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Descendants of William de Warenne, abt 1175 - 27 MAY 1240; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 William de WarenneMaud "Matilda" Marshallabt 117527 MAY 1240England, Sussex, LewesEngland, Middlesex, London
1 Maude de WarenneWilliam Braciabt 1229England, Worcestershire, Madresfield 
A Robert BraciMaudabt 1257England, Worcestershire, Madresfield 
2 Jean de WarenneAlice de Lusignan8/123129 SEP 1304England, Sussex, WarrenEngland, Surrey
A Eleanor de WarenneHenry Percyabt 1244aft 1282England, Sussex, Warren 
B Isabel WarenneJohn de Baliolabt 1253England, Sussex, Warren 
C Wiliam de WarenneJoan de Vereabt 125615 DEC 1286England, Sussex, WarrenEngland, Surrey, Croydon