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Descendants of Sylvester Hassell, 28 JUL 1842 - 18 AUG 1928; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Sylvester HassellFrances Louisa Woodard28 JUL 184218 AUG 1928NC, Martin Co 
1 Frank HassellBlanche Gary27 AUG 18815 FEB 1972NC 
2 Charles Hassell3/188224 DEC 1941NC 
3 Mary HassellJohn L. Hassell8/188510 JUN 1923NC 
4 Calvin Woodward HassellAnnie Laurie Clark6 AUG 188717 SEP 1983NC 
 Sylvester HassellMary Isabella Yarell28 JUL 184218 AUG 1928NC, Martin Co 
1 Paul Hassell6 AUG 18707 MAR 1886