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Descendants of Victor Christian William Cavendish, 31 MAY 1868 - 6 MAY 1938; Outline Format

 Victor Christian William CavendishEvelyn Fitzmaurice31 MAY 1868England, Derbyshire
1 Edward CavendishMary Gascoyne-cecil6 MAY 1895England, Middlesex, Stepney
A William John Robert Cavendish, Marquess of HartingtonKathleen Agnes Kennedy10 DEC 1917England, Middlesex, London
B Lord Andrew Robert Buxton CavendishDeborah Mitford2 JAN 1920England, Middlesex, London
C Lady Elizabeth Georgiana Alice Cavendish24 APR 1926 
D Lady Anne Evelyn Beatrice CavendishMichael Lambert Tree6 NOV 1927England, Middlesex, London
2 Lady Maud Louisa Emma Cavendish1896England, Middlesex, London
3 Lady Blanche Katharine Cavendish1898England, Middlesex, London
4 Lady Dorothy Cavendish28 JUL 1900England, Middlesex, London
5 Lord Charles Arthur Francis CavendishAdele Maria Astaire5 AUG 1905England, Middlesex, London
6 Lady Anne Cavendish1909England, Middlesex, London