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Descendants of Ross Davidson, 1730 - 1800; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Ross Davidson17301800VA 
1 Jane DavidsonMichael Drake17551824VA, King and Queen CoVA, King and Queen Co, Roane
A David Drake1769VA, Montgomery Co 
B James Drake17751820VA, Montgomery CoTN, Grainger Co
C John Drake1779VA, Montgomery Co 
D Charles Fredrick Drake2 FEB 178016 MAR 1842VA, Giles CoVA, King and Queen Co, Roane
E George Drake1781VA, Montgomery Co 
F Michael DrakeMAY 178724 OCT 1876VA, Montgomery CoWV, Roane Co
G Elizabeth DrakeSolomon Rowe17891835VA, Old DominionKY, Pike Co, Lick Creek
H Jane Drake1793VA, Montgomery Co 
I Mahulda Drake1794VA, Montgomery Co 
J Polly Drake1796VA 
K Priscilla Drake17981870VA, Montgomery CoKY, Pike Co