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Descendants of Gen. Frederick Westbrook, 27 APR 1754 - 6 DEC 1827; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Gen. Frederick WestbrookSara DePuy27 APR 1754NY, Ulster Co, Marbletown
1 Rev. Cornelius DePuy WestbrookHannah Van Wyck8 MAY 1782NY, Ulster Co, Rochester
A Elizabeth Van Wyck WestbrookMarius Schoonmaker30 APR 1810NY, Dutchess Co, Fishkill
B Isaac Van Wyck Westbrook18 JUN 1815NY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie
1 Rev. Cornelius DePuy WestbrookSarah Beekman8 MAY 1782NY, Ulster Co, Rochester
A John Beekman Westbrook16 FEB 1820NY, Dutchess Co, Fishkill
B Theodoric Romeyn WestbrookJulia Augusta Vail20 NOV 1821NY, Dutchess Co, Fishkill
C LTC Cornelius DePuy Westbrook, Jr.Harriet Brooks Bellows13 JAN 1823NY, Dutchess Co, Fishkill
D Charles Ruggles WestbrookSarah Louise Seymour30 JAN 1827NY, Dutchess Co, Fishkill
E Mary Westbrook13 FEB 1829NY, Dutchess Co, Fishkill