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Descendants of Samuel Ringgold, 15 JAN 1770 - 18 OCT 1829; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Samuel RinggoldMaria Cadwalader15 JAN 177018 OCT 1829MD, Kent Co, ChestertownMD, Frederick Co, Frederick
1 Samuel Ringgold16 OCT 179611 MAY 1846MD, Washington Co, HagerstownTX, Cameron Co, Port Isabel
2 Ann Cadwalader RinggoldWilliam Schley10 JAN 1801aft 22 JUN 1870MD, Washington Co, HagerstownMD, Baltimore City
A Ann Cadwalader SchleyWilliam Woodville12 DEC 18292 AUG 1907MD, Baltimore CityDC, Washington
B Agnes SchleyWilliam Key Howard14 MAR 183223 SEP 1857MDMD, Baltimore City
C William C. SchleyEllen Teackle30 APR 184014 DEC 1888MD 
3 Cadwalader Ringgold20 AUG 180229 APR 1867MD, Washington Co, HagerstownNY, New York Co, New York City
4 Cornelia RinggoldGeorge Murdoch Potts2 SEP 180527 MAY 1868MD, Washington Co, HagerstownMD, Baltimore City
A Richard PottsEugenia Dunlap17 JUL 182815 JUL 1866MD, Frederick CoTN, Shelby Co, Memphis
B Arthur PottsHelen Mobberly20 NOV 183410 OCT 1914MD, Frederick Co 
C Cornelia Ringgold PottsCharles Worthington Ross7 MAY 183926 JAN 1927MD, Frederick CoMD, Frederick Co
 Samuel RinggoldMarie Antoinette Hay15 JAN 177018 OCT 1829MD, Kent Co, ChestertownMD, Frederick Co, Frederick
1 George Hay Ringgold1 JUN 18144 APR 1864MD, Washington Co, HagerstownCA, San Francisco Co
A Marie Antoinette RinggoldHenry Morris Naglee11 JAN 184018 MAY 1869MD, Frederick Co, Fountain RockPA