one of the city's most prominent men, died at his home on North Seventh street this afternoon at 2:30, Mr. McGlathery's condition had been hopeless for several days. His death occasioned widespread regret. He was secretary of the Broadway M. E. board of stewards and well-known in real estate circles."
--The Paducah Sun-Democrat, Paducah, KY, 01 Jun 1915, Tue., p. 1.
Newspaper28 JAN 1887 PA Lawrence Co New Castle 7-7-2020 10:27 PM
"'CITY NEWS' … --James Oliphant, a highly respected citizen of the First ward, died on the 26th inst. at the age of 63 years. His funeral took place Friday from the family residence, corner of Wood and Green streets." --"The Daily City News," New Castle, PA, 28 JAN 1887, Sat., p. 3.
Newspaper21 MAR 1877 KS Shawnee Co Topeka 7-6-2020 05:14 PM
PEDIGREE:-ROYAL GEORGE was raised by Mr. Thomas Betts, Montreal Canada East, and was imported by John Dillon in the fall of 1871. Royal George is eight years old this spring, and stands sixteen hands high, weighs fifteen hundred pounds, and is a beautiful black bay without any white; black legs; tail and mane; heavy boned, short jointed, long neck, heavy mane and tail, and fine style; good trotter; all sound, and well broken to either saddle or harness; is of good disposition. In short, he was said by government officers at Buffalo to be the best horse they were ever called to examine and pass through the British line.

Royal George was sired by Mr. Cumberland's Old Royal George, imported from England, which horse always took first prize in Canada whenever shown, for general purposes; he is a fast trotter at all shows, and weighs fifteen hundred pounds., completely and smoothly built, and has left the most uniform horses of any horse in Canada. His sire was Old Brown George, the property of Mr. Barridge, of Ingersby, England, and he was out of Mr. Burbage's brown horse Champion, of Crovion near Belvoir, Leicestershire. His dam out of Mr. Musson's celebrated horse Plowboy, out of Waltham; his grand dam by Mr. Goodwin's Old Sampson, of Nottingham, England, and he by Old Drayman, the property of Mr. Bebbridge, of Ingersby, and he out of Mr. Burbarage's superior mare Smiler, of Loddington, which was sold to go to France as a brood mare, for four hundred guineas Smiler was by Mr. Simpson's Farmer's Glory, by that very noted old horse Old Black Legs was always said to be the best horse in Croton and Warwick, and was sold for six hundred guineas to go to America. Black Legs was sired by Black Prince, dam Marytom,full blood English draft imported from England in 1850, which horse took first prize at the Royal Agricultural Show at Norwich in 1846.

'Young Royal George' took the first prizes, for general purpose, in the fall of 1871, at Montreal, also at Kingston, also at Brampton,also at Guelph, also at London, also at Hamilton the fall he left the Province for the United States. Always showed against from twenty to ninety horses in his own class, always beating trotting.

Royal George is a pure bread horse and will recommend itself to all competent judges. He has proved himself a sure foul-getter, and his colts are most uniform of any horses in the country, nearly all his own color and style. Terms $15,00 to insure. Season $10.00.

'KICKAPOO RANGER' is a chestnut with a star and white on the nose, left fore ankle white and white hind socks. Not surpassed for style and beauty in the State. Sired by Comus, he by Green's Bashaw, dam Baltimore Maid. He is a good traveler, he has four crosses of Old Messenger and one of Mambrino. For extended pedigree call the owner on Wilcox property, Northwest of Fair Ground, Topeka, Kansas. Terms: $25 to insure.

The above horses will make the season from April 1st to July 4th, at the above place adjoining Topeka. Persons from a distance can be accommodated with pasture. T. K. MCGLATHERY."
--"Kansas Farmer, 21 MAR 1877, p. [5] 119.
Newspaper21 APR 1880 KS Shawnee Co Silver Lake 7-6-2020 10:26 AM
"Mr. T. K. McGlathery of Topeka, has made arrangements to have his horses, Royal George and Kicapoo [sic.] Ranger, at Silver Lake, Kas., the present season on the first few days each week."
--"Kansas Farmer," 21 APR 1880, p. 5.
Newspaper21 APR 1880 KS Shawnee Co Topeka 7-6-2020 10:26 AM
"Mr. T. K. McGlathery of Topeka, has made arrangements to have his horses, Royal George and Kicapoo [sic.] Ranger, at Silver Lake, Kas., the present season on the first few days each week."
--"Kansas Farmer," 21 APR 1880, p. 5.
Newspaper09 JAN 1886 KS Shawnee Co Topeka 7-6-2020 09:31 AM
"'Horse Notes' …. Mr. T. K. McGlathery lost by death his bay stallion, Royal George, some two years ago. Mr. McGlathery sustains quite a loss by reason of his death, and the horse will be greatly missed by the breeders of this county."
--"The Daily Commonwealth," Topeka, KS, 09 JAN 1886, p. 4.