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DNA Groups, surname: Stark

Group:  Groups 02: Des John Muirhead (Alias John Stark)
Haplogroup:  R1b1a2

Posted By:  Accout 4412
Test result from the direct male lineage from Archibald Stark, b. 1697 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, and his fore father a,b,c subgroups included in Group 02 bearing the R1b1a2 haplogroup genes.  Also seen from a non surname perspective on the page:

R1b1a2 and Subclades - Y-DNA Classic Chart

Group members:
Muirhead1315Scotland, Lauchope
Thomas Muirhead1340Scotland, Lanarkshire, LauchopeIreland, Monaghan Co, Ulster
Sir Knight William 1st Muirhead1380Scotland, Lanarkshire, Lauchope1480
William Muirhead1415Scotland, Lanarkshire, Lauchope1506Scotland
John Muirhead1443Scotland, Lanarkshire, Lauchope9/9/1513England, Northumberland, Battle of Flodden Field
John 2nd Muirhead1466Scotland1566
William 1st Of Dulutur Stark1520Scotland, Dunbartonshire, Dullutur1571Scotland
William 2nd Stark1540Scotland1618
John Stark1557Scotland, Lanarkshire, Killermont1632
John Stark1604Scotland, Lanarkshire, Killermont, Clyde River1683
John Stark1635Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow1669Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow
John Stark1665Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow1698
Archibald I. Stark1693Scotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow6/25/1758NH, Hillsborough Co, Derryfield
William Stark4/1/1724NH1776NY
Thomas Stark1/25/1767NH, Merrimack Co, Dunbarton5/29/1851
John Stark10/26/1794NH, Hillsborough Co, New Boston1885NY, St Lawrence Co, Waddington
Russell Bates Stark12/29/1822NY1903
John Lawrence Stark1849NY11/23/1907NY, St Lawrence Co, Canton
William "Bill" Russell Stark8/23/1875NY, St Lawrence Co, Waddington6/23/1959CT, Hartford Co, Rocky Hill