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Descendants of Algernon Percy, 13 OCT 1602 - 13 OCT 1668; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Algernon PercyAnne Cecil13 OCT 1602England, Middlesex, London
1 Elizabeth PercyArthur Capell1 DEC 1636England, Sussex, Petworth
A Anne CapellCharles Howard3 JAN 1670England, Essex, Maldon
B Algernon CapellMary Bentinck28 DEC 1670England, Essex, Maldon
 Algernon PercyElizabeth Howard13 OCT 1602England, Middlesex, London
1 Josceline PercyElizabeth Wriothesley4 JUL 1644England, Middlesex, London
A Lady Elizabeth PercyCharles Seymour26 JAN 1666England, Sussex, Petworth