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Descendants of Frederick Hesse-Kassel, 11 SEP 1747 - 20 MAY 1837; Outline Format

 Frederick Hesse-KasselCaroline of Nassau-Usingen11 SEP 174720 MAY 1837Germany, Hessen, KasselGermany, Hessen, Kassel
1 Prince William X of HesseCharlotte of Denmark24 DEC 17875 SEP 1867Germany, Hessen, BiebrichDenmark, København, Copenhagen
A Louise of Hesse-kasselChristian IX of Denmark7 SEP 181729 SEP 1898Germany, CasselGermany, Mecklenburg, Bernstorf
B Frederick William of Hesse-KasselMaria Anna Friederike of Prussia26 NOV 182014 OCT 1884Denmark, København, Copenhagen 
2 Marie of Hesse-KasselGeorge of Mecklenburg-Strelitz21 JAN 179630 DEC 1880Germany, Hessen, HanauGermany, Mecklenburg, Neustrelitz
A Friedrich Wilhelm of Mecklenburg-StrelitzAugusta of Cambridge17 OCT 181930 MAY 1904Germany, Mecklenburg, Neustrelitz 
3 Princess Augusta of Hesse-casselAdolphus Duke of Cambridge25 JUL 17976 APR 1889Germany, CasselEngland, Middlesex, London, Kew Palace
A Prince George Duke of CambridgeSarah Fairbrother26 MAR 181917 MAR 1904HannoverEngland, Middlesex, London, Gloucester House
B Princess Augusta of CambridgeFriedrich Wilhelm of Mecklenburg-Strelitz19 JUL 18225 DEC 1916HannoverGermany, Mecklenburg, Neustrelitz
C Princess Mary Adelaide of CambridgeFrancis Duke of Teck27 NOV 183327 OCT 1897HannoverEngland, Middlesex, London, White Lodge