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Descendants of Thierry Count of Alsace, 1099 - 17 JAN 1168; Outline Format

 Thierry Count of AlsaceSibilla Countess of Anjou1099France, Alsace
1 Marguerite Countess of FlandersBaldwin VIII of Hainault1135France, Alsace
A Isabella of HainaultPhilip II Augustus King of France4/1170France, Pas-de-Calais, Valenciennes
B Baldwin IX Count of Flanders, & HainaultMarie de Champagne7/1171France, Pas-de-Calais, Valenciennes
C Sibyl van HainaultGuichard IV "The Great" de Beaujeuabt 1173Belgium, Hainaut
D Yolande of FlandersPierre II de Courtenay1175Belgium, Oost Vlaanderen
E Alard le Flemingabt 1177Belgium, Hainaut
2 Matthieu Count of AlsaceMarie Countess of Romsey1137Belgium, Oost Vlaanderen
A Ida Countess of BoulogneRenaud de Dammartinabt 1160France
B Maud Duchess of AlsaceHenry I Duke of Brabant1163France, Pas-de-Calais, Boulogne
3 Philip I Count of AlsaceTheresa of Portugal1143France, Alsace
4 Peter Van Vlaanderen -van ElzasMahaud de Burgundyabt 1155 
A Sybille Van Vlaanderen -van Elzasabt 1175