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Descendants of Clement Dorsey, 1778 - 6 AUG 1846; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Clement DorseyPriscilla Hebb1778MD, Anne Arundel Co
1 Anne Eliza DorseyRichard Brooke Dorsey13 SEP 1800MD, Charles Co
A Vernon John DorseyCatherine Fitzsimmons Costigan14 OCT 1826MD, Montgomery Co, Brookeville
B Richard Brooke DorseyMartha Lucretia Ayre18 MAY 1840MD, Baltimore City
 Clement DorseyDecandia S. Ireland1778MD, Anne Arundel Co
1 Susan Reeder DorseySylvester John Costigan6 NOV 1814MD
A Catherine Fitzsimmons CostiganVernon John Dorsey15 OCT 1838MD