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Descendants of William Woods Holden, 24 NOV 1818 - 1 MAR 1892; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 William Woods HoldenLouisa V. Harrison24 NOV 1818NC, Orange Co
1 Joseph W. Holden30 SEP 1844NC
2 Mary Eldridge HoldenClaudius A. Sherwood30 MAR 1855NC, Wake Co, Raleigh
A Mary Holden Sherwoodabt 1878NC
B William H. Sherwood20 MAY 1879NC, Wake Co, Raleigh
3 Charles Collier Holden24 AUG 1859NC, Orange Co
 William Woods HoldenAnn Augusta Young24 NOV 1818NC, Orange Co
1 Ida Augusta HoldenCalvin Josiah Cowlesabt 1844NC, Wake Co, Raleigh
A Charles Holden Cowles16 JUL 1875NC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte