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Descendants of Thomas Chantler, 09/15/1779 - ; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Thomas Chantler09/15/1779England
1 Harriet ChantlerAbsalom Monks05/29/1823England
A Thomas Monks1854PA, Butler Co, Middlesex
B Martin MonksM. Cordelia Hickey02/14/1857PA, Butler Co, Clinton
C William John MonksAmy Sereppa McCall10/1858PA, Butler Co, Middlesex
D Catherine A. "Cassie" MonksRobert Harbison1862PA, Butler Co, Clinton
E ______ Monks1864PA, Butler Co, Clinton
F ______ Monks1866PA, Butler Co, Clinton
2 Alice ChantlerMartin Monks1825England