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Descendants of Leofric III Earl of Mercia, 14 MAY 0978 - 31 AUG 1057; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Leofric III Earl of Mercia14 MAY 0978England, Cheshire, Chester
1 Hereward of MerciaThurfridaabt 1004England, Leicestershire, Mercia
A Hereward II of MerciaEmma of Merciaabt 1024England, Lincolnshire, Bourne
B Leofric of Merciaabt 1025England, Mercia
C Thurfrida (Torfrida) MerciaHugh de Evermerabt 1044England, Lincolnshire, Bourne
2 ? Of MerciaRobert Maletabt 1005England, Cheshire, Chester
A William MaletElisie Crispinabt 1023France, Normandy, Graville St Honorine
 Leofric III Earl of MerciaGodiva Countess of Mercia14 MAY 0978England, Cheshire, Chester
1 Aelfgar Earl of MerciaAelfgifu Princess of Englandabt 1025England, Leicestershire, Mercia
A Ealdgyth EnglandGruffydd ap Llywelynabt 1041England, Leicestershire, Mercia
2 Erminhild of MerciaWigot Warwickabt 1030England, Staffordshire, Bromley
A Ailwin Horneabt 1050England, Hertfordshire