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Descendants of Philipp Count of Waldeck, 1493 - 30 NOV 1574; Outline Format

 Philipp Count of WaldeckJutte Countess of Isenburg1493Germany
1 Magdalene Countess of WaldeckJohann Count of Nassau-Siegen9 SEP 1558Germany, Hessen, Waldeck
A Johann Count of Nassau-SiegenErnestine Violante of Ligne29 SEP 1583Germany, Hessen
B Elisabeth of Nassau-SiegenChristian of Waldeck-Eisenberg8 NOV 1584Germany, Hessen, Dillenburg
C Juliane Countess of Nassau-Siegen-KasselMoritz I Langrave of Hesse-Kassel3 SEP 1587Germany, Hessen, Dillenburg
D Wilhelm Count of Nassau-SiegenChristine Countess of Erbach12 AUG 1592Germany, Hessen
1 Magdalene Countess of WaldeckPhilip Ludwig I Count of Hanau-Munzenberg9 SEP 1558Germany, Hessen, Waldeck
A Philipp Ludwig II of Hanau-MunzenbergCatharina Belgica of Orange18 NOV 1576Germany, Hessen, Hanau