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Descendants of Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia, 14 MAY 1666 - 31 OCT 1732; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Victor Amadeus II of SardiniaAnne Marie of Orléans14 MAY 1666Italy, Piamonte, Turin
1 Maria Adélaide, Dauphine of FranceLouis of France16 DEC 1685Italy, Piamonte, Turin, Royal Palace
A Louis Duke of Brittany8 JAN 1707France, Ile-de-France, Palace of Versailles
B Louis XV of FranceMarie Leszczyn'ska15 FEB 1709France, Ile-de-France, Palace of Versailles
2 Maria Luisa Gabriella, Queen of SpainPhilip V King of Spain17 SEP 1688Italy, Piamonte, Turin
A Louis I of SpainLouise Elisabeth d' Orléans25 AUG 1707Spain, Madrid, Palace of Buen Retiro
B Ferdinand VI of SpainBarbara of Portugal23 SEP 1713Spain, Madrid, Royal Alcazar Castle
3 Victor Amadeus6 MAY 1699Italy, Piamonte, Turin
4 Charles Emmanuel III of SardiniaElisabeth Therese20 APR 1701Italy, Piamonte, Turin
A Carlo Francesco1 DEC 1738Italy, Piamonte, Turin
B Vittoria Margharita22 JUN 1740Italy, Piamonte, Turin
C Benedetto Maria, Duke of Chablais.21 JUN 1741Italy
4 Charles Emmanuel III of SardiniaAnne Christine Louise of Bavaria20 APR 1701Italy, Piamonte, Turin
4 Charles Emmanuel III of SardiniaPolyxena Christina of Hesse-rotenburg20 APR 1701Italy, Piamonte, Turin
A Victor Amadeus III of SardiniaMaria Antonietta of Spain26 JUN 1726Italy, Piamonte, Turin
5 Emanuele Philibert of Sardinia1 DEC 1705Italy, Piamonte, Turin
 Victor Amadeus II of SardiniaJeanne Baptiste d' Albert de Luynes14 MAY 1666Italy, Piamonte, Turin
1 Maria Vittoria of SavoyVictor Amadeus I di Savoy-Carignan9 FEB 1690Italy, Piamonte, Turin
A Louis Victor, Prince of CarignanChristine of Hesse-Rotenburg25 SEP 1721France, Ile-de-France, Paris