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Descendants of Armour Frederick Cribbs, Jr., 01-11-1947 - ; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Armour Frederick Cribbs, Jr.Joan Yvonne Lyons01-11-1947PA, Indiana Co, Indiana, Indiana Hospital 
1 Jennifer Jo CribbsDavid Lee Brewer4-22-1978PA, Columbia Co, Berwick 
A Brandon David Brewer1-11-1999PA, Indiana Co, Indiana Hospital 
B Jeremy Lee Brewer10-1-2003PA, Indiana Co, Indiana Hospital 
1 Jennifer Jo CribbsErick William Skultety4-22-1978PA, Columbia Co, Berwick 
A Rachel Elizabeth Skultety4-8-2008PA, Indiana Co, Indiana Hospital 
1 Jennifer Jo CribbsDaniel Paul Ireland4-22-1978PA, Columbia Co, Berwick 
2 Angela Elizabeth CribbsTony Lee McCarthy11-21-1982PA, Westmoreland Co, Latrobe 
 Armour Frederick Cribbs, Jr.Lois May Duncan01-11-1947PA, Indiana Co, Indiana, Indiana Hospital