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Descendants of Col. Henry Bell Van Rensselaer, 14 MAY 1810 - 23 MAR 1864; Outline Format

 Col. Henry Bell Van RensselaerElizabeth Ray King14 MAY 1810NY, Albany Co, Albany
1 Stephen Van Rensselaer29 OCT 1838NY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg
2 Elizabeth Van RensselaerGeorge WaddingtonMAY 1845NY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg
A Euphemia Van Rensselaer WaddingtonChristopher Billopp Wyatt1 APR 1884NY, New York Co, New York City
3 John King Van RensselaerMaria Denning "May" King17 JUL 1847NY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg
A Frederick Harold Van Rensselaer6 JAN 1874NY, New York Co, New York City
4 Katharine Van RensselaerFrancis Delafield15 AUG 1849NY, Albany Co, Albany
A Julia Floyd DelafieldFrederick Van Schoonhaven Crosby2 AUG 1874NY, New York Co, New York City
B Edward Henry DelafieldWinifred Folsom23 DEC 1880NY, New York Co, New York City