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Descendants of Maj. Ephraim Coburn, Jr., 20 DEC 1777 - 20 AUG 1851; Outline Format

 Maj. Ephraim Coburn, Jr.Hannah Varnum20 DEC 1777MA, Middlesex Co, Dracut
1 Mary Almira Coburn2 FEB 1809MA, Middlesex Co, Dracut
2 Joseph Bradley Varnum Coburn25 JUN 1814MA, Middlesex Co, Dracut
3 Henry Dearborn Coburn1 FEB 1817MA, Middlesex Co, Dracut
4 Lauretta CoburnFisher Ames Hildreth28 DEC 1819MA, Middlesex Co, Dracut
A Rowena HildrethCharles Dana Palmer6 MAR 1854MA, Middlesex Co, Lowell
B Israel Hildreth25 APR 1858MA, Middlesex Co, Lowell
C Fisher Ames Hildreth, Jr.8 NOV 1860MA, Middlesex Co, Lowell