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Descendants of Maj. Carter Page, 1758 - 04/09/1825; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Maj. Carter PageMary "Polly" Cary1758VA, Gloucester Co
1 John Cary PageMarianne F. Trent9 MAY 1784VA, Cumberland Co
A Harriet Randolph PageDavid Coupland Randolph15 APR 1827VA, Cumberland Co, Locust Grove
2 Henry PageJane B. Deane29 SEP 1785VA, Cumberland Co, The Fork
A Carter Page4 MAY 1818VA, Cumberland Co
B James Jellis PageVirginia Newton7 JUL 1822VA, Cumberland Co
 Maj. Carter PageLucy Grymes Nelson1758VA, Gloucester Co
1 Nelson PageLucia Cary Harrison11/08/1801VA, Cumberland Co, The Fork
A Mary Randolph PageBenjamin Harrisonabt 1820VA
2 Lucy Jane PageJonathan Peter Cushing04/06/1804VA, Cumberland Co, Willis Fork
A Elizabeth Hanson CushingWilliam Clarkson Meredith09/14/1831VA, Cumberland Co, The Fork
3 Mary Maria PageGeorge Washington Dame1813VA
A William Meade DameSusan Meade Funsten17 DEC 1844VA, Pittsylvania Co, Danville
B Nelson Page DameMary Nimmo Walker10 OCT 1852VA
C George Washington Dame21 JUL 1855VA, Pittsylvania Co, Danville