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Descendants of Sir Oliver Cromwell, 1563 - 28 AUG 1655; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Sir Oliver CromwellAnne Hooftman1563England, Huntingdonshire, Hinchinbrooke
1 James Cromwell 
2 Richard Cromwell 
3 John Cromwell1589England, Huntingdonshire
4 William Cromwellabt 1593England, Huntingdonshire
5 Catherine Cromwellabt 1597England, Huntingdonshire
6 Jane Cromwellabt 1601England, Huntingdonshire
7 Oliver Cromwellabt 1602England, Huntingdonshire
 Sir Oliver CromwellElizabeth Bromley1563England, Huntingdonshire, Hinchinbrooke
1 Henry CromwellLucy Dyerabt 1603England, Huntingdonshire
A Corina Williams Al Crom 
2 William CromwellElizabeth Trahearne1626England, Wiltshire, Malmesbury
A William CromwellMary Woolquist14 AUG 1678MD, Baltimore Co, South Patapsco Hundred
B Joshua Cromwellabt 1682MD, Baltimore Co
C Phillip Cromwell1682MD, Baltimore Co
D Thomas Cromwell1684MD, Baltimore Co