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Descendants of William Sinclair, abt 1490 - abt 1570; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 William SinclairElizabeth Keithabt 1490abt 1570Scotland, Stirlingshire, Caithness 
1 Henry SinclairJanet Lindsayabt 15151601Scotland, LanarkshireScotland
A James SinclairIsabella Leslieabt 15579 MAY 1593Scotland, Stirlingshire, CaithnessScotland, East Lothian, Herdsmanstone
2 Margaret SinclairJohn St Clair15267 MAR 1569Scotland, East Lothian, HerdsmanstoneScotland, East Lothian, Herdsmanstone
A William St ClairSibyl Cockburn15462 JUN 1594Scotland, East Lothian, Herdsmanstone