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Descendants of Henry Browne, abt 1495 - ; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Henry BrowneKatherine Shelleyabt 1495England, Surrey, Betchworth 
1 Sir Thomas BrowneMabel Fitz-Williamsabt 15209 FEB 1597England, Surrey, Betchworth CastleEngland, Surrey
A Jane Browneabt 1560England, Surrey, Betchworth Castle 
B Elizabeth BrowneRobert Honywood1561England 
C Matthew Browneabt 15631 AUG 1603England, Surrey, Betchworth CastleEngland
2 Mary Browneabt 1522England 
 Henry BrowneMary FitzHerbertabt 1495England, Surrey, Betchworth 
 Henry BrowneEleanor Shirleyabt 1495England, Surrey, Betchworth 
1 Alexander Browne  
2 Jasper Browne  
3 John Browne  
4 Richard Browne  
5 Roger Browne