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DNA Groups, surname: Taylor

Group:  James Taylor I (d. 1698, VA) Descendants

Posted By:  Steve Taylor

Living descendants of this person show as DNA matches to living descendants of James Taylor I (d. 1698, VA) who married Frances? Walker? & Mary Gregory & had issue from both.    

DNA Collateral Lines as of Jul 2019:

DNA matches are now being found between descendants of Rev. Daniel Taylor & descendants of James Taylor I which prove that Rev. Daniel & James were closely related (possibly nephew & uncle).

A second collateral line is descendants of Andrew Taylor of Ireland & TN.

A third collateral line is descendants of Shadrack Taylor I who descends from another set of James Taylors I, II, & III, all of Accomack Co., VAThese three James Taylors are NOT the James Taylors of New Kent, King & Queen, Caroline & Orange Counties, VA, who married Frances? Walker?/Mary Gregory, Martha Thompson & Alice Thornton.

I am compiling a chart using GedMatch kit numbers sent to me by Taylor descendants (& by others who show to be linked in some way to James Taylor I but not proven through records).

This is an autosomal comparison with the minimum segment cM size set at one (rather than the default setting of 7) at www.gedmatch.com.
Group members:
James Taylor Iabt 1636VA, Accomack Co, Miona
James Taylor IIabt 1670VA, Accomack Coabt 1733VA, Accomack Co
Rev. Daniel Taylorabt 1679Englandabt 1729VA, New Kent Co
Charles Powellaft 1698VAabt 1744VA, Stafford Co
Benjamin Powellabt 1702VA1769VA, Culpeper Co
James Taylor IIIabt 1704VA, Accomack Cobef 29 AUG 1769VA, Accomack Co
William Taylor1713VA, Essex Co1756VA, Essex Co
Shadrack Taylor Iabt 1730VA, Accomack Cobef 29 AUG 1769VA, Accomack Co
Andrew Greene Taylor1731Ireland1787TN, Carter Co, Elizabethton
Phillip Penn6 FEB 1742VAaft 1802GA
Lt. Jonathan Taylor3 DEC 1742VA, Orange Co26 JUN 1803KY, Clark Co, Basin Springs Plantation Near Winchester
Philip Pendletonabt 1745VAabt 1811
Edmund Taylor IIIabt 1754VA, Pittsylvania Coaft 1810NC
Rev. Howell Taylor10 OCT 1754VA30 MAY 1845TN, Haywood Co
William J. Powell1760VAbef 1816SC, Laurens Co
William Taylor1762VA, Essex Co10 JUN 1811VA, Essex Co
Joseph Penn30 JUL 1768VA27 DEC 1848IL
Shadrack Taylor IIabt 1770VA, Accomack Cobef 28 AUG 1843VA, Accomack Co
John C. Taylor9 AUG 1777NC25 JUL 1881TN
Samuel Taylorabt 1786VAbef 2 FEB 1875VA, Russell Co
William Henry TaylorJAN 1797ALabt 1900AL
Henry Taylor1802VA, Essex Co, Tappahannock07 OCT 1857OH, Ross Co
Shadrack Taylor IIIabt 1803VA, Accomack Cobef 31 JUL 1826VA, Accomack Co
Almorean Sutton15 NOV 1814TN15 NOV 1899
Thomas Jefferson Taylor1816VA, Lunenburg Co3 JUN 1883MS, Panola Co
George Gibson Keasabt 1817KYabt 1873IL
William L. Taylor20 JUL 1818VA2 NOV 1897
David R. Taylorabt 1824VA, Accomack CoMAY 1888
James Wilson Taylor1824OH, Ross Co12 JAN 1864TX, Smith Co, Tyler
William G. Cason1825VA, Orange Co17 JUL 1863PA, Adams Co, Gettysburg
Isaac N. KeasFEB 1825KYabt 1909IL
James C. Sutton7 JUL 1851TN, Putnam Co4 OCT 1943TN, Putnam Co
James Martin Taylor8 FEB 1853IA, Appanoose Co, Moravia17 APR 1928NE, Kimball Co, Kimball
Granville T. Taylor16 MAR 1858AL, Marshall Co11 OCT 1938TX, Dallas Co, Dallas
Lloyd Frank Taylor3 SEP 1858VA, Accomack Co3 JUL 1926VA, Northampton Co
Walter W. Keas5 SEP 1864IL27 MAR 1951
James Edward M. Taylor8 JAN 1867KY, McLean Co21 MAR 1920KY, Butler Co, Morgantown
Robert David Taylor13 MAY 1881TN, Carter Co10 AUG 1931TN, Roane Co
Oscar Clyde Taylor2 MAR 1882NE, Douglas Co, Waterloo16 APR 1956NE, Kimball Co, Kimball
Calvin Leroy Taylor16 MAY 1882AL, Marshall Co26 JUN 1956TX, Lamb Co, Littlefield
Albert Berry Taylor6 JUN 1882IL, McLean Co, Normal4 MAR 1966IL, McLean Co, Normal
Elmer Ray Anderson22 AUG 1891KS, Saline Co, Gypsum2 FEB 1969KY, McCracken Co
Allen Richard Taylor5 MAY 1892TN, Haywood Co, BrownsvilleOCT 1975TN, Shelby Co, Memphis
Thomas Jennings Taylor18 JUN 1897VA, Northampton Co11 SEP 1961PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
Seldon Cecil Taylor10 MAY 1902KY, McLean Co, Sacramento9 AUG 1962KY, Hopkins Co, Madisonville
William Leon Taylor23 MAR 1903MS10 JAN 1984TX, Harris Co, Houston
Albert Barry Taylor21 FEB 1925IL, McLean Co, Normal31 AUG 2013MO, St Charles Co, St Peters
Ralph Morris Taylor18 DEC 1927TX21 NOV 2004TX, Polk Co, Livingston
Thomas Charles Kellenaers19 MAY 1929NM, San Juan Co, Farmington13 MAR 1979NM, San Juan Co, Farmington
Harold Thomas Taylor11 SEP 1932KY, Hopkins Co15 JAN 2013IN, Vanderburgh Co
James Calbert Bruce13 JUL 1938TN
Steven Barry Taylor1952OR, Multnomah Co, Portland